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A Definitive Guide To An Online CRM Software

CRM software plays an important role in businesses for many years. But now with growth in technology like cloud, big data analytics, and Business Intelligence (BI) has increased customer’s expectation, and hence it has become vital for all sizes of businesses (small, medium, and large). Online CRM system helps you in various aspects of your businesses such as organizing customer data to provide enhanced customer experience, generate sales, personalize your communication to retain your existing customers. 

In the early days, on-premise CRM is very expensive, only large businesses can afford it. But now with the cloud-based CRM application, any business can utilize these platforms at an affordable price. Large businesses want to develop their own CRM for their business-specific purposes to cater to their own needs. Developing their own CRM is very expensive and time-consuming with on-premise CRM. Cloud-based CRM applications enable large businesses to develop their own CRM for their business-specific purposes with a significant cost and additional benefits.

Cloud-based CRM application with its easy accessibility to business enables you to adapt to your business’s changing needs. It is important for your business needs to take the right decision. It is crucial to understand what is a cloud-based CRM system? and how your cloud-based CRM system is effectively used for your business operations and its importance? 

A cloud-based CRM application was developed to assist organizations in building and maintaining good relationships with existing and prospecting clients. With an early days CRM, managing and tracking customer relationships is a time-consuming process. 

Despite early generation CRM involves manual tasks and often led to wrong input to the system and resulted in missed opportunities. With the emergence of cloud computing technology, with enhanced automation, it is easier to create, manage, and track customer relationships in a single CRM platform.

How Does Cloud-Based CRM Software Works?

It is necessary to understand the working definition of cloud-based CRM software. Online CRM software is simply CRM software that is hosted in the cloud, this automatically collects the customer data stored in the cloud and can be accessed by the business via the internet.

Online CRM software helps you to manage and store data on multiple devices. This can be accessed from anywhere around the clock. Online CRM software has all the benefits of traditional CRM, but it is more flexible to adapt to your business’s needs. It is more cost-effective, easily accessible, and more secure compared to on-premise CRM.

CRM software with its integrated approach provides an all-in-one CRM. This all-in-one CRM binds sales, marketing, and service automation into one single CRM platform. Online CRM tool provides you with business intelligence, interactive automation, streamlines the sales process, enables you to determine opportunities for sales, and delivers exceptional customer service.

SalesBabu CRM is one such CRM solution that provides you best sales environment and helps you to deliver the best customer service. This SalesBabu CRM helps you to,

Identify Qualified Lead

Leads are generated through different marketing campaigns. Online CRM software enables you to identify the qualified leads through the data stored in the cloud. This online CRM software identifies and prioritizes qualified leads easily and quickly. It also enables you to track the source from which the qualified leads are generated.

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Streamline your sales process

Streamlining the sales process enables your sales reps to understand each stage of your leads in the sales process. This helps your salespersons to push the leads down the sales funnel and increase your sales.

Alerts and notification

CRM system enables you to set up alerts and notifications for meetings with your clients.  This alert and notification enable you to perform pre-scheduled activities like sending emails, phone calls, and more.

Increase productivity

This online CRM solution automates the sales process and reduces manual tasks. This helps the salespersons to get more time to focus on the sales conversion which in turn increases the sales productivity.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction strengthens the customer relationship. Customer satisfaction can be enhanced by providing better customer services and experiences. Online CRM software, store the history of interaction on the customer queries and the history of issues they faced. This will help the customer support people to answer customer queries quickly and resolve their issues with the ticket management system.

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Benefits Of Cloud-based CRM Software

There are plenty of benefits with online CRM software to use and see your business growing effectively and efficiently.  Here we discuss on 8 benefits of online CRM software.

1.  Easy to Use

Online CRM software provides you with an easy user interface. This enhances the user experience and enables them to use it effectively. CRM providers understand if the salespeople can adapt to the new system effectively then they can use it to the fullest potential to manage their sales and generate more revenue. An online CRM software user interface is built with click and drag features, personalized email templates, interactive dashboards, detailed reports to analyze sales performance and help desk options to provide an enhanced customer experience.

2.  Easy accessibility

In the cloud-based CRM system, the customer data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere around the clock. On-premise CRM software can be accessed only from the office and there is no possibility to access data remotely from home or when your sales reps are in meeting at the client office. With cloud-based CRM software, it possible to access from anywhere and pull the data whenever and wherever you want it to take a look.

