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What is Software-as-a-Service

What is SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS refers to Software as a Service. It is a cloud based service where you access an application via an internet browser. The SaaS platform is a monthly subscription plan provided by a third-party vendor. The users can make use of the software over the internet.  How does SaaS work?  With SaaS, software is centrally […] more

cloud computing :

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Technology is rapidly growing in the present world. These technologies run our lives these days. Our day starts with smartphones, computers and laptops with internet connections. And when there are so many upgradations in the society, you need to update yourself in your business. These technologies are one of the factors that are making us […] more

Benefits of Service CRM software in service industry

Benefits of CRM Software For Service Industry

The service industry plays a unique role in the development of the economy as it creates services rather than tangible objects. The service industry in India is one of the largest sectors of India. The service sector accounts for about 54.40% of India’s total GVA(Gross Value Added).  India’s service sector covers a huge variety of […] more

Benefits of field service tracking app

Benefits of field service tracking app

The mobile workforce management software provides an automated solution for the smooth running of business activities in the organisation. The mobile workforce management software creates a bridge of interaction between the office reps, mobile reps and customers. Mobile workforce management provides you an opportunity to make the right use of technology in order to increase […] more

AMC Management System

AMC Management Software

What is AMC? AMC means Annual Maintenance Contract. Commonly known by many of them is also Annual Maintenance Charges. AMC is offered after sales service.  Rapid globalization of new markets has brought a great surge in the Service Industry. Most of the industries that manufacture or sell products bear after-sales -service and warranty as a […] more

MIS: Now Get All Your Reports Just by a Single Click

There are some questions that a sales manager in any organization is concerned about How To Gauge Sales Pipeline effectively??? What Are Companies Top ten Products In Demand??? What Are The Top marked opportunities for Your Sales Process How To Forecast Sales Projections??? How To Estimate Performance of Sales Employees??? How To Extract The Executive […] more

How your customer service should be?

Meeting customer expectation even after you sold your service is really necessary to make long term business planning and for creating your brand. Always try to reach customers expectations. Improve your customer service if you want to improve relations with the customers. Now-a-days there is lot of competition and it is not easy to win […] more