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Can your Business Survive Without a Proposal Software?

A well written and well presented proposal can often lead to winning or losing the prospective client. And what about business proposal? 

What is sales proposal? 

A business proposal is a document used by those businesses where the seller aims to persuade a prospective buyer into buying their goods or services. 

What to include in a sales proposal? 

Quatation Sample
Quatation Sample
  • Your company details 
  • Validity of the quotation or proposal 
  • Price of the product or service (incl. GST, labour cost, material cost etc if any)
  • Customer details 
  • Terms and conditions 

What is the purpose of sales proposal for your business? 

The success of the business can also rely on the ability to write winning proposals for their clients. The main purpose of providing a business proposal is to make a formal proposal for the delivery of goods. The business proposal indicates the specific terms of the transaction like – quantity, quality, price of the product or service etc. 

Why use Proposal software for your business? 

Can your Business Survive Without a Proposal Software

1. Capture the Interest of Your Prospects

In the rapid moving world of today, potential buyers have compact schedules. As a sales representative, it’s beneficial to act promptly to capture their focus and convince them to prioritize your pitch. When your potential audience requests a proposal, there’s no requirement for hesitation or excuses if you employ proposal software.

By implementing proposal software, you can efficiently craft visually enticing and attention-captivating proposals, assuring that your customers stays engaged and focused.

2. Craft Compelling Proposals

Encourage yourself with proposal software to promptly respond to your prospects’ preference with instant proposals. Tailoring a template from the proposal software consumes just minutes, enabling you to promptly dispatch customized proposals. If desired, you also possess the choice to build a template from scratch, granting flexibility in your approach.

3. Streamline Processes and Save Time

Proposal software provides a rapid and productive solution for proposal creation. No longer do you require to contribute extensive hours in creating proposals. Such software particularly minimizes the time and effort needed for proposal creation. Impress your potential prospects with the agility at which you grant proposals, reducing the waiting time and illustrating your dedication towards an effortless and timely process.

4. Expedite Deal Closure

Demonstrating professionally created proposals provides a lasting impression on your potential prospects. Leveraging Proposal software allows you to create exceptionally appealing proposals, encouraging your sales team members to persuade potential customers that your solution perfectly goes well with their preference and requirements. Consequently, customers can promptly sign the proposal and make subsequent payments with the help of a secure and encrypted web link provided by you to the prospect or client.

5. It will make writing a whole lot quicker

Proposal software will ensure that you spend the least time on writing, as it comes with pre-made templates. Some apps, like Better Proposals, come with templates for different industries, such as marketing or website design. All you need to do is just fill up the blanks. On the other hand, you can create your own template based on a proposal that worked for you and edit the main information each time you create a new proposal. By spending less time on writing, you can spend more time learning about your clients and getting new leads.

6. Your proposals will be optimized for all devices

While writing proposals in word processing apps, you normally save them as text or PDF files. Unfortunately, that does not always end up looking all that great. Proposal software will make all of your proposals optimized across devices, so you create an excellent impression, irrespective of the device the client is using.

7. You can guide the client through the proposal

One of the recent developments within the world of business proposals is live chat. You will use a live chat app to speak up with the client as they’re reading the proposal and answer any questions they may have. It seems that it makes a difference – you’re 13.2% more likely to win the deal if you use this feature in your proposals.

How to send Proposals with a Proposal software? 

  1. Choose the best cover letter from the software or of your own. 
  2. Write up your proposal quickly. 
  3. Finally, click send. 

Thus, automate and make sending proposals easy, quick and impressive with a Proposal Software!! 

How SalesBabu Sales Quoting module help you send Proposals? 

With the Sales Quoting module (Business Quotation Maker) in SalesBabu CRM software, it empowers you to prepare an effective, professional quote for your customers’ consideration, complete with rich content and full technical specifications. It’s simple to add cross-sell and up-sell suggestions to maximize your potential sell-through. Also you have much more information to prepare a Sales Quote that has higher chances of winning, since it brings real-time inventory and price information from multiple distributors in a centralized location. All this is through web-based Sales Quoting software which means, getting the product information and creating a sales quote is just a few clicks away, plus your customers will be able to view and approve the quote online. SalesBabu CRM will take your entire Sales Quotation management process Online.

SalesBabu Sales Quoting module helps you to win more customers without wasting time on writing or designing proposals. 

Sales Quotation Making Software

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Get benefited with SalesBabu Quotation Management Software 

crm quotation software

With the help of SalesBabu Sales Quotation software you are benefited in multiple ways-

  • Streamline your Quotation Process
  • Quicker conversion of existing open quotes into contracts
  • Reduce Quotation Time
  • Have your entire customer details in one place
  • Catalogue your services and products
  • Draw insights from data-driven reports with MIS
  • Sell More, Manage Less
  • Easy Online Sales Quotation Creation
  • Quotation Management
  • Zero Complexity

Can your business survive without a Proposal software? 

NO!! Let me not beat around the bush and come to the point. To survive in the present technological market, you got to make use of an automated Proposal software in order to streamline your sales process. And using an automated tool to manage your sales process can lead your business towards growth and business. 

If you are still stuck on MS Excel or MS Word to create business sales quotation, invoice and estimates, you may be way behind the competition in the long run. I will tell you why as well. 

The Word docs is merely a text processor where you can add header and footers, background or fonts etc. And creating anything different, like if you wish to edit a design in Word it is a pretty difficult task. MS Word being a text processor just texts are not enough. You need to make it impressive and catchy by adding videos and images. Thus, creating proposals on Word cannot be impressive for your prospects. And creating pale proposals make your prospects feel that you don’t care much. 

Moreover, it’s never too late to be organised at work. With the help of the Sales Quotation Software close more sales and work smarter with automated tools. Once the sales quotes are accepted by the customer, you can immediately convert the quotes to sales order and manage sales pipeline efficiently. 
Don’t waste time but start creating your first impression by instantly generating sales quotes or say proposals for your customers and provide yourself a better chance to win them. With SalesBabu Quotation maker Software get more PROFESSIONAL, ACCURATE AND EFFICIENT to survive in the competitive market.  To know more about SalesBabu Cloud Sales Quotation Software you can visit our website or for a free demo on Online Quotation generator click here.