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Employee Motivation Factors!!! Don’t Miss It In Your Organization

Employee Motivation Factors!!! Don’t Miss It In Your Organization

Yesterday, I was sitting at home, busy watching a new movie with a sip of tea. Few minutes later my friend came for an informal greeting. After some gossip of family and friends, our talks went forward towards the office and peers. There came the main reason of his visit. He was quite stressed and unhappy with the work practices of his organization. No economic support, tight working hours and work was upto neck, management was not much supportive and always gave an evil grin if the schedule was leveraged . There was no employee motivation to work from the organization which left him feeling unmotivated and he therefore lost interest and passion for the work..Yes, The Motivation was missing….

Motivation plays a very important role in boosting the work productivity and efficiency. Yet, it is often ignored by management. The ways for employee motivation can be different, but the ultimate goal is extracting the best work efficiency. What measures should be taken to improve work practices in an organization so that employees give their best at workplace? Let’s discuss them here.

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Factors Contributing Employee Motivation

Give Recognition To Team Members:

Give your teammates recognition, a feeling that their work and contribution to the organization is highly recognized and appreciated. It is often found that self realization is found more motivating than any other factor and motivates team to be more productive.

Incentivization of Work is Also Important

Regular appraisals and incentives after achieving a crucial project often boost the adrenaline flow among the employees. It’s a tangible gift that is rewarded after successful target accomplishment.


Salary is the basic need of the employee, satisfied by the employer. Getting a pay raise frequently has a great impact on the performance of the employee. Incase the salary is lower than the employee’s expectations, it can cause dissatisfaction, reduces the willingness to work with more productivity and makes them frustrated towards their job. Thus, providing a good salary and rewarding them with incentives can be a great initiative to motivate the employees. 

Give Respect To Each And Every Employee

All employees should be given respect, irrespective of their work profile and designation. If you give respect, you will earn respect, and also get respect in return. The employees will be more positively driven to work for you and the organization.

Help Employees Strike A Correct Work Life Balance

Show your sensibility towards important personal responsibilities. Important family issues, health, children etc. accordingly allow some stretch from the regular schedule. This type of thoughtfulness is worth admiring and thus results in motivating the employees.

Listen To Your Employee’s Suggestions:

Listening is an important factor. During meetings and discussions, take suggestions from your teammates, give importance to their suggestions and implement them if its a value addition. Listen to their concerns as well, may be job related or other problems which they probably would like to share with you.

Be Responsive

Respond to your teammates. Attend their phone calls and messages, don’t ignore. This will strengthen the connectivity between you and your team which in turn makes them  more sincere towards the job.

Creating a good working environment 

An employee spends half of the day at work and it becomes necessary for him/her to stay in an environment where he/she feels comfortable and more importantly, feels like working. Feeling comfortable does not just mean you need to install some high-end air conditioners, spend on interior designs or buy the most expensive machines for the working of the organisation. Creating a good working environment is way far from these material luxuries. 

When there are employees who inspire each other to work together and better, it enhances the working environment of the organisation. 

Get them the freedom to use the right tools

When you want your employees to increase work productivity in order to accomplish the organisational goals, it also becomes your responsibility to equip your employees with facilities which makes their work easier and smarter. 

Technologies are playing a vital as well as trending role in today’s world. In every level of management you can see advancements and upgradations. Likely, a CRM software can help your sales team to manage their work smartly. SalesBabu Online CRM which is basically a cloud based CRM provides the best CRM Software with its added functionalities to enhance your management activities. 

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These motivational tips may look too simple and easy but implementing them practically can be challenging. You will find various types of employees with different views and interests. There may be employees who may not get motivated even after implementing these tips and tricks. 

But do not worry, focus on putting efforts on nurturing your employees with the best skills and concern. You can also try out asking your employees on what they expect from the organisation. 

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