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Top Tips From Sales Experts To Ace Remote Selling

What Is Remote Selling?

Remote selling is a practice of engaging customers or prospects from a remote place or salesperson’s home office. Remote selling allowed business functioning without any interruptions during this COVID – 19 situation. The Internet in business has strengthened the advancements in communications which is a boon for remote selling. It is widely used in the marketing, sales, promotion of products and services. It also enables you to deliver customer support and provide training to employees.

Remote selling is a process that involves a big part of your sales remotely and meeting the client virtually throughout the process. Remote sales have their own advantages and challenges. Here in this article, we discuss the advantages, challenges, and tips to ace remote selling.

Advantages In Remote Selling

Increased  Efficiency

Remote selling generally means selling your products or services remotely that reduces the time of traveling to your client’s place. It helps you manage your time efficiently. Remote selling enables you to spend the spare time setting up virtual meetings to engage more of your prospects in a profitable conversation to generate leads and close more deals.

Low Cost

To increase the revenue, you must find means to reduce costs. Remote selling is done remotely in the place wherever you are, even at your home office. It wipes all the costs that you spend on office rents, office equipment, infrastructure, travel costs, etc. But at the same time, the organization should offer the best platform for your remote sales teams to manage their sales effectively and efficiently. With advanced technologies, offering the best platform will incur less cost compared to infrastructural costs.

Expanded Reach

When the sales process is done face to face the sales will be bound to your local community. In the case of remote selling, you can reach prospects out of your local community as well. This enables you to reach more prospects who need your products or services out of your community. Use technology tools like best sales CRM software that helps you to automate and organize your company’s communication into an effective process.

Employee Safety

Unexpected pandemic situations drive people to work remotely. It is important to consider the employee safety who works hard for your business. Remote selling helps your employee to work in a safe environment which in turn will reduce their stress. By providing the best platform like sales CRM software enables them to enhance the sales with their talents remotely and safely.

Encourage sales representatives

Implementing remote selling for the business can encourage the sales team members and improve team morale and productivity.

Most companies registered a growth in productivity since opting remote. Additionally, a number of employees were rather more productive working from home, few of them would choose to work from home full-time and rest would opt to work remotely part-time.

Once you allow the development of the sales representatives and support their efforts with required resources, they would feel encouraged enough to generate impressive results. Possessing the flexibility to opt for their work environment and keep up with their own schedule minimizes stress and enhances productivity.

Furthermore, remote sales representatives are not required to go through the distractions such as commute or office politics, enabling them to pay attention to their energy solely on sales opportunities.

Team leaders of sales must also be prepared to grab a video call with their remote sales team to talk regarding preference and furnish an expanded report to each employee about their specific tasks and the desired performance objectives.

Examine the ground norms on how to figure out leads, what to do during cold calling prospects, when to deliver follow-up work, how to close the deal and the strategize on what to do if they experience any issue.

Challenges In Remote Selling And Tips To Overcome It

  1. Defining Qualified Leads

Getting more leads is not important, you have to attract qualified leads. Spending time on prospects who are not going to buy is a waste of time. Generally, during the face-to-face sale process, the sales rep can understand the prospects better by their body language. But in remote selling, understanding prospects only by conversation is a slight difficulty. However, you have virtual communication technology, to have meetings with the prospects remotely. 

The best CRM tool enables you to understand more of your prospects and their interests stored in the centralized database. It helps you to analyze and understand qualified leads to proceed with your worthy sales process and time. By providing automated email campaigns best sales CRM software also allows you to nurture the leads effectively and pull the prospects into the buyer’s journey.

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  1. Response From Prospects

In remote selling, getting responses and analyzing each stage of prospects is the major challenge. Making a single phone call or message will not grab their attention. Rather connect them through calls, a regular series of communication through your disruptive and compelling content or emails that address the challenges the prospects are facing. 

Modern technologies like cloud computing have made many of these communications automated with tools like SalesBabu CRM (sales CRM India). Best sales CRM tools help you identify qualified leads and the sales team can concentrate on those qualified leads who are ready to buy and the rest will be followed up by a series of emails or contents.

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  1. Show Your Passion

Best customer experience builds trust in your company. Building a good customer relationship enables you to expose your brand to your customers. Each and every prospect who reaches you for your products or service is important.

