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Ways To Reduce Field Service Operations Cost

Where every business service call will matter to the business organization and company, the fact that the increased costs that are associated with every company service that is delivered will be detrimental to the best quality of service that is delivered. But then one needs to wonder about how you would actually know until you get the experience of a demand or requirement for business quality service or even at the expense of high and increasing cost.

In order to give a solution to these important business questions, you will require visibility into your business field service management delivery operation or process. You must definitely be able to see the business expenses that are completely chipping away at the business profitability. You require important data and information to understand and analyze what-if business scenarios to plug the gaps and limit the service delivery business operation or process.

Every business organization must be able to adopt the technology of cloud-based field service management software, field service management software, field service maintenance software, and mobile service management software along with after-sales management software so that business will be able to run smoothly and gain profits by reducing field service operations cost. 

An attempt must be made to decrease field service cost requirements and a surgical understanding and analysis of the cost or performance ratio of each and every element in business processes or operations. For instance, assume the key and important areas where you spend a high ratio of your money.

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Below are the top 6 ways to you can reduce field service operations cost:-

#Effectiveness statistics of the first visit 

If you are able to find out that the number of follow-ups of business trips of your staff and team is relatively higher than the average number of issues and problems being resolved in a day, it actually means that the effectiveness of your first visit is fairly low.

For instance, the service business resolution rate of 2 business trips for each service desire or request signals a high alarming situation. In order to say so, if each business trip costs you a little more that actually includes the cost of business resources and your field business service team makes 5 such business or field trips a day then you will still lose a certain amount every day.

Below are the ways for how you can address these issues:- 

Increasing the effectiveness of the first visit is a 3-step procedure.

  • Step 1. You must know the problem or issue and customer or prospect expectations and demands in advance.
  • Step 2. You must send a perfectly right skilled and potential field service technician and staff with appropriate business equipment at the right time to solve the problem or issue in the first attempt itself.
  • Step 3. You must follow a proper business validation process to make sure that the business task has been accomplished to the satisfaction of the prospect or customer.

If your business field service team is able to follow these 3 steps properly and effectively, they will for sure see an increase in the effectiveness of the first visit with a decrease in the number of follow-up business trips.

First visit effectiveness statistics

#Scheduling practice must be updated 

Traveling has another business-related cost factor and that is event scheduling. With the poor field service management business scheduling practices, one will be able to increase the internal conflicts in the business team, which could actually dampen the field spirit of field service management technicians. As a final result, you will get low performance with low productivity and high field service management business process and operations cost.

Business organizations must be able to implement and make good use of the field service tracking software, cloud-based field service management software, field service management software cloud, field service maintenance software, and mobile service management software along with the after-sales management software and after-sales service CRM for a better business with good scheduling practices to keep them up-to-date. 


#Optimizing the inventory 

In research, it is revealed that decrementing the business overstocks and stockouts will actually be able to reduce the overall business inventory management cost by a certain percentage. It might seem that the report that will be made is quite transparent and clear about what we actually need to do to decrease the field service cost on business operations.

To start it off with, you must evaluate what you have in your hand, and then you must be able to determine the business needs and requirements for upgrades and improvements. Here are the business questions that will support and help you in understanding the current inventory and business management conditions for your organization.

Inventory optimization

#Going digitized 

According to one of the reports, half of the organizations still use manual and traditional methods for field services and management. Manual and traditional methods for field service management and delivery are not cost-effective and not effective and efficient too.

You need to observe that the important data and information is collected from a wide range of business source varieties throughout the field service management and delivery process and operations. In case you have hired candidates to collect and report the important data and information then it is time to shift to automated methods from the traditional and manual methods.

Using digital software solutions and tools such as field service management (FSM) software solutions and tools, you will be able to collect a wide variety of important data and information such as signatures, billings and invoices, product warranty, and business contracts, staff and workers attendance and leaves of the team employees and many more, so that your business staff will be able to work more efficiently and effectively.

Efficient and effective employees will work more with less cost. You must review your entire field service management business lifecycle and must be able to identify the business processes that are actually redundant or completely dependent on paper documentation. You must be able to check the cost expenditure that is associated with the people who are managing those business operations and processes and then you must be able to plan on automating those business processes and operations so that you will be able to efficiently and effectively minimize all the field service associated cost expenditures.

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#Cost on recruitment and training must be saved 

As the talent business war is looming in the business field service company or industry, retaining your best business talent is an efficient and effective method to preserve the cost of hiring and training candidates. However, the business recognition should be completely data-driven and it should not be totally influenced by any kind of bias. 

You must be able to create a performance and productive profile of your business field service team and staff by tracking the following:

  • Number of calls made by the field service business representative
  • Number of work orders assigned in a single day
  • Number of work orders completed in a single day
  • Current status of the business task that is assigned
  • Business inspection and validation of the given task 

You must be able to set metrics and evaluate the performance and productivity profile of each and every field service business technician and determine the best compensation and business rewards based on the metrics that are achieved.

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SalesBabu Linledin

#Real-time business information must be obtained 

Obtaining real-time business important data and information will help your business organization in many ways. It will strengthen your decision-making capabilities. The data and information might vary from each technician and individual working at your business organization. Every business organization must be able to adopt the best field service management software, field service tracking software, cloud-based field service management software, field service management software cloud, field service maintenance software, and mobile service management software along with after-sales management software so that it will help in obtaining real-time business information for the betterment of your business. 

#Implement First-Time Fixed Rates

In this complex market one of the most efficient methods for a field service organization to work is for a technician to wind up a repair in the first installation with no further visits. However, every follow-up visit charges your company in a way of vehicle expenses, labor expense, and opportunity expense. In cases where a significant ratio of your field technicians is required to maintain follow-up visits, in such cases one can lose money without fully understanding it or knowing exactly how much. Lesser follow-up visits encourages efficiency and is one of the excellent methods to reduce expenses.

For rather less follow-up visits, it is necessary to have a full knowledge of what is the problem of the customer  so that your company can dispatch the correct technician with the appropriate tools and parts. In such a situation, gathering details and making it available for dispatch is pivotal. Another way to get as much details as possible about the customer problem is through video conferencing. The case where a customer can display their issues through video meetings about what their issues are, such can help decrease their follow-up visits. A field service management software is a tool that has a customer portal where customers can show videos that clearly displays their issues and can aid in dispatch as well as ensure the technician is fully aware to resolve the problem in one go.


If you are running a business organization and you are very behind on your cost and bills, these are some unique ways where you can cut on cost expenses and direct the business flow of your earnings to a leaner, more automated, and error-free, and mistake-less business process. Moreover, as a field service management business is usually specific to location and to bring in more business revenue to your organization, invest in increasing your business cost and revenue.