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Drive Business Growth With Field Service Management Software

It’s no secret that business growth is the main objective of every organization that offers field services. However, to expand the business and improve performance, you must create a business policy that allows you to simultaneously minimize costs and maximize productivity. Cloud-based field service management software helps you achieve this virtuous circle.

Minimize costs with streamlined operations

  • Minimum operating costs
  • Maximum productivity for field teams

Online after-sales service management software helps you achieve both goals. You have a digital, cloud-based solution that provides multiple new ways to boost performance and significantly minimize costs.

Optimize travel routes

With CRM software for the service industry, field technicians always have access to the information they need on their tablet or smartphone, which helps them to improve the efficiency and performance in the field. Each field technician can see his updated schedule at any time on the go. 

For example, a cloud-based field service management system such as the one offered by SalesBabu uses geolocation capabilities to track technician locations in real-time. 

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Grab a Paperless Approach

Positioning into a cloud-based field service management system grants the opportunity to fully opt for paperless operations. During leveraging an online field service management software like the one granted by SalesBabu, several of the traditional challenges connected with going paperless are efficiently resolved.

This digital transition results in immediate expense savings, involving minimized expenses on phone calls and the reduction of expense related to ink cartridges, paper, printers, faxes, and photocopiers. Moreover, the physical space formerly reserved for the paper file stocked up is reclaimed. Due to such technology at your disposal, you acquire the capability to:

  • Create service quotations.
  • Store your information safely in the cloud, available from anywhere, at any time.
  • Gain real-time field information, packed with attached photos and documents for comprehensive detailings.
  • Engage through email and messaging tools to sustain seamless interaction among field technicians and the service center staff.

Improved Efficiency Fuels Business Growth 

Expense savings play an essential role in business expansion. Although, online after-sales service management software also plays a particular part in improving efficiency. Such benefits of heightened productivity position into tangible benefits for your business.

Operate Your Business in Real-Time

Prompt responsiveness to clients leaves a consistent positive impression. Real-time interactions, irrespective of the scale of the vehicle fleet or the number of team members engaged, significantly expands the benefits of more productive field operations. Such benefits involve:

  • Improved service times: Online access to clients information and spare parts detailings shortens the time occupied for each service call delivered by technicians.
  • Optimized technician workloads: The capability to work more effectively and provide a high-quality service enables technicians to wind up more service calls in a day. With the introduction of SalesBabu’s service CRM software, technicians can further add service calls to their own schedules, improving complete efficiency.

Enhance customer satisfaction

With a cloud-based field service management platform, your workforce can work more independently and play an important role in helping to increase productivity and deliver quality service. Your field force becomes more capable to deliver quality service with a mobile app. It helps them become more responsive and work more efficiently.

With the mobile app, technicians can communicate more efficiently with the customers. For example, technicians can use the field service management mobile app to advise customers about any possible delays in their service and to keep them updated about the progress of the work. And they can send service reports to customers in Word or PDF or email them when the work is completed.

These features of the service management mobile app can help to increase the satisfaction of the customer and contribute to the virtuous circle that is so conducive to business growth.

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Industry-specific data helps you measure growth

For your business growth, you need the ability to measure and track your progress.

Identify your KPI – Key Performance Indicators

Each industry has very specific KPIs. When you choose a field service management system, make sure you can integrate these business parameters into the platform.

The satisfaction of the customer and the first-time fix rate are widely considered to be the most important key performance indicators. Your costs are much higher when technicians have to make several visits to the same customer, and customer satisfaction is lower. With the right selection of online field service management software, you can identify the root cause of multiple visits and use that information to improve efficiency and quality service.

Analyze KPI data to continue improving

After identifying your KPIs, make sure your field service software can easily retrieve and analyze reliable field information. For example, SalesBabu after-sales service CRM offers an analytics module (MIS) that processes data and provides insight into your KPIs, including:

  • The number of service activity performed
  • The number of PMS performed
  • Adherence to SLAs (service level agreements) for factors such as on-time arrivals at customer locations, service call durations, and guaranteed fix times

With analytics (MIS reporting module), you have the data needed to improve performance and boost productivity, efficiency, and responsiveness — everything required to foster business growth.

Take Away – 

With field service management software companies manage and optimize their business activities performed by service technicians. Field service management software is mainly used by businesses that manufacture industrial products and require on-site services such as deployment and maintenance of equipment, repairs, cleaning, and the like. Utility companies and service-oriented businesses that deliver, repair, and/or clean at a customer’s location also leverage field service management solutions.