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7 Key Advantages of Education CRM Software : SalesBabu.com

7 Key advantages of Education CRM Software

An investment in education pays the best interest! – Benjamin Franklin.  What is an educational institution? An educational institution is a place where individuals of different age groups gain education. They provide huge variety of learning experience and learning environment for its students. These educational institutions are divided into few levels like – preschool, primary […]

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6 Ways CRM in Pharma industry ensures continual growth : SalesBabu.com

6 Ways CRM in Pharma industry ensures continual growth

What is the pharmaceutical industry?  A pharmaceutical industry or commonly known as the drug company is a commercial business  that discovers, develops, produces and markets the pharmaceutical drugs for medical purposes.  The main aim of these pharmaceutical sectors are to vaccinate and cure the ailments of patients. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most […]

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