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Sell Solutions, Not Problems – SalesBabu Tips

Sell Solutions, Not Problems – SalesBabu Tips

Every business organization must be very cautious while selling products and offering service. Even though you and your team are very careful in handling the things related to the customers and products,  there might be chances for one or the other issue or a problem to arise. Sometimes the delivery might be late due to certain external factors or there might be damage to the product that might have occurred while delivering. There may be a number of unexpected problems that might occur while a product is being delivered. 

Keeping your customers happy is one of the main and important tasks for your business to run really well. Their experience will have a lot of impact on your business. Suppose a customer has faced a particular situation where the product was not delivered on time, you being a part of the business organization must make sure to solve this particular problem and keep the customers happy. 

When a product is being delivered to a customer or prospect, you must make sure it does not have any issue or problem where the customer might face any kind of disturbances. But, even after being very cautious and careful, if a problem or an issue has occurred, it is your responsibility to attend to the customer calmly, you must make sure to solve the problem at any cost and for sure you must convert that unhappy customer into a happy one. Only then you will be able to sell your products without any problem but only solutions.

Below are a few tips to make sure you are selling the solution and not the problem:-

  • Customer’s pain points must be considered: Every business organization must make sure to understand the pain of their customers or prospects, this will be the key to any business to run well. Understanding them better will help you solve their problems better and you will be able to deliver the right product to them. When a customer reaches out to you for a problem, it is your responsibility to solve their problem at any cost irrespective of how small their problem is. This will help you grab the attention of many new customers and retain the old ones. This helps your business to run well.
  • Inform your customers and prospects: Contact your customers by sending a message via any platform. The message must mainly focus on the customer’s pain and issues. This will catch their eye and it will make sure they will read your message completely. They will understand that you have got the solution to their problem and it will ensure they trust you again.  
  • Focus on the solution: A good customer experience can be done by providing the best products to them and making them solve the problems. You need to identify the solutions to what the customers are looking for only then you will be able to sell the products as a solution and not a problem.
  • Mark your differences: Now that you have realized your solutions are the key to the customer’s happiness, it does not mean that your solution is the only thing that will attract the customers. Many business organizations might be providing the same solution to the customer’s problem. You need to be able to stand against your competitors and prove to the customers and prospects that your solution is the best one compared to the others. You must make sure to highlight the key differences between your solution and the competitor’s solution, you must make sure to tell them your solution has the best features comparatively. You need to draw the attention of the customers by telling them how your solutions can be very helpful to them.
  • The true value must be sold: While building a value to a particular product, you need to focus on the core items that would show the business value. The value proposition needs to be built on the following four business fundamentals:- 
  • Drive revenues
  • Reduce expenses
  • Creating an efficiency
  • Mitigating a risk

Hence, the above tips will help your business organization to sell the solutions and not the problems to your customers and prospects.

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Online CRM Software

CRM software has been used widely throughout the globe by many business organizations for a better and successful business. The customer relationship management software helps businesses to work faster and easier. It helps to build a good relationship with the customers by understanding their needs and requirements. The online CRM software helps the business people to understand each and every requirement of the customers and prospects through analysis of their information that has been collected and stored in the online CRM software. This will help them provide solutions to the problems that the customers and prospects are looking for. Using the online CRM software features and facilities it will be easy to sell the solutions and not the problems. 

Online CRM software for a successful business

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Online Sales CRM

Every team within the organization must work for the betterment and success of their business organization. The sales team must make sure to plan well for the sales to increase and to grab the attention of the customers. The online sales CRM helps the business to increase its sales by analyzing various tips that would help the sales team to attract as many customers as possible. 

The company must be able to understand each and every problem of the customer no matter how small the problem is, they must for sure be able to analyze the customer information and satisfy the customers at any cost. The online sales CRM will be able to help the business organization to grow well much easily and fastly. 