Sales reps and sales managers spent most of their days outside the office. It is important to have the required documents and data when you meet the clients. Rather than carrying paper documents or scattered files on the laptop, it is easy with a cloud-based CRM solution. You access your data quickly from your mobile with an internet connection.

 3. Effortless installation

In on-premise CRM server installation setup and maintenance require a separate IT team to get hired. At least 6 months is required to install on-premise CRM. An Online CRM solution can be installed with no effort, there is no server-like hardware required. Once you get access from the cloud-based CRM provider, you can sign in and access using any devices like laptop, PC or mobile instantly. No need for any IT team required to maintain. It saves your money and time with myriads of benefits.

4. Reduced costs

There is no IT team required for the installation and maintenance of CRM. It reduces the cost of installation and maintenance. A cloud-based CRM system requires minimal upfront cost that even small businesses can afford it. Most of the plans are customizable so, that you can pay only for the features that best fit your business needs. If something goes wrong the CRM providers have to take responsibility to ensure their application runs smoothly. It is less expensive to store the data in the cloud rather than setting up your own storage system.

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5. Customization

It is easy to customize an online CRM system by purchasing economical plans or customize your plan with your business preferences. Depend on the size of your business, choose the features that might be required to grow your business. There is no need to pay for extra features you do not want. If you choose customized CRM then it is easier for you to adapt it and grow your business.

6. Security

Security is the most important thing to be concerned about. Cloud-based CRM platform provides you with the backup. No need to fear cyber attacks. CRM providers offer you SSL encryptions and HIPAA regulations. It is easy for businesses to keep their customer’s personal data safe. This will build the trust of your customers and will improve customer experience. 

7. Reliability

Reliability is also the most important factor that is to be taken under consideration. If something goes wrong with the servers, it is difficult to use on-premise CRM software. In the case of cloud-based CRM software all the data stored on the internet. The CRM solution is hosted by the provider on their own data centers. If anything goes wrong CRM providers take the responsibility to recover. Since the data has back up on the internet and still you can operate your business as usual. Internet sometimes goes down and that your business loses important customer data. It is automatically backed up in the cloud with minimum downtime.

8. Integration

Online CRM platform integrates social media, phone, email solutions. This integration makes the CRM application more powerful and adaptive to your business needs. Integration with other business applications is with CRM solution than integrating with on-premise CRM software. Multi-tasking is more important in this competitive world. Integrating CRM with other applications enables you to seamlessly carry out the tasks effectively.

9. Sales Forecasting

A tendency to introduce strategically and form informed decisions is necessary for any organization. You can get into important metrics such as monthly revenue, gross margins, and Net Profit Margin, with the help of CRM reports, allowing it to be effortless for sales organizations to determine trends and prosper performance-related forecasts.

Additionally, CRMs allow representatives and sales managers to go through which piece of work and sources produce the utmost profitable leads for representatives. Such information supports team leaders in growing sales projections for the coming months.

10. Scalability

Implementation of a CRM system enables your sales team members to keep track of leads, prospects, and clients in a single place over time. Along with that, CRMs also enable you to view precise activities such as emails, phone calls, and scheduled meetings or any other activity. A sales manager can later utilize such information to figure out patterns and illustrate which sales processes are functioning well for their team and which could be enhanced, which is the reason your sales team can utilize CRM information to scale your operation as your business develops.

11. Enhances Communication

Effective team interaction is pivotal for an organization. Along with the support of CRM, you can establish that efficient team interaction is facilitated throughout your organization and among representatives. Streamlined interaction is pivotal to balance a consistent brand image among all representatives who connect with prospects and ensures that representatives gain knowledge from one another and work together to catch up with the sales targets.

12. Administration

One of the most crucial advantages of CRM software is efficient management within the organization. Introducing a CRM software will make all of your administrative workflow effortless, that is manual data entry, scouring for email chains, recording interactions, and saving customers contact information.

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SalesBabu CRM is a cloud-based CRM software that enhances your business growth with technology. This online CRM solution is cost-effective, reliable, secure, easily accessible, customizable, easy to integrate. This CRM tool can be easily adapted for businesses of all sizes. It has many benefits to enhance your business effectively and efficiently with minimal upfront investment. Still not switch to online CRM software. Adapt to online CRM tools and grow your business. Feel free to request a demo.