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What is Inventory Tracking?

Inventory tracking is a process, which designed to maintain a stock system which not only shows the addition of product to inventory warehouses, but also define the spending on existing inventory. The Inventory tracking normally provides information like, what Product is in stock, what is on order, when it will come and what has been sold, the data enable companies to replenish the inventory in a timely manner.

Why Inventory Tracking is requiring?

Inventory tracking is core process for every business whether it is in manufacturing business or in Trading Business Nature; it helps companies to track their stock transactions & availability of goods in the warehouse at micro level and in a timely manner. Inventory Balancing is a crucial task which requires three key aspects for any lucrative inventory.

1. Timely procurement.

2. Streamline the Vendor Process and define their Lead Times

3. Set Product Re-Order Level according to product demand.

To maintain & track the status of entire stock transaction on the Finished Product and Raw Material, we required Inventory tracking applications internally, because Inventory Management is Crucial & Mandate Process for every business who handles stocks at their warehouses.

Online Inventory Tracking Software

Major obstacles in Inventory Tracking

  • How to Track Purchase Planning?
  • How to Track Vendors Lead time?
  • How to do Product Mapping?
  • How to Track “N” numbers of work orders in a day?
  • How to do vendor tagging?
  • How to Track & Synchronize Purchase Inquiries on one platform?
  • How to Track Purchase Quotation?
  • How to Track Vendor Quotation?
  • How to Track Purchase Orders?
  • How Track & Handle entire Good Receipt Note?
  • Is it possible to Track all the Pending Purchase Plans?
  • How to Track & Synchronize Pending Purchase orders with Vendors?
  • How to increase Inventory Productivity?
  • How to Track Purchase Bills?
  • How to Track Purchase Returns @ Single Screen?
  • How to Track material movement cycle?
  • How to Track Delivery Challans?
  • How to Track & Handle Sales Returns?
  • How to Synchronize Stock adjustment?
  • How to track & fill Gap Between Purchase & Inventory Tier
  • How to Track Purchase Indents?
  • How to Check and Track Product Re-Order Levels?
  • How to Track Returnable GRN?
  • How to Track Pending Returnable DC’s?

SalesBabu Online Inventory Management System providing a robust Tracking Tool on entire purchase & inventory process @micro level, where companies can easily track their purchase quotas, and can synchronize their plan’s effectively. SalesBabu Inventory keeps TRACK on total material movement and allows companies to track effectively all the Pending and In-process Schedules upon the required raw material or item and enable them to reduce the overall stock keeping cost.

Benefits of SalesBabu Inventory

  • Enable to track Entire Material Receipt Note
  • Allow to do Vendors tracking on Product
  • Vendor Bucket Tracking
  • Track & Get real Time Inventory Updates
  • Track Returnable GRN’s
  • Track Returnable DC’s
  • Track & handle Product Sampling
  • Track Sales Returns
  • Vendor’s Tracking
  • Track Inventory Status & MIS
  • Track Material Purchase planning’s
  • Purchase Order’s Tracking
  • Track PI’s(Purchase Inquiries)
  • Track Quotation with Multiple Vendor’s
  • Track Re-Order Level of Product and Raw Materials
  • Track Work Order’s REAL TIME Status
  • Track Job Work Status
  • Track P Q (Purchase Quotations) @ real time
  • Track multiple GRN against the Partial Order

SalesBabu Web-based Inventory Management enable lucrative tracking tool on stock transaction at micro level and enable companies to take real time inventory status on Stock.

SalesBabu helps organization to handle all Inventory stuff on single computer and allow them to synchronize all inventory levels & operational things on one platform and every information club with other information, which enable companies to manage & keep track all the Material Movement. 

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