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Get More Social To Get More Customers

Are you giving enough time for social media marketing? If no, start today! It may look  easy when you hear or read articles about the importance of using social media for marketing, but practically social media marketing is not an easy task. 

Gearing up online social communities are emerging as a great social buzz. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more are some of the most likeable social platforms where people like, share and comment. They recommend their interests to others, which is a major marketing technique. According to some surveys, major social sites such as Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, Twitter etc account for more than 20 % of the total global population. In another survey, it says that more than 60 % of the people above 50 years are active in one or the other social site. These people mostly who are on a top hierarchy  can influence big chunk of people with their powerful recommendations and help vendors to get more customers. Thus social sites provide a strong marketing platform to all the small or large enterprises.

Different Social Platforms To Get More Customers

Facebook: Want To Get More Customers?? Facebook is credited to have almost more than 400 million active users.  With the largest share of active community members, Facebook has really turned the realms of the marketing panorama. People like a product and recommend it to others. This increases the fans-Size and likeability of that product out of which some definitely turn out to be potential customers. Nearly all the major or minor business ventures can be seen having their Facebook profile and FB business page to attract greater masses.

YouTube: You tube is the biggest community for sharing enriched audio visual content. Through this platform, you can have more prominent online appearance. You can embed videos in your website which further help your online appearance.

Twitter: This site is also said to be a micro blogging site. Twitter is mainly for mini conversations which can be used to intimate new offers, latest pricing and other small yet powerful updates.

Instagram: Instagram is also a new member into the family of social media sites. It’s been almost five to six years that instagram is gaining its importance in the market for social media marketing. Instagram is a global platform where more than half of the active users log into the site on a daily basis with 800 million active monthly users. And there are many instances where the customers get to know about the products or services through Instagram. 

Whatsapp: There are about 1200 million whatsapp users which makes it a massive marketing tool. From teens to old age people whatsapp is the most widely used social media messaging app. For small businesses it is one of the best marketing tools which can be used to send personalized messages, make voice calls etc. 

LinkedIn: This site helps you build a professional aura in the social sites community. You can share your skill set , can expose your career credentials and much more.

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Some effective strategies to leverage social media for new customers: 

  • Run social media contests to attract new customers – Competitions just cannot only be a great way to increase your social media following, but it also generates more leads for your business. Social media contests will work to increase your reach, boosts the traffic of your website, and also increases qualified leads. And given that many of the contests are free or inexpensive to create and run it so that you don’t have to lose much.
  • Respond quickly to the enquiries on social media – 71% of the consumers who receive the positive care of social media are very likely to recommend the brand to others also. This not only does a helpful response but also solidifies the relationship with the person who is asking the questions, also this can potentially influence their friends and family too. But this can be the same for negative comments. Responding quickly and respectfully will actually increase the trust in your brand.
  • Invest in social ads – If you have not built up any large social media following, then you will likely need to invest in some of the social media ads. Almost all the big players now offer ways to pay for the increased reviews, engagement, and clicks. You may make a few sales by promoting a paid offer, also getting new customers on your new list means that you can potentially drive the sales in the future as well. 
  • Become a known entity on social media groups – People will always like to buy the products from those who they know and whom they trust more. And one way to become very known is to create and actively participate in social media groups. So many businesses are leveraging Facebook and Linkedin groups for engaging with their prospects in a more personal manner and meaningful way.

How To Go About It…?

  • Explore more opportunities to connect with people. 
  • Show your presence is multiple online sites or social media platforms. Thus, it increases your social communication. 
  • Do not just portray the fact that you are just there on social media for sales. 
  • Provide content which provides knowledge for the audience. 
  • Make sure you post regularly and offer valuable information. 
  • It is good to keep a look on the competitors as well. 
  • Understand which kind of content is working better for your audience with respect to use analytics. 
  • Create posts according to your customer’s age/sex/intrests and income etc. 
  • Create online demo for your customers. 

Tips to consider 

  • Identify your target customers. 
  • Use the right form of communication for the right customer at the right time. 
  • Make the utmost use of blog content with your clients in mind.
  • Make sure that you are maintaining a good relationship with your clients and customers so that there is a creation of referrals. 
  • Be active on social media and see to that you are replying to your client’s or customer’s questions. 
  • See to that you are able to build a good social media presence with a huge count of followers. 

Know which social media platform is right for your business. The ability to share images, opinions, events, video and the way we carry out business etc are ways through which you can stay connected with your customers. At present the primary focus is not just on sales, marketing, service and support, but with the emergence of social media, businesses are able to create good relationship with the customers.