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Channel Visibility in SalesBabu CRM Software

Channel Visibility is a crucial part of every sales and distribution business, where you need to put some extra efforts to Manage and Synchronize your channel functions. Its mandate to take 360 degree visibility on different channels of your Channel Tier, so that you come to know easily about the achievements on an average yearly on your channel sales.

What is Channel Management ?

Channel management is a mechanism for selecting the most productive channels to market your products and services, and formulating the best results from those channels by using different financial, marketing or training tools.

Previously, tracking exact channel sales was a very complex task, where we need to track the total Inward and outward of our products at the micro level.  It was difficult to track each retailer, dealer and distributor sales on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product provider but with the use of CRM, it’s very simple to track each dealer and distributor’s progress and contribution to your Product and Service Sales.

Channel management will help you to develop a program for selling the product and providing services to the customers within specific channels. The aim of channel management is to streamline the communication between you and your customers. 

The goal of this is to establish direct communication with the customers with each and every channel. If the company is able to achieve this goal effectively, then the management will have a better idea of which marketing channel suits better for the specific customer base. The techniques used in each channel will be different, but the overall strategy must be consistent throughout the communication.

SalesBabu CRM for Dealer and Distributors is a robust approach to track and maintain entire activities related to Channel Management. For managing Dealer and Distribution tier, it is necessary that we need a Lucrative Inventory and Purchase Management to track total Inward GRN’s and outward GRN’s of product at Channel level.

Examples of Channel Management: 

  • Sales Management – Sales management involves how you manage the sales and also other partners. This might also include the things like what incentives you will provide for driving the sales. 
  • Sales and operations planning – This method involves how much time you take to match the goods or services that you are producing with the general demand. For instance, If you have a product or service which is more popular during a certain period of time in the year, you need to increase the production. 
  • Distribution – Distribution is focused on how you will deliver on the obligations to both customers and channel partners. For example, this might include properly managed logistics like exchanges on the products and returns.
  • Channel strategy – Channel strategy involves your distribution and sales, a blueprint of how you plan to expand your market, and what specific action plans you put in the place to improve the channel of e-commerce.
  • Channel conflict – If you are using an e-commerce solution that helps to undercut your affiliates, you must also address the conflicts. When designing the channels, you need to carefully pay attention so that one channel will not create conflict for any other channels.

Challenges in Channel Management

  1. How to Track Stock at distributor level?
  2. How to Manage and Improve Supply Chain functionality?
  3. How to manage various Secondary Resources of your business?
  4. How to enhance relationships with Dealers and Distributors?
  5. Is it possible to Track and Improve Distributors sales?
  6. How to Boost Channel sales tier?
  7. Is it possible to set Visibility Parameter on Secondary sales process?
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How CRM help them to overcome challenges?

  • Enable Companies to Manage Inventory flow in a lucrative and robotic manner, which helps you to provide prior intimation on available stock for that particular item in your Inventory.
  • Enable Organization to manage and synchronize entire chain of Sales Channels @ Single screen.
  • Enable real visibility and accuracy on Channel Sales Transactions.
  • Get Robust MIS, which can be used as a Business Intelligence Tool, which can enhance the Channel Sales visibility and pool.
  • Enable organization to improve their relation with Different Sales Channels.
How SalesBabu Sales and Distribution CRM can boost and increase visibility on Channel Sales?

SalesBabu CRM is built specifically to manage your Channel Sales and all capital which comes by Sales and Distribution Business. SalesBabu very well understands the needs of your Sales Channels (dealer and distributors) and we have developed our Robotic and lucrative feature set to meet these unique needs.

Numerous in built features in the software help in managing the overall sales process in an organised manner and create systematic process of Sales channel management. Inventory and ERP features in the software help in keeping a track of every stage of sales lifecycle from raw material procurement to the final delivery of products to dealers and distributors. 

Warehouse management, product delivery tracking, after sales support, customer care services and other features of SalesBabu CRM provides a one-stop solution managing overall sales and distribution for different organisation and boost up their revenue generation.

Some of the other features of Salesbabu CRM channel visibility are as below:-

Boost and Synchronize Channel Sales Funnel

Channel Management is a crucial task in your business, CRM helps you to track productivity at every level of your business, which helps you to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer retention as well as add a new customer in your Sales Bucket.

SalesBabu CRM has facilities to integrate with different modes of communication channels to track leads and convert them into successful sales by organised system of lead nurturing and tracking. 

SalesBabu CRM can help companies to leverage the uses of social media and web services to boost the sales for the organisation by targeted marketing campaigns and personalised presentation and products to prospective clients and help them opt for our business solutions over our competitors.

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Handle and Enhance Dealer and Distributor Relation and Sales

Channel sales are those made to channel partners who are effectively customers that resell OEM (Company) products and services to Retailers. CRM for Channel Sales (Sales and Distribution) provides a better visibility of Dealer and Distributor Sales. This helps you out to maintain and enhance never ending relation with your sales channel team.

Quotation management, sales order tracking, Mobile Sales apps and more are some of the features which help in managing our customers and sales channel team in an organised manner and keep a track of every activity involved in sales process which creates a long lasting effect of our clients and motivate them to continue business with our firm.

Retain your Customers

SalesBabu CRM helps you to retain your Customers who left your services in the mid of your product journey. This should become a part of the strategic Channel sales planning process and it is important to define some strategies for customer retention and also to define the way of retention measurement.

Various customer retention features of providing systematic software facility of self help, customer care services, mobile sales app for efficient customer services which help in keeping existing customers satisfied with organization and continue to do business with us.

SalesBabu CRM have complete information about a customer in its cloud based centralized database about previous deals with our organisation and help to gaze the their future commitment and provide them with discounts and promotional offers, which help in creating a long lasting business deals with our existing customers.

Data Reports and Analysis

Analyzing our business data is very critical in understanding the requirements of a sales channel. Dashboard feature in SalesBabu CRM helps to give a single point of visibility of every important activity for every individual and the team for different users, managers and stakeholders. 

Also, in built reports and analysis in the software help in understanding the pain areas and strength of our sales process and help in creating better policies and software solutions to increase channel visibility for the organisation.

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SalesBabu CRM sales and distribution management software help in organising the whole sales process for an organisation and create a systematic set of processes to track and monitor various phases of the sales lifecycle and help in optimizing the revenue generation for the firm.