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Top 8 Reasons Why Having a Socially Connected CRM is a Must

Top 8 Reasons Why Having a Socially Connected CRM is a Must

In today’s situation, customer’s buying behavior has changed completely with the growth in technology. People are more connected to the internet with technology development in mobile phones. All the updated news is going viral on social media since most people are connected to social media. Social media has great potential to drive the business to flourish.

When people want to buy some products they want to do some research on that product. Internet which connects them to find the best store and the best price available near them. It is also important to know what the other real product users and the reviews on the products by other users of the same product with the same brand.

Having A Social CRM Software

Nowadays most people are connected to social media firms (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Youtube, Watsapp, and Instagram). People share comments on their interests. The global marketing research firm, Nielsen revealed that it is the second most trusted source of brand information for online reviews. This social media connects people around the world. The customer’s review of the particular products will be shared with millions of users. 

Even marketing can also be done with this firm to increase productivity. This social media firm targets the customers based on their interests stored and location. It is believed that the buyer’s trust in online reviews will increase in the range of 85% to 90% in the next few years. Monitoring these reviews on your product helps you to improve your product. At the same time, you can understand the competitor’s strategy of product selling. Having CRM software connected to social media will allow you to stay updated and enable you to face challenges. 

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Here we discuss 8 reasons why CRM software integrated with social media is a must.

  1. Speeds Up The Selling process

Sales CRM software integrated with social media enables you to track more information about your customers. You will get a lot of information about the consumers like backgrounds, interests, habits, and purchasing behaviors.  This will help you to understand your customers more. This information enables you to recognize the right leads for your products and increase your selling process.

Sales reps with a good understanding of their customers enable them to impress them with their interests. This information also helps you to gain knowledge of what customers want with your product. This enables you to increase your brand by providing a better customer experience.

  1. Real-time Contact Record Changes

Best sales CRM software connected to social media automatically records the customer contact information, and all related messages, events, and deals. When there are changes with your customer information it can be automatically updated with real-time information in the social CRM. 

Social CRM enables your customer service team to understand customer’s thoughts and emotions with real-time data. This helps them to make strategic changes with their customers and enhance the customer experience.

  1. Social Media Analytics

Best sales CRM software integrated with social media can access extremely comprehensive information about your customers. It provides you with customers’ demographics, interests, purchase behavior, and more. This information helps sales representatives to define the target customer and increase the sales conversion.

There is abundant information available on social media. When social media is integrated with the right tool such as best sales CRM software will provide valuable insights of your customers. This also enables you to understand the current trend in consumer behavior.

This social CRM platform with lots of information helps you in marketing your products as well. Marketing means creating awareness of the products. But it is also important to seek new metrics to narrow down a target audience. This information available in the social CRM platform is highly effective to market your products to whom the product is really in need. Social data with potential leads can be converted into potential customers with an effective marketing campaign.

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  1. Brand Tracking

It is crucial to track continually what is said about your product. Good talking triggers enhance your brand name to the next level. But a single negative can be destructive. You can continually track these comments on the social CRM platform. When there are any defects found with your products that can be fixed immediately before the negative feeling of your customer review ruin the brand reputation. In the same way, resolving customer’s complaints is more important. And it has to be taken in higher priority and fix it as quickly as possible. This will enhance your customer service and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

  1. Unified Social Notifications

When you are using social media streams like Twitter and LinkedIn your latest updates, posts, likes, and request are easily skipped. Facebook is a better social site that lists inbound communication. It is another social site that is to be monitored regularly. With best sales CRM tool integrated with social media enables you to see the stream of all your latest messages in one place so that it allows you to keep track of messages immediately and respond to them for better interaction and secure great opportunities without losing.

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  1. Predict Trends

Today, customers have a lot of information to know about the product and it can be easily accessed from the internet. Best sales CRM tool integrated with social CRM and enhance your products technically with the current demand and increase your sales. The best sales CRM tool enables you to forecast your product’s needs and need for improvement in your products. 

  1. Increasing Marketing ROI

The most important aspect of social CRM is the ability to identify the markets and marketing strategies. This also enables you to provide promotional offers at the right time. This is another benefit of social CRM that helps you to market your product efficiently and increase distribution of the product which in turn increases the marketing ROI.

All-in-one CRM that integrates all social CRM, sales, marketing, and customer support that helps you understand more of your customers. This best sales CRM tool enables you to define potential leads with an effective marketing campaign, with better understanding enables you to push the leads down the sales funnel and win deals. Enhance your customer loyalty with better customer support. These benefits with the information in social CRM will increase your overall ROI.

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  1. Focus On Customer Relationships

Building customer relationship is a crucial part of the business. Social CRM enables to keep track of their customers online and helps you understand more the needs of their customers. This social CRM also allows them to provide better customer services and establish stronger relationships with them.


This shows the importance of socially connected CRM. This social CRM with its abundance of information helps you track the potential leads and customers online. CRM software is easily accessible with mobile as well. Mobile CRM connected with social CRM enables you to track your client information anywhere around the clock. This enables you to understand more about your customers. This information about your customers is a great asset for your business. It allows you to track the right leads at the right time and convert them for sales and win deals. 

Another most important benefit is that you can track competitor’s marketing strategies and stay ahead. Enhances your marketing strategies by targeting potential leads. SalesBabu CRM provides you with the best CRM tools and social CRM. Still, your business is not connected socially, don’t hesitate to implement social CRM with SalesBabu CRM and get great assets to win your customers with a quote “Information is wealth”. Feel free to request a demo.

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