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Sales and Service go hand in hand

Sales and Service go hand in hand

Sales involve selling your product to generate profit. Customer service assists in supporting new and existing customers with the products they have purchased with you. Providing better service to the products enhances customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction brings you more referrals from the existing customers for your business. It also helps you to retain good relationships with the customers for the long run. Earn customer loyalty with top-notch customer service. 

Customer service should involve,

  1. Value to your customers time
  2. Identify and understand your customer needs
  3. Clear communication
  4. Anticipating customer needs
  5. Listen to your customer complaints and quickly act on it
  6. Supporting them by follow up till the issue is resolved 
  7. Providing technical assistance around the clock
  8. Take Customer feedback on your service

As the business grows and hence the customers. Retaining good relationships with the customers is of great importance. Immediately after sales, the customer service starts from the installation of the product by providing a detailed explanation of the product till the warranty period ends. Customers will be ready to purchase your services for more if they are enjoying the benefits of your products.

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Sales CRM and Service CRM

Basically, we think that Cloud-based CRM software helps to manage the leads, sales, and revenue growth but in contrast, Cloud-based CRM also helps in enhancing customer service as well.

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Online Sales CRM is a tool that helps you to manage your sales process in the sales pipeline. Cloud-based CRM solutions help you to manage your sales from lead generation to close/win deals. This will help you to generate new customers and enhance revenue and business growth. The main functions of Online sales CRM are:

  • To manage the contacts of the customers by capturing customer data automatically in the cloud
  • Lead management- Lead generation, identifying qualified leads, lead nurturing, and lead tracker
  • To streamline  the sales process with automation facilities
  • Track the daily activities of the sales team, set up reminders for payments follow-up
  • To track the leads for sales follow up
  • Enable you to forecast your sales and plan accordingly
  • To define the opportunities to win the sales
  • Helps you track quotes and invoices
  • To manage sales order (order for the purchase of products)
  • To track daily activity
  • Management Information System (MIS) – to produce regular reports on operations for every level of management in a company.

Automate your sales with sales CRM. Sales CRM is a mobile-friendly sales application that can be accessed from anywhere around the clock. Sales app helps you to track your business at your fingertips even when you are out of the station. Managing customer details, understanding customer preferences, and interests, streamlining your sales, monitoring the sales rep sales activities helps you to identify to which you have to concentrate more and improve your business.

As we largely focus on remote accessibility, automation, flexibility, user-friendliness, sales application or sales CRM has become a necessary tool to run a business. This provides a streamlined informed path to sales success. 

We find a lot of sales CRM available with its unique features and drawbacks. It is necessary to acquire the right sales CRM that fits your organization. Even though the functionality differs from one sale application to the other there are some basic features that are necessary for all the organization are

  • Mobile friendly – Smartphone revolution has made all work handy. Salespersons are able to connect to their business remotely with this feature. It is easy to track the sales process and identify the stages of sales they are in with the customers.
  • Lead management – Companies put lots of effort to bring the leads. Managing leads is the most important thing to build your business. Choose the sales application such that it manages the lead from the source till the end-to-end process of sales.
  • Automation – Automation helps make your sales process easier and quicker. We should act proactively to win our customers from the competitors. Automation helps you to follow up with your clients quickly by messaging and e-mail.
  • Reports – Reports help you to analyze the sale process and forecast the sales process. It enables you to determine the strength and weaknesses of the business with which you can improve your business in a productive way.
  • User Interface – If the new salesperson joins the team then it is the most difficult and time-consuming process to understand the business and the process. With an intuitive User interface, it becomes more convenient for the new sales rep to follow the sales.
  • Support – Customer Support after sales helps you in maintaining good relationships with customers. With CRM it is possible to resolve customer complaints and queries in an effective way by the ticket management system.
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Cloud-based CRM which is also referred to as Customer-centric CRM is a tool that helps you to manage your customer services that start immediately after the sale of your products.

Software where complete SaaS or Cloud-based CRM systems are developed to be flexible, illustrating that it can expand its capacities, based on the organization’s requirements. Furthermore, as the expense of this CRM platform depends on the swarm of users and storage requirements, that can scale up and down as per the needful transformation. Therefore, this CRM solution is often the most adopted CRM platform for small and medium businesses in the current world.

Implementing a CRM system is a breeze today where : 

  • The CRM tools, software, and data are vested in the cloud. 
  • Installing and maintaining a cloud CRM is effortless . 
  • Through cloud computing all of the services are provided to end-users through the internet.
  • The utility derived from the web versions or distinctive cloud CRM programs for mobile devices and tablets to conveniently access the details when required, and at any time, from any location.
  • Enables smaller companies to scale quickly with compact up-front investment.
  • The cloud encrypts your information on its servers utilizing a variety of different techniques during the scenario of an information breach or loss.
  • Moving to the cloud clears up your employees to do their jobs more rapidly and effectively, which results in lesser customer complaints and improved revenue.

It enhances customer satisfaction with automation and helps you to retain healthy relationships for the long run. With online service CRM, you can resolve your customer queries quickly. The service CRM is customized with its excellent ticket management system. The software’s multi-channel integration enables us to streamline all customer queries into a single ticketing inbox. The main functions of Online Service CRM are:

  • Managing Customer Complaints
    It is the responsibility of the organization to take the complaints of the customer and resolve them to meet customers’ requirements. Complaints help us to understand the customer demands and the need for improvement in the products. The complaint management system is web-based customer management that enables service providers to track the AMC pending renewals, warranty details, and record of complaint details.  This helps the service provider to track the right technicians in the field and resolves the customer’s requirements in a systematic manner.

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  • Managing Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
    AMC is the liable agreement made for the maintenance of products between the customers and vendors. AMC feature in the Service CRM helps us to track PMS (Preventive maintenance Scheduling) visits, AMC reaching renewal, complaint service calls, product delivery calls, etc.
  • Managing Warranty Process
    Warranty management system enables you to track the warranty details of the products, provides warranty ending notification, improves the quality of the products.
  • Manage Service Calls
    This feature helps you to schedule the service call and provide service in a timely manner to retain quality service and earn customer loyalty
  • Managing Spare Part Consumption
    Spare part management is the important factor taken into consideration for the efficient operation of the plant. With service CRM you can track the availability of inventory, rate of spare part consumption, and forecast the need for spare parts.
  •  Manage Installation
    It helps you to manage the installation of the products like delivering the product to the customer’s location, explaining and demonstrating the details of the product, tracking the pending installation details of the product.

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SalesBabu CRM  provides you with both Online Sales CRM and Online Service CRM in the same CRM platform. Manage your sales and services at your fingertips anywhere around the clock with cloud CRM.  Enjoy the benefits of sales and service at an affordable price. Enhance your sales productivity and quality services with technology. Feel free to request a demo


Managing customer service is as important as sales. Both go hand in hand for the growth of the business. Choose your right Sales CRM and Service CRM that enables you to manage your business professionally and systematically. It helps you to generate increased revenue with sales and earn the loyalty of your customers with exceptional service.

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