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How to evaluate an Education CRM Software : SalesBabu.com

How to evaluate an Education CRM Software?

An Education is an investment with the greatest returns!!  Schools, colleges and other educational centres require an automated system to manage. No matter what is the size of your educational institution, you will have loads of information and data about your students, alumni, faculty, etc. And you cannot manage all this data with just spreadsheets. […]

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Online Travel CRM Pros and Cons : SalesBabu.com

Online Travel CRM Pros and Cons

Work, Travel, Save, Repeat!!  Travel!! Tell me who doesn’t like travelling, being out for some days from all the usual chaos, usual routine? Everyone likes travelling to new places, meeting new people, tasting new foods and having fun and what not. Though travelling may be for many reasons. You may travel from one place to […]

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SalesBabu-CRM-for-Pharma-Industry : SalesBabu.com

SalesBabu CRM for Pharma Industry

In the present techno world, even pharma industry has lots of  challenges and hardships to be faced. Thus, implementing a system for managing the pharma activities with a business strategy in mind becomes easy to overcome the hurdles or challenges. CRM in the pharma is centralized to make the data of the drugs or product […]

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