Understanding the pains of the customers will be the key to a successful business. This can be achieved by using the online sales CRM that will help increase the sales of your business organization. Hence, this way you can sell the solutions instead of problems which will, in turn, help your business to grow.

Cloud-Based CRM Software

The customer relationship management software which is implemented on a cloud is known as the cloud-based CRM software. It allows the access of information and data from anywhere irrespective of the device, time, and geographical location. Any team can access and make use of the cloud-based CRM software for the betterment of their business. The cloud-based CRM software allows you to work efficiently and remotely which is very helpful especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The cloud-based CRM software helps the business organization to understand its customer’s information and their requirements, this will help them analyze what exactly the customer is seeking. It will allow the team to focus on the needs of the customers and will help you to sell the products as solutions to the customer’s problems.

Below are a few benefits of the cloud-based CRM software:-

  • Installation is easy
  • Access from anywhere and at any time
  • Cost-effective
  • It is secure
  • It is flexible
  • Integration with other tools is simple
Cloud-based CRM software for a successful business

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Best CRM Tools

There are many CRM software tools that are available in the market, it is the responsibility of the team and organization to identify the best CRM tool for their business and make sure to adapt it to their business which will be helpful to solve many issues in a much simpler way and faster. 

Using the Best CRM tools that would suit your business is another key to make the CRM software a successful tool in your business. You need to analyze the collected and recorded customer information so that you can provide a proper solution that focuses mainly on the problems of the customers and prospects. 

Mobile CRM

The CRM software is easily available for access by any team within an organization. The mobile CRM will help the staff and the team members to access it from anywhere and at any time. Once the CRM software is installed on the devices like android, tab, and so on, it allows access from anywhere. It will help the staff to use it for the betterment of their business.

The mobile CRM will help the business organizations to work from anywhere making it flexible for the staff members, this will make sure that the customer’s problems are solved at any time without any regret, this will make the customers and prospects happy as their problems will be solved at any time. This will help the customers and prospects to have a positive experience. This will help the business to grow and gain profits.

Implementing a mobile CRM to your sales workflow could be a reasonable transformation for the better. The salespeople can upgrade and synchronize details on the move, sharing real-time information from across the business. Everyday sales operation are released from the desktop, so a salesperson operating from a tablet or smartphone can:

  • Schedule the day with the help of calendar integration
  • Assemble into meetings with click-to-call
  • Access and upgrade leads, contacts and opportunities
  • View and share files
  • Access dashboards facility

The current mobile CRM platforms can deliver so much more. Include cloud storage to the mobile CRM functionality which indicates you’re no longer synchronizing information with a local copy,  you’re receiving live information, centrally held detail from whichever device you opt to operate. Such distributed teams can assign files and background details and can upgrade, share and send proposals on the current workflow.

It also enables the facility of customized apps that can record details directly into your CRM back end, with latest app releases rolled out to your sales team in current time. Almost every salesperson possesses the advantage of complete CRM information, analytics and customer-facing material at the palm of their hand, on any device they are using,  releasing them to allocate more time on sales and minimal on administrative work.

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Benefits of selling the solution

There are many benefits to your business organization in selling a solution to the customers as it will help your business to experience the increase in your conversion rates and customer satisfaction rates too.

When you sell the solutions it builds a strong and genuine relationship with your customers and prospects allowing them to have positive and personalized experiences. Since the solutions that you sell will be based on their requirements, it will make them happy and they will want to come back again for your products and services.

When you maintain a good relationship with your customers, your sales will definitely increase and will help your business to grow. Maintaining good terms with the customers throughout their journey will make sure you all have a great experience with them. Therefore, selling the solutions will help the customers to get attached more and maintain a long-term relationship where you will be satisfying the demands of your customers.


Understanding the customer’s needs and satisfying their requirements is the key to a successful business. This will help understand their problems and make sure to sell products as solutions to their issues. Adopting the use of CRM software will help business organizations to achieve their tasks faster and easier. 

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