Making Payroll Simpler & Easier to Manage

payroll-mgmtFirst thing of online payroll is , it saves time.

Second, convenient way to pay employees and for employees to get paid.

Thirdly, calculations of employee , leave management , etc.,. are taken care.

Online Payroll saves time , any one from any where can access the payroll , takes care about the employees . Attendance or Employee details can be uploaded thorough excel , which saves the time of doing it manual each time.

A payroll plays a very crucial role as good employee morale requires payroll to be paid timely and accurately. Nowadays, with the advent of more advanced internet technologies.

The system automatically handles all complicated tax calculations, and other deductions, so that the business owner doesn’t need an accounting degree to ensure the tax man is satisfied. Depending on the companies need all statutory deductions like profession tax, PF, ESI, TDS is taken care off. Either way, tax calculations are guaranteed to be accurate as tax tables are updated as required by the service provider.

Employees are paid either via paper check or direct deposit, and independent contractors can also be taken care of, if necessary.

There is even a secure website for employees to log into so that they can have 24/7 access to all their previous pay stubs and tax information, minimizing the need for them to hassle their boss for this. Employees can view their own information. Enable work flows like leave application, reimbursement claims and much more.

SalesBabu Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, innovative enterprise Payroll solution, PayPLUS addresses the needs of SMEs in India. Already this on-demand payroll solution is being used by many enterprises successfully, solving their worries in payrolling.

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