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crm-for-travel-industryBetter Enquiry & Booking Management with SalesBabu –  CRM for Travel Industry

CRM, Customer Relationship Management, has emerged as one of the most focused operational area in Indian Travel Industries.

Travel Houses are now keen on streamlining the entire Pre-sales process, with Enquiry Handling, Services Offered – under various categories and sub-categories; for all such worries, Travel Agents rely on SalesBabu CRM for Travel Industry.

There are a lot of processes in Travel industry which requires a proper management and rationalized approach. CRM For travel industry is required to address this. A travel agent need to keep track of all his clients, their personnel information like birthdays, anniversary  etc. This is beneficial for future acquaintanceship. Apart of this, proper booking details also need to be tracked so that the  follow ups could be done. Often a travel agency may get spread pan India, so a proper coordination is required to streamline the process and brand it as the most customer friendly. The CRM for travel industry marks all these processes and help sales employees manage their daily tasks easily. Not only this, but  the travel CRM software manage the inter-office communication among the employees easier.

It enhances the value of Customer Service with the following methods:

  • Well coordination across all branches.
  • Better Product Management.
  • Auto reminders for Clients’ personal events like, Birthdays, Anniversary etc.
  • Customer Travel Behavior Mapping.
  • Touch base with the last year customers.
  • It keeps the entire details of all the tourist plans.
  • More personal interaction with customer, resulting better customer satisfaction.
  • Bookings

By mapping the Customers’ Travel Behavior, SalesBabu CRM for Travel Industry helps Travel companies achieve greater Customer Satisfaction through well managed processes and result in higher revenue levels and rectify bottlenecks in the process.

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