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SalesBabu Cloud CRM Latest Emerging Trends :

SalesBabu Cloud CRM : Latest Emerging Trends

Customer Relationship Management also known as CRM has been creating its benchmark from just a few decades. But before, CRM was referred as in terms of downfall in generating revenues and increasing profits. In the 1950’s people were unaware of these mobile phones, computers and Gmail etc, there was the “address book”. In these address […] more

How to Increase your Sales Order :

How to Increase your Sales Order

Are your hard-won sales enquiries falling through the cracks???? There is no point of getting new leads if none or a few will only be converted into sales. Did you know that lead conversion can boost your company’s success with little or no cost at all? According to some studies, It’s not uncommon for businesses […] more

Maximise your organisational output with SalesBabu Cloud CRM

Maximize your Organizational Output

In the present competitive market every organisation tries strategies, tips and tricks to survive, perform and create an impact in the economy. With the changing trend and requirements organisations have to adopt changes in order to improve their performance and ability.  In spite of the indispensable requirement of both sales and marketing driving an organization […] more

understand what your customers want

Understand What Customers Want’s

Every business starts with the prime agenda of a “long-lasting success” and “long-term survival”. Thus, acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers and enhancing the customer satisfaction – is what the company wants to do.  There was a time when the business setups focussed on “sell what you can make”. But the present business world has […] more

Cold Callings Equals Great Returns

To get highest returns, direct response marketing is one of the best ways. All the means available for direct response marketing Cold calling is truly the best form. Once you have a lead/prospect over phone all the opportunity is open for you. You can directly answer all his queries over the call and close the […] more

Are You Looking for CRM Software for Small Business

Nothing is more important and critical to the success of a business than their customers. Maintaining satisfied, loyal customers has proven essential to success. This is an even more critical element in the small business sector as they battle with their larger counterparts to succeed. For this reason, making good use of a Customer Relationship Management […] more

Implement SalesBabu CRM Successfully

How To Implement CRM Successfully

Many traditional companies believe in the fact of Customer Relationship Management software is a tedious and complex software implementation which might fail with employee’s reluctant to use these software solution or maybe increase the pain of completing tons of more menial jobs. Sales Management software like SalesBabu CRM, is an integrated and standardised software solution […] more