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Key Features And Benefits Of Sales CRM Software

CRM software, a Customer Relationship Management Software, which was evolved on the concept of maintaining the relationship between the customers, marketing, and the sales. It helps understand the customer needs, sales ideologies, and marketing techniques in a better way.

There are many benefits and key features of the sales CRM software which is detailed in this section.

Using CRM software has many benefits, some of these are:

  1. Streamlining and Automating processes: The coordination can be improved in many ways as the marketing, sales, and customer relationship standardizes.  
  2. Smart Offers are Made: When the CRM techniques are followed, there are high chances of understanding the customer needs in a better way, once the customer needs are understood it becomes easier for the marketing and sales team to make smart and wiser choices.
  3. Customer Service can be improved: When the smart decisions are made there is a way where the team can offer the best service to the customers in order to make them happy and help satisfy the customer needs.
  4. Sales can be Increased: When the customer is satisfied by the team’s service and once they are satisfied, it is a given that the customer would come by more often and would recommend the service to many of the other friends which in turn helps increase the sales.
  5. Understand Buying Pattern : Where the complete customer associated information is maintained in CRM, it supports sales people to understand the preferences of customers and even anticipate their issues all at the exact time. Therefore, such steps improves customer satisfaction and assures loyalty, along with higher profit margins.
  6. Analyze sales steps : Introducing CRM software systems will support streamlining the complete sales cycle, which helps in closing deals in the sales funnel and supporting everyone in the team members to attain targets quickly. After order processing and formation of quotes is automated in CRM, sales team members are capable of minimizing production expense and increasing sales profit.
  7. Stay Acquainted with Information : Implementing a CRM software system that provides the facility of calendars, document and email integration, bringing together all team members and keeping representatives well informed. Illustrating selling patterns and processes enables salespeople to view what works best. Administering CRM software regulates interaction among the sales management.
  8. Effective Time Allocation : With the help of CRM, sales people are able to optimize their routine schedules and prioritize work operations to ensure customers are not overlooked and the important prospects are approached without delay. In fact, CRM enables salespeople to contribute more time with customers, which results in more deals closed and a having better customer base.
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Online Sales CRM Software

Many years ago, initially, the customer and sales relations were maintained in the written format as there were no databases at those times. After a certain period of time, the databases came into existence where the data can be stored in the computer in the form of tables. That is when the details or the data of the customer and his needs were recorded in the form of the database, which enlightened the online sales CRM software.

The online sales CRM software is being used by many companies worldwide. The CRM software came into existence a long time ago, that is in the 1970s. The need for CRM software is that there are many advantages that will help increase sales and the betterment of the companies. Online Sales CRM Software becomes very helpful for this era as the world runs on the internet. The online Sales CRM Software has been growing tremendously as it has got many pros in the field of marketing which will satisfy the customer needs as well as the growth of the company. Hence the Online Sales CRM Software is the best for the sales.

Online Sales CRM Software

Cloud-Based CRM Software

A CRM software that is hosted on the cloud is called the cloud-based CRM software or the cloud CRM. It can be accessed on many devices at the same time, this feature of the cloud-based CRM software helps to offer a better service to the customers making it easier and much simpler.

The cloud-based CRM is unique and quite different from the other CRM’, the old ones or the traditional CRM software are not as flexible as the cloud-based CRM software, because the cloud-based CRM software allows access from any device at the same time which is even more advantageous than the traditional CRM software.

The maintenance, updates of the CRM is done by the cloud-based systems in the cloud CRM software whereas in the traditional CRM software the maintenance is done by the inner IT companies. The cloud-based CRM software is affordable compared to traditional CRM software.

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Cloud Based CRM Software

Benefits of the cloud-based CRM software:

  1. It is easy to install: The cloud-based CRM software is very easy to install and easier to access as the other CRM software takes a very long process to install which is no longer an issue when it comes to the cloud-based CRM software.
  2. It can be accessed anywhere and at any time: Compared to the other CRM Software, the cloud-based CRM Software has another added advantage which is accessibility. It can be accessed anywhere from any device at any point in time making it easier to provide a good service to the customers.
  3. It is Secure: Though there is an assumption that the cloud-based systems are not very secure, the cloud-based CRM software has taken the security to another level, the companies handling the cloud-based CRM software make sure that the data and details are secured with two authentication levels and strong password. Which makes the cloud-based CRM software much more secure and safe.
  4. It is Flexible: The cloud-based CRM software comes with a minimal amount of features within. Which makes it easier for the employees to use it. Since the cloud-based CRM software has an added advantage that is the accessibility, the employees can access it from anywhere and at any point of time making it flexible for them to work at their convenience.
  5. It is cost-effective: The other CRM software was quite expensive to install and maintain but it is no longer an issue when it comes to the cloud-based CRM software as this CRM software helps minimize the costs. Like any other cloud services, even the cloud-based CRM software as a subscription offer where they can pay as they go, that is a very minimal investment and money can be paid as they deep dive into the software which reduces the risk factor.

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Web-Based CRM System 

The web-based CRM system is a little different from the other CRM software. The web-based CRM software uses the help of the third party that is it is not installed on any of the local devices such as the computers or laptops instead it is hosted on a certain range of servers which is maintained by the third parties. The payment for the web-based CRM system is made on a monthly basis or based on the annual rents. 

Benefits of the Web-Based CRM System:

  1. It can be accessed from any device as long as there is an internet connection on that device.
  2. It is affordable, it has a lower chance of risk of losing money as it is a monthly payment or a rental-based payment.
  3. There are no needs for licenses for the hardware tools nor the software platforms in order to use the web-based CRM systems.
  4. It is faster to implement since the online web CRM software does not require any software platforms nor hardware tools it is easier and faster to implement.
  5. No need to maintain any kind of contacts for the maintenance of the Web-based CRM software as there is no use of the software and the hardware platforms.

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Web Based CRM System

Sales CRM Application

The Sales CRM has a wide range of applications that helps in the betterment of customer relationship management. Not just one or two but the sales CRM applications are quite a lot in number. 

A few of the Sales CRM applications are:

  1. A Safe storage space: The CRM software makes sure that the data and related details are safe secure, the chance of losing the data and its related documents is very less. CRM software has made sure to keep them secure and safe storage of data its first priority.
  2. Time management: The CRM software makes sure that the customers are not ignored at any cost. It helps the salespeople to manage the time and understand the needs of the customers and satisfy those needs by managing the time. 
  3. Automated Reports: The CRM software helps the sales team to keep their records intact as the system is completely automated with just a few clicks.
  4. Mark the Important: The CRM software helps the sales team to identify the important data of the customers and helps them to easily identify the relevant data which is helpful in promoting the fulfillment of the customer needs.
  5. Money Saved: It is known that CRM software is not cheap but it can actually save money! Making mistakes and correcting them might take up a lot of money but the CRM Software helps reduce the number of mistakes and makes it more efficient which in turn helps in reducing the cost expenditure on the CRM Software.

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Sales CRM App

There are many Sales CRM apps, the sales CRM app helps the employees to easily access them from any device at any time. The sales CRM app is useful and has made the life of sales and customer relationship management much easier as it can be installed on mobile phones and provides easy access from anywhere irrespective of time. This makes the CRM software much more flexible. 


The CRM Software has many added advantages in its list, it helps the sales team to understand the customer needs in a better way and satisfy their requirements in the best way possible. It is cost-effective, flexible and manages time, and helps build a better relationship between the customer and the sales team.