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CRM For Partner Management- A Centralize Approach

CRM For Partner Management- A Centralize Approach

Partner Management is a crucial and Mandate part of Sales and Distribution business; where you need to put extra efforts to maintain relation with your business partners. An organization may face many obstacles, since they are not directly dealing with the ground level (Micro Level) market and it is hard to figure out the exact problems in local market. CRM for Partner’s Management, helps organization to take control every aspects of channel sales business and enable companies to do supervision of Channel Managers & Partners, this enable manager to do work in more organize & streamlined way to achieve their desired numbers in business. CRM for Partner’s Management gives you real time visibility on each operational work, which enhances sales & relation with your partners and provides a door for new channel customers. CRM for Channel Partners allow companies to take full control over every aspect of the partner focused sales and marketing processes, including channel marketing campaigns and product brand building. CRM for Partner’s Management enable organizations to implement their strategies successfully and help them to control channel business effectively and allow them to expand partner sales revenue.

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Challenges in Partner Management

  • How to handle Scatter partners on single screen?
  • How to maintain stock at channel level?
  • How to enhance secondary level of your business?
  • How to set supply chain management @ partner level?
  • How to track and enhance partner business tier?
  • How to make cordial business relation with partners?
  • How to boost your partner sales externally?
  • How to handle partner contact’s database?
  • How to streamline Partner salesforce?
  • Is it possible to manage partner Email Campaigns?
  • How to increase partner sales?
  • How to manage channel sales?

Benefits of CRM in Partner Management

  • Enable Companies to manage their channel business flow in a lucrative & robotic manner, which helps you to provide overall snapshot on Secondary sales.
  • Enable Organization to manage & synchronize entire Sales Channels on Single platform.
  • Enable for real visibility and accuracy on Channel Sales Transactions.
  • Enhance Channel Sales visibility & Partner pool.
  • Enable the organization to improve their relation with ‘N’ number of partners.
  • Provide Centralized repository and customer Database.
  • Allow to set visibility and tracking parameter on business partners.
  • Enable to Track & Enhance Channel Tier Sales.
  • Enable to do lucrative partner management & distribution tier handling. 

SalesBabu CRM for Partner Management

SalesBabu CRM always tries to reduce the operational cost in an organization with the help of On-demand solutions.CRM for Partner Management specially designed to Handle & Organize organizations Sales Business Channels, like (Dealers& Distributors, Channel partners and business partners. A cloud based database contain various information on each partner and their specific business deals to have a complete view on their individual business requirements and delivery history. Apart from providing a holistic view to the partner management system , SalesBabu CRM provides many user friendly features which help in maintaining a healthy business environment with our channel partner. Some of the additional features of SalesBabu CRM for partner management are as follows.

360 Degree Visibility on Channel Performance

SalesBabu CRM Enable organizations to get the overall performance of the partner. This helps organizations to keep track on their partners at personal level & also help them in making future plans for sales business. A 360 degree view on every information related to partners and their individual requirements  are recorded in a systematic manner which helps sales and marketing team to create more targeted campaigns. These personalized campaigns are critical to maintain a healthy business relationship with our partner and make sure we provide them customised support to motivate them for continued business with our firm.

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Sales & Sales Task Management

SalesBabu CRM enables organization to define monthly sales plans & daily work task which helps to synchronize and boost the daily sales funnel. Dashboard facilities help in keeping a track of regular work items and regularise work item with a complete view on upcoming work items.

Also, Mobile sales apps facility help to retrieve partner details on the move by providing anytime anywhere facility for data management of partners and other distributors. The sales and marketing team can use this mobile sales app to monitor every inventory dealing with its partner in real time and use these details for providing efficient support system during delivery and customer care support.

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Reports and Analysis

Reports and analysis on partner details help in understanding their present and future requirements. SalesBabu CRM help in organising complete information about a partner and its requirement for products and reselling. Many distributors and vendors may require customised products and services which can be provided by understanding their specific requirements and keeping track of the popularity of the products in the market. 

These features help in better analysis of the business requirement with our partners and dealers to create more customer centric solutions which help in better partner management.

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Activities management

Partner management comes with great responsibility of keeping track of every upcoming partner meeting and seminars to showcase our products and services to our prospective partners and create a more targeted and customised marketing strategies to enable better sales for our products. A product management software like Salesbabu CRM collects every specific details on each prospect and use those details from our centralized repository to fetch demographic details, interested products and other information with just a few clicks. With these background checks the sales and marketing team will be in a better position to track every activity of partners and create better sales orders and deals. The sales and marketing team can understand the shopping trends of each partner and give respective promotional offers and discounts as part of quotations and sales orders for better deal closure. 

Also, after sales activity tracking management is another great advantages of using SalesBabu CRM partner management which helps in overall management of sales lifecycle and aids in better profitability for the firm.

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SalesBabu CRM for Partner Management can make a bridge of effective communication and can fill the communication gap in between you and your business partners, who can increase the reach of your product & services in this Versatile Business Market.

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