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Using a Legacy CRM? Here are 9 Reasons Why You Should Switch

Legacy CRM system is the early generation CRM. It hard to implement and does not easily integrated with existing applications. Extensive training and special skills are required to understand the legacy CRM.  It also involves a lot of manual data entry work for salespeople. Legacy CRM are not suitable for the current generation customers. Upgrade yourself with the current generation CRM (Cloud based CRM) to fulfill the expectation of customers and enhance your business.

Do you think still this large and clunky CRM is the right solution for the current need of your business?

Reasons  Why You Should Switch From Legacy CRM

Here are few reasons we discussed why you should switch from legacy CRM

  1. Outdated CRM Systems with Excessive Features

When a CRM system is loaded with irrelevant attributes that don’t organize with your business requirements, it can lead to uncertainty for your sales team and reduction in their enthusiasm for utilizing the product. Such complications can obstruct your salespersons’ effectiveness.

Your sales team members require a CRM system with an accurate set of attributes that are user-friendly and contributory to their effectiveness. Cloud-based CRM software enables personalization to catch up to your particular business requirements. You only pay for the attributes you actually require, thereby promoting top-notch CRM adoption rates.

  1. Learning Legacy CRM Is Time Consuming

Salespeople must possess a strong grip of the CRM product and its functionalities to utilize it efficiently. If the CRM system is overly complex, it will take a considerable matter of time for salespeople to become experienced, which can obstruct their accomplishment. Substantial training is a paramount for sales team representatives to leverage the CRM software system optimally.

While enrolling new sales team members, such a process may lead to time-consumption to enable them to accelerate and function on the sales floor. Elevated training sessions can potentially lead to lost opportunities and lead resulting in lost prospects.

Cloud-based CRM software encourages you to maintain prospect information and monitor leads at every stage of the sales funnel. It organizes the sales process in a systematic manner, making it effortless for new sales team representatives to rapidly learn and understand every stage of the prospect journey with the help of a customized user interface.

  1. Steep Learning Curve with Legacy CRM

As your business grows with more prospects it will be more difficult to enter the lead details manually and track the leads at every stage of the sales process. It is necessary to assign the right prospects to the right salesperson. It is a must to automate all these processes to enhance your sales.

Legacy CRM system provides these automated facilities only in their expensive plans. You should purchase the upgraded plan for these automated facilities which is very expensive compared to online CRM solutions. Your money can be saved by opting for a yearly plan but you will be struck with the long-term contract.

Online CRM solutions allow you to seamlessly switch between plans and pick the feature you need for your business depending on the situation.

  1. Customizing Legacy CRM – A Big Task 

Legacy CRM solution require a skilled technical team in the backend to customize your business needs with some functionalities from the scratch. It is a time-consuming process and ends up in the loss of money.

Your salespeople should capture the leads as soon as the prospects enter the CRM. If there a delay in customizing your CRM suits to your business then you will end up in the loss of prospects and opportunities for win deals.

Online CRM application is easy to customize depending on your needs. You do not have to depend on the ITl team. As online CRM application offers easy user interface the salesperson can easily customize their requirements

  1. Integration Is Not Easy With Legacy CRM Solutions

Integrating applications with CRM is vital for business. It also enables the salespeople to handle CRM easier and enables them to increase the adoption rates. It helps you streamline the sales process effectively and grow your business.

After the purchase of legacy CRM, you have to spend time and money to integrate CRM with your business applications. It also requires a technical team to integrate each of your business applications with CRM.

An online CRM solutions allows you to easily integrate with other applications enabling you to carry out tasks and achieve end-to-end visibility across the entire sales process. Easy integration helps your salesperson to continue their sales activities with no time by importing and exporting the contact information.

  1. Legacy CRM Solution Reduces Adoption Rates

Legacy CRM  system with its complex architecture requires a long time for the salesperson to know the product. It requires the  support of the technical team every time when you need to customize or integrate applications. This reduces the interest in adopting CRM. Your salesperson wants to actively involve in their sales productivity with no interruptions. Interruptions will reduce your salesperson’s motivation towards achieving the sales target.

Online CRM application is user-friendly software with easy access,  customizable, and easy integration with depending others. It enables you to do the task quickly and saves time. An online

Online CRM application is mobile-friendly it motivates the salespeople to explore and learn the product easily. It enhances the adoption rates of CRM and ensures the growth of the business effectively and efficiently.

SalesBabu Linledin

  1. Legacy CRM Reduce The Contextual Conversation

It is necessary to have a complete 360-degree view of your prospects. This helps you to convert prospects into customers. The more you understand your prospects the more it will help you in conversion.

The Legacy CRM system does not provide you a complete picture of your customers. Even though the end-to-end legacy system is implemented because of the low adoption rates it reduces the efficiency.

Online CRM solutions records the complete history of conversation with prospects in the cloud. It allows the salesperson to access the context from anywhere around the clock. It helps them understand the prospects with a complete 360-degree view on prospects and increases the conversion rates.

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  1. Legacy CRM Solution Don’t Capture Leads Easily

Capturing leads is a vital part of the business. Generally, CRM solutions capture prospects through a simplified web form in which the salesperson copy and paste a code snippet on the website and the remaining task is performed by the CRM. 

Unfortunately, legacy CRM requires salespeople to learn and have some knowledge on the code to enter manually in the CRM. It disrupts the salesperson’s concentration on sales.

Cloud-based CRM software allows you to record the prospect’s details automatically when they visit your website. It helps your salespeople to capture your lead from the website and engage them for the sales process through the phone, email, or chats. All the interactions with the prospects are recorded in the CRM which help you understand the prospects for further process.

  1.  Lack Of Support

The sales team should have accurate and real-time data about your customers. This will help the sales leader in the decision-making process. But in legacy CRM, it involves complex workflows and manual process may reduce the accuracy of the data and sometimes leads to error.

Legacy CRM, as it involves a manual process in many parts of your sales process, your sales team has to reach out for support to resolve queries and issues every time. Legacy CRM solutions may charge to provide this support.

Online CRM application automates your sales process and increases the accuracy and reduces the probability of error. It also reduces the need for support but extensive training is required until the salesperson completely understands the product.

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The efficiency and potential of the sales team were changed with sales force automation tools. Finally, organizations switch to new technology robust system (cloud-based CRM) to manage their relationships with clients and prospects. Still, using the legacy CRM?  Switch to intuitive CRM that customize and integrate applications quickly, introducing you to the world of automation, saves your time, increase your sales and productivity. Enhance your business with SaleBabu CRM. SalesBabu CRM provides you cloud based CRM that enables you to grow your business as you desire. Pick the CRM that suits your business and enjoy a myriad of benefits. Feel free to request a demo