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Sales Tracker – An essential tool for your sales operations

Sales Tracker – An essential tool for your sales operations

For your sales rep’s success, you must have likely spent countless resources hiring, training, and equipping. But without a proper sales tracker, you may be leaving your organization’s growth and profitability to chance.

To gather useful insights that’ll strengthen your team, sales tracker software is a critical tool.

In this blog, we’ll dive into how sales tracking software can help your business properly forecast your sales, what features a good sales tracker needs, and how to pick the right sales tracker for your company.

What is a sales tracker?

A sales tracker is an important tool that gives visibility to the sales process by helping you monitor and analyze all the moving parts. Visibility, in turn, helps entire sales teams to take better decisions and can help streamline your sales strategy.

Along with capturing emails, call logs, customer notes, and more, other key benefits of a sales tracker include:

  • Capturing and tracking leads
  • Visualizing your sales pipeline
  • Gathering insights and reporting
  • Storing and managing your contact information
  • Tracking all client and internal communications

The benefits and your return on investment going on. For a sales funnel and activities, sales tracking software acts as a magnifying glass. It provides you with information on what’s working and what needs to pay attention to.

With sales tracker software, you’ll gain a better understanding of which salespeople are performing, who needs a supporting hand, and how your sales pipeline fares at any given moment.

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Importance of a sales tracker to your organization’s sales strategy

Making decisions after setting clear goals through a strategic lens seems flawless, but sometimes the daily obstacles and impediments can cloud your vision.

A sales tracker act as a source of truth and it ultimately holds the keys to the data you’ve gathered and your success. Sales tracker at a glance can show a sale’s stage, its priority, close probability, deal value, contact information, and more, helping you save time:

Other benefits of sales tracking also include:

  • Giving your sales team more structure enables the streamlining of the sales process.
  • Keeping all information current and relevant facilitates more accurate sales forecasting.
  • Provides better visibility to sales leaders because everyone has shared visibility of boards, reports, and dashboards.
  • Supports prioritizing sales leads and activity with columns that designate priority, probability, deal size, and engagement.

Once your business gets a result of what a sales tracker provides, you will never go back to manually tracking data. With these outputs in mind, let’s look at some essential sales tracker features.

5 Important features of a robust sales tracker

The sales tracker you choose for your sales team matters a lot to them. If you select the wrong one and then have to switch later on, it means data loss, lost revenue, and lots of manual work again.

All of these pain points are easily avoidable if you go for a sales tracker that carries its weight, scales alongside your business, and makes sales tracking smooth.

To move ahead smoothly, we’ve outlined some of the “must-have” features to look for when purchasing sales tracking software:

1. Mobility

When picking any app to improve the performance of your organization, it’s important to lead with mobility. Sales reps can work from anywhere – from home, the road, co-working spaces, and coffee shops all over the world. Finally, they need a software solution that’s cloud-based and provides mobile app options.

Whenever a customer calls, the sales rep shouldn’t have to run back to the office to get the data they need. On their mobile device, tablet, or laptop the required information is available. For best results use mobile sales enablement software. 

A mobile app like SalesBabu CRM provides that flexibility. It enables you to track all your data across all devices, and it syncs in real time, so you never have to worry about whether or not your data is accurate and up to date.

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2. Integrations

A properly enabled sales typically means your team uses the robust software available in the market. Using the best software, sales reps efficiently close deals. That could mean integration with the website, LinkedIn for prospecting, cloud telephony (Knowlarity & Exotel) and more. 

You can save business time and money with an added layer of connectivity between your sales tracker and other software solutions.

With, there’s no need to hire admins to transfer data. The sales team in your company remains connected throughout their workflow. And the right suite of integrations will speed up everything you do and make sales tracking feel smooth.

3. Automation

Automation saves the quality time of sales reps doing their repetitive tasks. When picking sales tracker software for your business, it should come with automation that enables your sales professionals to ditch the admin work and focus on what they do best. Sales automation is a game-changer for your company.

Once your process is automated, you can mark a deal closed-won and have it automatically send a notification to the onboarding team to reach out and schedule a kick-off meeting. And marking a deal that is lost can set a reminder to follow up in six months to see if anything’s changed. The possibilities are endless.

4. Activity tracking

Today, companies are jockeying to bring live SDR conversations into the qualification process again. With increased sales calls, your sales team needs a system to keep up with the high sales volume.

SalesBabu CRM makes it easy to track all communications ranging from cold calls and emails to meetings and more in a centralized easily accessible place.

Every sales rep gets an advantage from real-time collaboration and insights about their personal pipeline. Every sales head gets real-time data and reporting. And this valuable information helps them stay on top of daily sales, monthly reporting, and quarterly trends.

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5. Options for data visualization 

Every individual in the team brings their own style to their day-to-day, and the sales tracking software should accommodate that. SalesBabu CRM lets you build your unique workflow into the software and pull analytics for sales forecasts or run the sales reports you need.

The sales dashboard gives you a constant presentation of everything that’s critical to your sales team and sales leaders, and it does it in real-time. Our CRM solution provides the standard board view that works for most people, but it also lets you transform your data to other views.

6. Capacity to Visualize Patterns

A correct decision plays an important role in any sales process, which is only possible through measuring the right metrics. Directions are the foremost important rule to any business. Such patterns don’t just show up out of nowhere but also they’re a direct signal of something going wrong or right through your sales process.

An organization receiving revenue from quick turnarounds and less contracts, it requires to be converting as many of your prospects as possible.

A sales tracking pattern, you can visualize that such a tendency is not just a coincidence. If such a process is taking place annually, there could be a reason for such occurrences. However by tracing your sales patterns, an organization can look after its sales funnel and understand the impact on the bottleneck.

7. Prediction and Avoidance

Calculating your monthly sales will help you to figure out the historical performance. Proficient decision making is at the fundamental of every impactful business. In case of multiple moves to make, sales tracking is a choice where you can depend less on propensity and more on proven facts. Once you’re working on the outcomes of your sales tracking, such organization does not depend on what could happen. In such cases the business is using patterns from old sales to improve wrong techniques and introduce necessary ones. With the help of sales tracking, an organization already knows what to implement..

Instead of ghosting around strategies imagining which ones will work, An organization can utilize sales metrics to figure out your best performing methods and implement those across the board.

Also a sales tracking system isn’t just important for preventing losses but also beneficial for tracing your brand at an above average pace. Instead of wasting your resources experimenting with multiple things, you can track your growth by analyzing details that are already present

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