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Ten Field Service Management Challenges and How To Solve Them

While running a business organization, at some point, you will be bound to face various challenges, as a team lead or a member, or a manager of that business, you will have to make sure to overcome these challenges and stand strong. It completely depends on how effectively you will be able to turn these challenges into opportunities so that you can create a future that is better and good as it will determine your success in the current competitive market.

For example, if your present business challenge is the rising cost of delivery in the field service, you will have an opportunity to optimize the processes and operations in the field service in such a way that not only the cost expenditure is reduced but the service quality can also be enhanced.

There are many challenges that a business organization might face in the field of service management software as there are many ways to turn them into opportunities. All this is because there is never enough and optimum usage which could be done to limit a service operation or process. There will always be plenty of room for innovation, creation, customer or prospect satisfaction, increased efficiency and effectiveness, and higher service quality and effectiveness.

Challenges will ring the bell for not being done as much as needed in certain areas or parts. If you are able to effectively identify those particular parts or areas and bridge the gaps, you will be able to easily make way to highly limited field service operations or processes.

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Below are the top 10 field service management software challenges faced by many business organizations or companies.

#Scheduling Conflicts 

Scheduling conflicts will occur mostly when two particular events will hold the same slot or part on your field service management software representative calendar. In case this happens frequently, it might pose an unavoidable and existential threat to your field service management software business along with after-sales service management and so you must be able to find a solution or remedy as soon as possible.

There are mostly 3 types of scheduling conflicts that are mentioned below:

  • Overlapping Events
  • Double-Booking
  • Unavailable Time slot

Frequent conflicts might result in damage to reputation or increased frustration that might occur among field service management software representatives. The ideal scheduling model might be able to be where you schedule a business technician on the spot and the business technician on the field might get to know about his or her new schedule very quickly and instantly.

You must use this challenge as an opportunity to create and renovate your event scheduling and dispatching operations. Ask for help in field service management software scheduling applications that will alert you to potential conflicts and it will also help you renovate a set of many other representatives for the same work assigned.

Such applications will enable you to track, monitor, and maintain time that is spent on visits so that you do not have to schedule any continuous shifts for representatives as it could drain their complete energy. And in case the time that is spent on the visits is lesser than expected, you will be able to add more work events to the calendar.

#Keeping Tabs on Field Service Technicians 

There must be trust between the business technicians and managers as it is very important and critical in field management. Many technicians are in the field for most of the day, this is where you must be able to trust them and know that they are executing and accomplishing their scheduled jobs and duties efficiently and with effectiveness. Field service management software with a GPS tracker will give you an insight into your business technicians’ routes or paths and the status of their duties and jobs. 

Most importantly and genuinely, a GPS tracker will help in keeping your technicians safe and secure on the road and in the field while working offsite. While some business technicians might resist being monitored on the work or job, a GPS tracker and Electronic Logging Devices or ELDs are more effectively and widely used and are accepted by business technicians who will understand that these electronic devices are just part of the new work or landscape in the field management duty and industry.  Hence, you must make sure to adapt the best CRM software for the service industry along with the after-sales service management as it is important for the development of the business and to avoid the negative impact as much as possible.

Monitoring on field service technicians

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#Paper Documentation 

The field service management industry or business organization has run on a paper management system for many years. Creating such work orders in the workplace or office, sending them to the field and managing them, and returning them with the business technicians is inefficient and it will leave room for various mistakes or errors. Adopting a digital technology will be helpful such as the cloud-based system, you will be able to track word and duty orders and other documents or information in real-time, you will have to make necessary changes instantly, and react to new information and data without damaging your teams’ events or schedules. 

#Training and Recruiting Costs 

Employees and the staff are the lifeblood and important people of your Field Service Management business. Hiring the right and perfect people, training the current employees and staff when necessary, and avoiding bad hires is a very critical task to do, and maintaining optimal and required cash flow is very essential and important. It is often more profitable and required to improve your present staff and employees’ skills and innovative nature than it is to hire new staff and employees. With the help of field service management software, you will be able to track the performance of your field staff and crew. As days pass, this will allow you to identify and recognize certain areas that must be addressed and improved through ongoing work in the field service training and development. Hence, you must make sure to adapt the best CRM for the service industry along with the after-sales service management as it is important for the development of the business and to avoid the negative impact as much as possible.