Analyze and determine their needs if you find that your products or services are not fit for their needs don’t push them for buying. Show your passion that you are there to help them by providing proper guidance and good advice for their needs. Maybe in the future, they may need your products or refer the people who need your products.

In remote selling, maintaining customer relationships is a great challenge. Using the best sales CRM software enables you to manage your contacts and communication effectively which in turn helps you in maintaining enhanced customer relationships.

  1. Enhance Your Motivation

Motivation gives you the energy to achieve your goal. Sales reps are always motivated by their target and goals. Meeting prospects will always boost up sales rep energy to achieve their target. But in the case of Remote selling continuing sales through phone calls, messages will reduce their motivation. 

Try contacting your prospect through online video conferencing tools as google meets, zoom call, etc. Try to have interactive meeting with prospects by chatting rather than simply messaging. Interactive internal meeting within the sales team to understand the pros and cons of remote selling. This will help them keep motivated about how other sales reps are handling and their tactics to build their sales.

  1. Managing Administrative Task 

Administrative tasks involve a lot of data entry work and it consumes a lot of time. Remote selling enables you to get a lot of spare time by reduced travel time. Using this time effectively is important. Using the best sales CRM tools helps you automatically record your administrative tasks. This in turn liberates your time and concentrates on your sales to achieve your sales target.

Tips To Ace Remote Selling

During this pandemic situation COVID -19, it has become mandatory to continue the functioning of business from home. It has major impacts on potential deficiency and home distractions. There is also resistance to learning something new and a lack of practical communications, planning, and decision making. There is a need for designing and implementing effective work from home policies 

But with the growth in technology, things to handle work from home have become better. 

  • Virtual communication for social interaction.
  • Efficiency and progress-tracking tools increase productivity.
  • Closing deals remotely and team alignment can be guaranteed.

Set Clear Goals 

It is vital to manage your time and work effectively in remote selling, Set clear daily goals so that you can work effectively on what is to be focused on. This enables you to use your time productively. Clear goals also allow you to make clear communication with your employees and the prospects to achieve the goals.

Make A Routine

Work from a home office with lots of distractions leads to difficulty in concentrating and completing work. It is necessary to set up the best work environment to work in. Set up a calm place with the basic infrastructure to work. Make a daily routine for working hours and don’t get messed up with your family time. Organize yourself with a perfect plan and measure your progress to work effectively. Set up virtual meetings with the right schedule and join early to the meetings before your client. Dress up yourself as if you’re in the office, it boosts up your energy and professional experience when you are with the clients.


Organize and manage yourself with an end-to-end automated sales platform. Equip your sales team by investing in tools that,

  • Keep them connected
  • Automate the sales process
  • Keep track of sales performance
  • Increase productivity and collaboration.

And below are some tools to consider:

  • SalesBabu CRM (sales CRM India) for sales automation
  • Zoom, Google meet, for virtual meetings
  • Google Docs  for documentation
  • Basecamp, Trello, or Zendesk, for project management
  • Slack, for internal communication
  • Notion and Google Hangouts for work collaboration

Remote Working and Virtual Learning

Remote selling saves you a lot of time, using this time productively is more important.  Upgrade your interpersonal skills through virtual learning. Brush up yourself with the current technologies and broaden your knowledge that increases your level of awareness in the industry you operate in.


In today’s modern time remote selling is growing faster. Since people are more attached to the digital world with their handy smartphones, they prefer to buy products online. In the case of B2C business, online sellers minimize the cost in terms of infrastructure, rent for offices, travel cost, etc., and provide offers and discounts to attract customers and increase sales. Equip with best sales CRM tools to automate and manage your work effectively. Modern buyers prefer to do independent research and compare vendors on all bases of cost and quality. This is why today’s modern B2B buyer needs a modern remote seller, who knows how to engage their prospects digitally (through contents, email, sales videos, and educational videos). SalesBabu CRM (sales CRM India) supports you with the best sales CRM tools that enhance your remote selling, end-to-end sales process in an automated and organized way. Put efforts into the conversion of leads to increase your sales and customer support. Track your progress using CRM reports and upgrade your business to the next level. Feel free to request for a demo.