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5 Applications Of Mobile CRM That Will Boost Your Sales Results

In today’s digital world, the mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our lifestyle. Whether you are in the office or in the field, the mobile app provides you all the important information that you require. 

In sales, if you are even working remotely, the mobile app has now become one of your necessary assets and responsibilities. Thus, the sales pros use their smart mobile phone as a primary means of professional communications.

As sales professionals, they frequently travel, attend events and customer meetings, or even participate in business conferences. At all these times, they have mobile as a means of connecting with your co-workers and customers. This means that smart mobile phones play a significant role in your professional life to stay connected.

Now, let’s consider a use case scenario. Suppose your company has decided to increase your sales target from the coming month. Rather than repulsive, accept it and make changes that can help you achieve this target.

Below are important changes that come to your mind to incrementally improve the results.

  • Have different teams to work together
  • Align and collaborate between marketing and sales activities
  • Be agile and act fast with your lead management
  • Ensure accuracy about your sales forecast

When you consider it, the conclusion of all these applications is your need to start working as a team, rather than putting up all the efforts alone.

#Manage and boost day-to-day interactions

On the busiest day, internal miscommunication could be a reason for employee conflict and time waste.

For example, the numerous back-to-back calls by an employee could be interpreted as casual interference by another team member. This becomes increasingly high when you try to reach the core sales teams. 

Often, they could be unclear or not reachable about the means of communication. Or there could be a delay in receiving the message.

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When the sales reps are attending meetings outside the office or on the road or, mobile CRM applications could be the core factor of the internal communication system.

You don’t have to install any additional software to communicate with your co-worker. The sales team management app is solely enough to make your communication system better and effective.

Reasonably, the mobile apps will save more time and make your interaction process easy and convenient. An effective communication system builds great understanding and boosts’ supportive mindsets of the sales reps. This avoids misunderstanding, and a low team spirit from thwarting your team efforts. Proper internal communication also helps you improve your deal closures and get optimum deal value for each lead.

#Share, Assign, Get Together and Solve

The number of decisions every sales rep has to take day-to-day has the capacity to impress the person and can also affect the productivity of the sales team. In order to get the maximum value from data, sales reps need to have access to the valuable information that right away relates to their company role.

With the cloud-enabled SalesBabu CRM software, your team can share multiple files with the other team members, allocate operations, discuss problems and come up with a united solution for a common goal.

You can store information in different files, segregate them according to usability and quality. It naturally improves the productivity of the team, as it wins over the cooperative spirits of the sales force. That is the reason, salespeople saw productivity increase when they had mobile access to CRM applications.

#Streamline the Sales Process with Real-Time Reporting and Homepage Data Updates

During any business workflow, speed delivers an important role in illustrating current sales performance. The prompt a lead is recognised, an order is placed, and a selected product or service is prepared for the purpose of delivery, the more effectively you can condense each order cycle. This productivity results in improved customer satisfaction and happiness.

In order to simplify such a complete process and facilitate your delivery times, it is important for the company to have a current overview of multiple customer communication. This encourages sales team members to dedicatedly pursue potential deals. An integrated portal or dashboard is imperative, granting the capability to detect the collective progress of the complete team. This can be conveniently accomplished through a mobile sales management CRM app.

In case of a scenario, consider SalesBabu’s online CRM software, where a sales team member can rapidly upload data as soon as orders are placed. Such can also upload order’s current statuses and record the minutes of meetings with clients.

Such a versatile system enables you to customize your dashboard to illustrate your business priorities, produce reports on a monthly, quarterly, annual, as well as on a daily basis, if necessary. Possessing the flexibility to make personalized reports of your choice and efficiently access them on your homepage.

Such an all-encompassing system grants a comprehensive software solution, where all the team collaboration and workflow automation consistently complement one another, leading to seamless positive resultant.

#Maintain Privacy of Self and customer Data 

Now, your other major concern, such facilities are good enough for team collaboration, but what about the privacy of valuable data?

This concern is not entirely limited to your customer data privacy. Your own important data, can you imagine your sales prospecting list ending-up in your competitor’s hand?

This will directly affect your rate of customer acquisition. This means that you can’t share your prospecting list across your team, where anyone can decide to disclose the list. 

A day-to=day planner and assigning will help you solve this problem. You can attach specific meetings to each employee on a daily scale. You can also follow employees across the geography, based on this data. 

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This will allow you to limit the employee access to only a set number of retail stores. Moreover, you can restrict the information to each employee to its required limit. You can also ensure that your mobile users are given sufficient information concerning each store activity.

You can access the dashboard for your team members so that they can manage the entire system. On the other hand, you can limit access from others to ensure data security.

For example – with SalesBabu mobile CRM app you can restrict access from the executives and employees, who are no longer a part of your team or business.

#Expedite Deal making protocol

In a competitive business, you are not entirely new to have your most promising deals lost. With passing time, the initial attention of your prospects may wane-off or you may have new decision-makers entering the picture once again.

Finally, having the ability to wrap-up deals quickly makes a significant difference to your bottom line. In this situation, you need to have a protocol to expedite decision-making.

The Mobile CRM application enables you to introduce speed-up deal-making within your existing business process. This helps you avoid time lapses in managing your normal business operations.

Conclusion – 

Today, sales and marketing processes are needed to swiftly scale the results. Mobile CRM apps provide you the opportunity to manage data, but also measure results and prepare valuable reports from it.

The features of the sales CRM app leave a direct effect on sales revenue and office work culture. Your employee can give their best performance in a better environment, thus the company can enhance its ROI rate. As per our observations, many sales reps who have adopted mobile CRM have achieved their sales targets.