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The Value Of Having A Mobile CRM

Technology growth is completely changing our day-to-day lifestyle. The need for improvement in the communication field has introduced mobile to us. The internet-connected to mobile phones has increased their usage right from small children to old people. 

In this modern world, people are more connected to the internet for various reasons like communication, gaining knowledge playing games, business, purchasing, marketing, and more. It is endless to talk about the benefits of mobile phones. 

Even this pandemic situation has led people to home and made us understand the necessity of mobiles with the internet. The mobile phone makes us feel the world at our fingertips. It has turned common people into digital transformation.

This digital transformation has turned business people to get connected to mobile phones to grow their business. The mobile phone has increased the expectation of business people and customers to get updated with real-time information. 

COVID-19 has completely changed the work culture. Mobile is a handy device that enables your sales team to get immediate business updates and enables them to connect to their business remotely. This mobile-friendly tool also helps them provide the best customer experience remotely. Customers also want the products and services to be mobile-friendly.

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM is a CRM tool that enables you to connect your CRM with mobile devices that perform some functions similar to your PC and provides many benefits. This CRM mobile application allows you to connect your sales reps for accessing the customer’s data through the mobile CRM app or through the online browser. It helps to access the real-time data even when you are not in the workstation and enhances employee efficiency.

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Mobile CRM For Sales

Managing the sales team effectively will increase the productivity of the sales. The mobile sales app helps you to track the sales team and engage them with the tasks that help your team to achieve the sales target. 

It also helps the field sales manager to track the daily activities of the sales team. It allows the sales manager to perform all the functions of CRM when they are on the field. There is no need to search for a laptop with the CRM software installed.

Mobile sales app helps you enhance the sales process by,

  • Perform sales activities remotely
  • Understand sales bottlenecks
  • Streamline the sales process
  • To set up meetings and alerts for the sales activities
  • Access customer data even when the salespeople are in the field meeting prospects
  • Analyze the reports to enhance the sales performance
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Help you to provide better customer services
  • Save salespeople time with effective automation
  • Track the leads at each stage of the sales funnel

Sales Tracking App

SalesBabu CRM  provides you with the best sales CRM software that enables your sales team with the best sales tracking app. SalesBabu CRM offers a simple web interface and sales tracker app for your android that enables you to update sales activities, that can be accessed anywhere on the go.

This sales employee tracking app enables you to manage the sales force in the field with updated data from where the sales operation is executed. This sales employee tracking app enables you to have clear visibility of your sales pipeline, track team performance and get more opportunities to enhance the growth of your business. 

The sales management app helps you to determine the surface hidden insights and enables you to smart and increase your sales faster. This effective mobile CRM tool helps businesses manage their sales, customer relationships, and close more deals.

SalesForce Tracking App

It is important for an organization to build a strong sales force to grow the business. At the same time, it is necessary to track the sales force’s productivity. The salesforce tracking app enables you to track the sales team remotely. 

This sales force tracking app enables the sales manager to assign the right task to the right salesperson and track their sales activities to help them achieve their targets which in turn increases the sales team productivity.

Lead tracker app

Lead tracker app enables you to track the lead right from lead generation to close deals. This enables you to identify the right lead for sales conversion to the right sales rep through the sales representative app. This sales representative app manages sale rep activities and provides better clarity on the sales rep’s productivity.

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Benefits Of Having A Mobile CRM

Effective Communication

CRM mobile app helps you to communicate effectively within the team and with customers. It is a cloud-based CRM that helps you to store the information in the cloud. This CRM mobile app enables you to track updates with mobile devices. 

Even if the sales manager goes for a long sales trip this mobile sales app helps sales managers to stay informed about the sales activities performed by the team. This sales management app enables your sales manager to manage effective and clear communication with the customer remotely with access to the updated information in the cloud.

Task Management

The sales team management app helps you to manage your sales reps’ daily sales tasks seamlessly by streamlining the sales process. The sales CRM app enables the sales manager to engage sales reps with tasks and monitor sales reps with the completion of the tasks. This sales team management app helps sales managers to have the control of daily activities of their sales team while working remotely. 

This sales CRM app provides salespeople to have clear and visible daily tasks without recording them in sticky notes and searching for a laptop or PC to update. Clarity helps them to do their task effectively. This sales team management app helps reduce the confusion within the team and enhances employee productivity.

Automatic Reminders And Notifications

The sales management app enables you to set up meetings with customers. It is difficult to manage when there are too many meetings or follow-ups. Sometimes you will miss some meetings or opportunities to follow up. 

The mobile sales app helps you to set up automatic reminders and notifications for the salespersons. This sales CRM app also reminds the salesperson when a new task or new leads are assigned for sales conversion.

Enhanced Sales Force Productivity

With the field sales mobile app, you can access the information stored in the cloud instantly from wherever you are around the clock. This helps the salespeople to connect with the prospects even when they are in the field outside the office.

This field sales mobile automates the manual task and records the interaction with the customer and completes the process effectively and efficiently.

Field sales mobile helps the field sales representative to 

  • Plan his ideal route to meet prospects
  • Log meeting notes in the app 
  • Upload necessary documents instantly
  • Geo tracking feature in field sales mobile app enables him to determine the nearby leads 
  • Get a detailed report of the day

This helps the sales representative to plan the day and spend the time productively to enhance sales force productivity.

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Detailed Reports

The Sales CRM app enables you to track the reports of daily sales activities by the salesperson. This CRM app also enables you to plan, manage and get real-time information about your field sales team and marketing. 

This sales tracking app provides you with a detailed report of the sales rep’s meeting with the prospects and the status of the meeting, the location of the sales rep’s travel. 

This helps the sales manager to have a clear view of the sales rep’s performance. The use cases of sales tracking apps differ from one business to the other. But at the bottom line, it enables your sales rep clarity on the daily sales activities and his performance.

Business growth

An introduction of Mobile CRMs can increase profit in two ways, either by providing employees with elaborated customer insights to provide with the better customer experiences, or making availability for their time so they could target on selling to further more leads.

When employees have elaborated customer information, they can provide them with personalized service which assures customers are satisfied as they receive relevant recommendations that catch up with what they are seeking for. This boils down to a situation where you receive more sales and referrals.

By offloading non-valuable work to the mobile CRM, employees win back much more time in the day and can target on closing furthermore deals. Both of such outcomes support businesses developing quicker.

Stronger relationships

Implementation of Mobile CRMs enables deep customer insights that support employees to create personalized and memorable customer communications. This allows sales reps to resist providing the similar generic messages and offers to the audience in their database.

Rather, customers tend to get distinct interactions depending on their preference, allowing them to feel important and valued. A CRM software also streamline coordination within teams, assuring the similar customer isn’t contacted more than once.

Overall, businesses tend to maintain positive relationships within the firm  such as employees and outside of it such as customers.


SalesBabu CRM app is the fast-growing CRM app in today’s market. Our sales representative app with its powerful analytics and great features enables you to increase productivity. The sales employee tracking app enables the sales managers to track the field employee’s daily activity via GPS. 

The sales representative app helps the sales rep to update sales activities immediately from wherever they are and have clear visibility of their tasks. Get your CRM mobile app now and track the sales activities remotely and enhance your business. Feel free to request a demo.