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Improving Quote creation To Quote Acceptance Rate

The quoting process has drastically improved with the help of innovative tools in the market. And managing the quotations is one of the most vital stages of the sales cycle in the organisation. Are your company’s quotes getting thumbs up from all your clients?

Before we jump into creating quotes, let us have a look at these ‘Quotes’ .

What is a quote? 

A quote is the last price to which the buyer and seller agree to buy the product or service. The quotation is indeed a document which gives the clear cost for the work. 

What should you include in a quote? 

  • A cover letter 
  • Your company details 
  • Your customer/client’s business information 
  • Validity of the quotation or proposal 
  • Quotation number 
  • Price of the product or service (incl. GST, labour cost, material cost etc if any)
  • Terms and conditions 
  • Project schedule 
  • Signoff 

How to improve Sales Quote creation to Quote Acceptance rate? 

  1. Understand your client’s requirements 

Understanding your client’s requirements completely can help you create the perfect quotes for your clients. And the perfect quotes is the one that directly speaks about your client’s requirements and needs. 

Tips to follow – 

  • Understand your client’s actual requirements. 
  • Make a simple yet attractive quote. 
  • Make sure that the content in the quote is completely relevant to your client’s requirements because it must seem like the right response to your client’s requirements. 
  • Give an option of acceptance of quote to your clients.  
  1. Use sales quotation Software 

The Sales Quoting module (Business Quotation Maker) empowers you to prepare an effective, professional quote for your customers’ consideration, complete with rich content and full technical specifications. It’s simple to add cross-sell and up-sell suggestions to maximize your potential sell-through. Also you have much more information to prepare a Sales Quote that has higher chances of winning, since it brings real-time inventory and price information from multiple distributors in a centralized location. All this is through web-based Sales Quoting software which means, getting the product information and creating a sales quote is just a few clicks away, plus your customers will be able to view and approve the quote online.

  1. Make sure that your sales quotes are aptly constructed

A sales quote or a price quote is the first opinion of your business and will portray a little bit about your business to the leads. A simple yet clear quote will reduce the back and forth efforts and increase the chance of a sale the primary time. Leverage sales quoting software to systemize documents and drive document creation.

  1. Have someone in the Organization that will do an analysis job on the sales quotation process

As a busy business owner, you will have various responsibilities to fulfill, and it may be a little hard for you to spare the time for long and complex quotes and the attention it deserves. Be smart and transfer the business processes reigns to someone who is capable. This person can be an employee or business partner, or you can also hire someone explicitly- quotes manager- for this important responsibility of handling the process from start to end. This person will immensely focus on how many quotes are created. As the tasks correlated with quotes will be handled by the person, you are free to focus on each thing else that needs to be done. Depending on your business type, requirement, and complication of sales quotes, you can go a step further and hire a sales quote team to work with the sales quote manager to fulfill the job.

What are the benefits of using Sales Quotation Software? 

  • Streamline your Quotation Process
  • Quicker conversion of existing open quotes into contracts
  • Reduce Quotation Time
  • Have your entire customer details in one place
  • Catalogue your services and products
  • Draw insights from data-driven reports with MIS
  • Sell More, Manage Less
  • Easy Online Sales Quotation Creation
  • Quotation Management
  • Zero Complexity
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Is Your Business in Need of Quotation Software?

If your business still depends on MS Excel or MS Word for creating sales quotations, invoices, and estimates, you might get yourself to the point of falling behind the competition during the long run. Here’s the explanation as to why.

Although MS Word caters as a text processor in which you can include the headers, footers, backgrounds, and fonts, it falls short during the period where it boils down to making visually impressive designs. Editing designs in Word can be a difficult and tedious task, and considering that it foremostly focuses on text, it is deficient in the capability to make proposals stick out with the contribution of videos and images. In contrast, proposals made in Word may not result in a lasting impression on your prospects, potentially determining a deficiency in care. If you aim to deliver impressive quotes, you can go through Tips to Create Impressive Quotations.

Implementing the quotation software enables you to create not only attractive but also professional quotes, leaving a positive first impression on your customers. The flexibility to personalize and send such quotes within minutes, thanks to inadequacy in templates delivered by the quotation software, allows customers to rapidly close deals and begin secure and encrypted payment processes with the help of the web link you send them.

What does Quotation Software come with?

Feature - Quotation Maker

  • An user-friendly interface 
  • New quotation
  • Edit existing quotation – Amend and Override  
  • Create activity 
  • GST tax configuration 
  • Product configuration 
  • Performa invoice 
  • Email quotation 
  • Print, copy, delete or PDF format of quotation 
  • Save quotation in the cloud 
  • Section headers 
  • Quotation follow-up 

Are you using a Quotation Software to automate your entire Quotation process? If not, get your Quotation software today! If you have any doubts about the Quotation Software, you can contact our CRM expert to request for a free demo at

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  1. Hire a rep to handle Quotations 

You may hire a capable rep to handle the entire Quotation process. The rep can completely focus on how the quotes can be created and presented to the clients. He/she can also have a check on the number of quotations created, revised, rejected etc. 

  1. Identify the loopholes 

Problem 1 – There is no response from the client after the quote is sent. 

Solution – Make use of a Quotation Management Software as it allows you to view when your client opened the quote and thus reach them at the right time with a quick follow-up email or call. 

Problem 2 – Your quote is too high according to your client. 

Solution – Let your clients understand the difference between a quote and an estimate. Let them know that the quote that you have provided is based on an educated pricing outline and not a rough idea or estimate. You need to remind them that the quotes are based on realities and facts and not just a number written. 

Problem 3 – Your client is confused 

Solution – Providing testimonials and references to choose a quote can help you to win clients because most of your clients rely on personal recommendations, previous work or ratings; make your happy customers count and you may end up winning your prospects. 

Tips to create a compelling quote

  • Cling on  to a proper quote structure – Quotation header, Quotation body, Quotation footer 
  • Make your quotes impressive and professional – add links, videos, images and discounts or promotions etc. 
  • Build a template with a strong brand identity – The Quotation software allows you to prepare your own templates from scratch. 
  • Use SalesBabu Quotation Maker 

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Quotations are a necessary part of your business and using an online Quotation Software can help you improve your quote acceptance rate. Quotation process is not something that you learn and understand overnight. You need to give it some time and most importantly you need to understand how it works for different clients. Thus, keep learning and improving your quote process with time. 

Remember that, the better and more impressive your quotes gets, the more is the quote acceptance rate!!