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Few Reasons Why Your Business Must Opt For A Cloud-Based CRM Solution?

A Customer Relationship Management software or CRM is software that connects the customers and the staff in order to build a strong relationship between the customer and the prospects. The CRM that is hosted on the third-party cloud is known as the cloud-based CRM. The cloud-based CRM can be accessed from anywhere and on any device at any point in time. The percentage of people using cloud-based CRM has increased by 12% in one year. The cloud-based CRM will take the business to another level where the customer’s requirements are satisfied. It will also help acquire new business much faster than expected. 

Using a cloud-based CRM means having the following:-

  • Happy customers who are satisfied
  • Improved reporting and data analysis
  • Better customer service can be provided
  • The efficiency of the teams will increase
  • Daily tasks are automated

The cloud-based CRM software can be accessed through a web browser. Using the software as a service model the CRM will be provided to the customers based on the cloud platform. Using the infrastructure as a service model the cloud CRM is installed directly on the cloud. In an on-premise method of installing the cloud-based software, it is directly installed on the company’s owned server. 

There are many advantages of the cloud-based CRM software, a few of which are discussed below:-

  1. Easy to install: The CRM which has to be installed on the company’s own server requires a lot of time and effort. The cloud CRM does not require much effort and time compared to the premise-based CRM.  
  2. Advanced and strong security: There are many cyber-attacks these days, and much information is being lost. Using the cloud-based CRM the company can be assured that the information is going to be safe as the cloud CRM has multiple security authentications and very strong passwords. The cloud-based CRM has many backup options, even if the information is lost by any chance it can be retrieved through one of the backup options.
  3. Access from anywhere at any time: The cloud-based CRM software will give you the flexibility to access CRM from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. It makes sure that your work is complete even when you are off-site or while traveling.
  4. Pocket-friendly: When cloud-based is used it eliminates all the headache of extra software and hardware installations. The cloud-based CRM will help manage the money as it allows monthly subscriptions where you can pay only for what you have used rather than unnecessary cost expenditure. 
  5. Multiple-users: The cloud gives the facility to access the CRM from anywhere and on any device. Hence, multiple people can work on it and make edits on the same piece of document which will avoid multiple copies of the same piece of document and will also increase the efficiency of the work that is being done. It will become much easier to communicate with your staff and teammates from any geographical location.
  6. Flexible: The cloud-based CRM helps you choose the type of subscription you want to carry out the work, you also have the flexibility to choose the number of users and the number of devices. The number of users and the number of devices can be decreased or increased at any point in time depending on your needs. This option gives you the flexibility to upgrade or even downgrade the plan based on your business requirements.
  7. Can be integrated easily: Every business not only requires CRM but also needs many other tools to support the teams such as sales, finance, marketing, customer support, and so on. This option will make your work effort-free and support the growth of the business.
  8. Up to date every time: The cloud-based CRM is always up to date as it automatically updates the software at the times when required. Hence, it will ensure that you and your staff are working on the latest updated version. 
  9. Data Backup : The cloud based CRM software comes along with a built-in safety net for your information.
    In most cases, without a cloud-based system, storing up your information needs a bulk of resources and storage space  that can rapidly inflate your expenses.

    Therefore, a cloud based CRM software allows a rapid, effortless method to recover your necessary customer information in the situation of a system crash or power outage. Cloud computing is the best way to go if you require a reliable, secure backup of your data.

    The high level of security of a cloud CRM shields your information and your business.
  10. Reduces Cost : Although choosing a CRM system is not affordable, after adoption they support you in minimizing expenses. It is adding values for sales people by reducing errors during delivering orders or quotes that CRM can assist with. Time and cost connected to improving those errors could be much higher. Lastly, it also comes down to such insignificant things as saving money on such cluttering and often vanishing hand written notes, since all the latest information can be safely recorded in the system.
  11. Minimizes Admin Tasks : Implementing CRM liberates the sales teams from most of the admin jobs by minimizing and even separating some of the continuous actions that consume a lot of time, but generate minimal profitability. A CRM system maintains product and price information, activates reminders for activities, and takes sales people all through the sales funnel one by one.
  12. Online Sales CRM software : The online sales CRM software has got many benefits with respect to the business work. The online sales CRM software helps the business field to grow much more and better due to its flexible nature. The cloud-based CRM is an online sales CRM software where it helps the business work from anywhere and at any time, allowing the staff and teammates to work from anywhere at any time irrespective of the geographical location. It will help the business grow in a better and stronger way. The online sales CRM software also provides the business to pay the amount only as much as used making the online sales CRM software much cost-effective.
Online sales CRM software

Cloud-based CRM software

The cloud-based CRM is unique and quite different from the other CRM, the old ones or the traditional CRM software are not as flexible as the cloud-based CRM software, because the cloud-based CRM software allows access from any device at the same time which is even more advantageous than the traditional CRM software.

The maintenance, updates of the CRM is done by the cloud-based systems in the cloud CRM software whereas in the traditional CRM software the maintenance is done by the inner IT companies. The cloud-based CRM software is affordable compared to traditional CRM software. The cloud-based CRM will take the business to another level where the customer’s requirements are satisfied. It will also help acquire new business much faster than expected. 

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Web-based CRM system

The web-based CRM system is also known as the hosted CRM at times. If there is an unlimited network with a strong bandwidth then web-based is the best option. The web-based CRM system will not use the hardware platform and the software platform, hence the installation of the web-based CRM system will become easier and it can be used anywhere and at any time. The web-based system will use the third party server to install and maintain and hence the cost expenditures will be less and will not affect the revenue system of the organization. The web-based CRM system is flexible and will help a lot of the staff and the teams to work from anywhere and hence it does not affect the work even when the team members are traveling out of the office due to some work. Hence, the web-based CRM system is the best option when the internet is available unlimitedly. 

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Sales CRM Application

The Sales CRM application is available for devices such as mobile phones, tablets, androids, and so on. When the sales CRM application is used on such devices the advantages of the CRM software will increase to another level creating a whole new idea in the business field. These many small advantages bring a lot of changes in the business world creating many opportunities for the staff and team to satisfy and make the customers happy. There are many sales CRM applications that help the business in customer satisfaction, bringing success to the deals that were offered to the customers and many others. Hence, CRM software can be used as much as possible for a successful business.  

Sales CRM application

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Sales CRM app

The sales CRM app can be used on any kind of device. When the sales CRM app becomes very easily available then it is a given that there are flexible horse and timings which allow the staff and the team members to access the app at any time irrespective of the geographical location and the time. When any staff member has to work out of the office due to an emergency or any work off-site then using this app anywhere will help the staff member or the teammates to complete the work without delay, and since this app can be used by multiple users at the same time, a lot of time and efforts can be saved and work can be completed on time. Hence, the sales CRM app is quite useful for a successful business.   


The cloud-based CRM software or the cloud CRM software has various advantages as discussed above. Using cloud-based CRM software is most recommended among the other CRM software as the cloud-based CRM software helps the business to grow tremendously and shows enormous routes to gain the trust of a customer and make him a happy customer. Hence, using cloud-based software will help the staff members to work at flexible hours and help the business reach high success.