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7 Types Of After Sales Service To Keep Your Customer Happy & Satisfied

7 Types Of After Sales Service To Keep Your Customer Happy & Satisfied

Sales is a very important part of every business organization. The main concept of after every sales service is very important as much as sales. As it will not generate any revenue for your business organization and company, it will surely be able to increase the goodwill of your business organization and company in the market that is very competitive today and amongst all the prospects and customers. Later on, service of the sales is very important and essential to not only retain the customers and prospects but also to get the lost customers and prospects back. Later the services of sales can be defined as the business operations or processes which will be followed post the business sale of your brand and product. The nature of the business services will include guidance, maintenance, repair, and many more. The nature of after-business sales service will depend completely on the business organization or industry and the product and its brand. While some business organizations and companies might require deployment and installation, others might require cleaning very frequently, maybe for about a couple of months.

Below are a few important steps for good after-sales service management:- 

  1. Updating the customers and prospects about the nature of the after-sales service management of your organization.
  2. Updating the customers and prospects about the transit of the products and goods.
  3. Following up with the business delivery team to make sure about the timely delivery.
  4. Following up on new customers and prospects along with the latest installation procedures.
  5. Fast and quick after-sales service management post complaints.

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Seven most common types of after-sales service

Pre-Installation services

Each time a product from a brand is bought it will come with a manual that will help the buyers in installation. Based on the type and nature of the product the installation might vary. In some cases, few products will have very specific installation steps and guidelines compared to other products that are customer-friendly and easy to use. Products such as a ceiling fan, air conditioner, washing machine, and so on, will require some technical expertise for the installation and other products such as mobile phones do not. Providing such free pre-installation steps and guidelines is one of the after-sales services which will be very helpful for the customers and prospects. Field service management is very important and an essential service for every business organization and company. 

Most of the business organizations and companies will provide this for free of cost world very few companies might charge. Providing such good installation and deployment services will start in the customer or prospect and customer service relations on a good note. Industrial machinery, electric household items, Copier machines, will require technical expertise in deployment and installation. Providing a proper demonstration is also a part of deployment and installation so that the customer service team will install the brand and product along with it they will demonstrate the functions of the product. 

User Training

The end-user training is another part which is very important and essential after the sales service. In the case of industrial machinery, this will be a very crucial part. Additionally, in the case of the surgical equipment that is used in places such as the operation theatres, it is very important and essential that the doctor has to get very well trained on the machine so that he or she will be able to use it at ease. Many business organizations and companies will make sure to provide proper training to the end-users or doctors in their business cases effectively and efficiently. It is very important and essential that user training is provided by propositions the user is going to be handling the product. The CRM software for the service industry will help achieve these goals at ease.

 Importance of User Training

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Warranty Services

One of the most common types of after-sales service that are provided by almost every business organization or company for almost every type of product. Warranty services will include the repairing and replacement of selected parts for a selected period of time, this will be done in case of any damages to the product.

In the initial time example for the first year, the customers and prospects are provided with a free replacement or repair of the product in case there is any kind of problem. From the 2nd year onwards they will be charged if they do not have such product care. In a few cases, there could be selective warranty services like the After-sales service of the particular product. Many business organizations and companies will offer free repair and varied services for one year from the date of purchase but they will charge if there is a replacement of any kind of plastic components, similarity television will have a good warranty of about few years but the remote of the television with having only year warranty of 1 or 2 years depending on the business organization or company.

In such a way different business organizations or companies will have different policies for their products and goods. Certain warranty services are perhaps the best type of after-sales service management. Some of the companies will provide the customer service of extended warranty which will help the customer to pay a little extra and get the warranty extended for a limited period of time. An extended warranty will be very useful in the case of electronics and services.

Online Support 

Many E-Commerce companies and organizations have started providing support online for any of the product-related issues and queries. There is a dedicated helpline service that is available at any time for the customers and prospects where the grievance mechanism will be carried out according to the standard business procedure of the organization or company. The customer or prospect can call the online support team or chat as per his or her comfort as the service is available at any time, discuss the issue or problem and get it resolved. Online support is very efficient and effective for many such software services and laptop support too. The customer service team can share the screen and resolve the issue and the problem immediately in most cases which will make the technology better. Hence, having the best CRM software for the service industry and field service management software will help achieve these goals at ease.

Online Support Team


Return or Replacement 

According to some companies and business organizations, for a Limited period of time, these business organizations and companies will provide free replacement of the product in case there is any kind of issue or queries. However, this will come only with a certain type of terms and conditions on the product. In a feather option of cases, replacement may be of the complete device, or in other cases, replacement might be only of the defective part of the product.

In case if there is a problem and the customer or prospect wants to return, the product will be returned to the company or business organization, and the customer is issued with either the store credit or replaced product or the amount will be refunded. The important rules might vary according to the company and business organization.

Features and Benefits 

Among the various services that are available, one of the types of after-sales service management, some organizations or companies will provide additional potential features for example replacement of a part for a lifetime or free counseling for the entire duration of the product. Hence, having the best CRM service for the service industry and field service management software will help achieve these goals at ease. 

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This will usually work with the software and electronics. Upgrading software for a particular device for a limited period of time is one of the types of After-sales service management that is followed by many business organizations and companies. These upgrades are for a limited period of time that will owe to the fact that the hardware of the product will remain the same throughout the coming years and it might not be compatible to run a new software after a certain period of time.

Upgrading will help your business to understand where your product or service is making the mark and where it could be falling short.

There are several features to add once you collect customer feedback, either through surveys on a webpage or sending an email campaign. A business organization can also send personalized messages or request an interaction for rich qualitative feedback that will support in understanding customer preference for further upgradation.

Once you make sure to consistently approach and enhance your after-sales service, each customer views you as a company that cares about their preference and requirements to provide a product that catches up with the requirements.

On the other hand, customers who tend to go through a bad experience are mostly looking for  an outlet. This usually means that they’ll complain publicly via social media or a review website. Therefore, if you approach these customers early, you might be able to resolve their issues and prevent any public negative comments regarding your brand.

Similarly, it can be essential to invite your customers to exchange their positive experiences or any post reviews and stories they possess on the social media or website of the business.


Every business organization and company needs to provide the best service to the customers and prospects not only until the deal is over but even after-sales service must be provided to them. They will remember your service which is filled with such a positive experience for a long period of time and they will last as your customers and prospects for a very long time. Hence, you must use the best services such as our SalesBabu platform to help your customers achieve everything they need from your brand and products. Hence, make proper use of the CRM for the service industry and grab as many customers as possible to run your business well.

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