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#First Visit Effectiveness 

An important challenge in the field service industry or business organization is sending teams to worksites with the perfect information and equipment that is required to complete the work on the first visit itself. If you are able to notice the number of important visits that are increasing over time, you will have a first visit effectiveness challenge or issue. This will not only cost you more money for the fuel and salary, but it will also give your customers and prospects a reason to consider switching to another company. Your Field Service Management software must provide the business technician with updated information and customer service history. Hence, you must make sure to adapt the best CRM for the service industry along with the after-sales service management as it is important for the development of the business and to avoid the negative impact as much as possible.

#Client and Technician Response Time 

Your business organization’s field teams will be bound to run into unexpected and unavoidable situations when they are on the job. Earlier, they had to call into the office and then wait for the right business instructions. Nowadays, with the latest technologies such as cloud-based field management software, you will be able to instantly get connected to the back-office and field technician teams via smartphone which will save time and money, and it will improve customer or prospect satisfaction. Hence, you must make sure to adapt the best CRM software for the service industry along with the after-sales service management as it is important for the development of the business and to avoid the negative impact as much as possible.

Response Time

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#Resistance to Change in Field Service Management Software

While upgrading your business software you might be excited a lot about it, but that does not mean your employees and staff will be flexible to changes. You need to remember that when you have done your work correctly in choosing a new software platform, your staff and employees will likely be encountering it for the first time and it will be a new experience. Therefore, you need to take the time to educate and train them on the latest platform that you are planning to adopt. And finally, you need to give your staff some time to familiarize themselves with the latest software before it is implemented.

#Inventory Management 

Inventory management is one of the most effective and important ways to save cost expenditures in field service industries and businesses. Avoiding such stockouts will allow your teams and staff to complete jobs effectively and efficiently. Preventing overstocking cuts down will be required for storage space and it will help in improving cash flow. Field service Inventory management is very important and it has been one of the hardest and time-consuming tasks of running any kind of business. But with the current Field Service Management software, you will be able to track inventory and restock with a click that will save your time and money.

#Invoice Management 

For many years, the field service industry and business organizations have been plagued with extended billing and other major invoicing hardships. It would be nice if your business technicians might spend more of their business time working and less time dealing with field-service invoicing. Currently, with the perfect field service management software, your business technicians will be able to settle invoices on-site with mobile technology. 

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#Fleet Maintenance 

Your business organization is only as healthy as the vehicles in your current fleet. The final thing that you will want is for one of your staff and crews to be stuck on the side of the road instead of working on a field site. Creating and maintaining fleet management and its checklist will help you avoid certain potential issues and problems by keeping your fleet maintenance healthy and active. 

#Inaccuracy in Metrics

Metrics to be defined as employee productivity, average time to a task’s completion, and the first-time fix rate, can aid you to better deduce and enhance your business. As the business reviews such metrics, you can analyze areas where the performance is insufficient, and you can utilize such information to examine and then resolve the issues. 

Collecting precise metrics can be burdening if the business is not utilizing an efficient field service platform. Striving to track metrics manually, or through utilizing several software platforms to compile this information, leads to mistakes and missed detailing which can also skew your information and make it complicated to draw true culmination about your business’ performance.

A field service management software can deliver you with extensive, precise metrics, and it performs this automatically. It will help save time, and then the staff will have a collection of precise information to review. It helps to create a monthly and annual business progress history that can provide value to stakeholders which can help in utilizing this information to enhance your business operation and revenue.

Delivering accurate and extensive metrics is just one of the essentials that field service software provides to your business. With a quality software platform that can support you to resolve many of such common field service issues. When a business comes around any such issues, it might be time to improve your software or rather invest in the first official management software. 

Introduction of field service software can help you to go through many of these issues. These software solutions are designed to boost interaction, collect metrics, automate customer interaction, and more, providing you the tools you require to address and resolve these common obstacles.


Despite the extensive advances in the latest technologies such as cloud-based technology over the past years, many critical field service businesses and industries still use manual methods for organizing their fleets and their maintenance, technicians, prospects, and inventory. Hence, you must make sure to adapt the best CRM software for the service industry along with the after-sales service management as it is important for the development of the business and to avoid the negative impact as much as possible.