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Sales Motivation tips: How to improve Employee Productivity

In the present scenario employees are an asset to the company. And a good relationship between an employer and employee is one of the main reason an organisation can run smoothly. Getting productive work done by the employees is also an art to inculcate. If you are stressed out with the work practices of the organisation, then this article may help you out.  

Though the ways of motivation can differ but the ultimate goal of the organisation is to extract the very best of their employees and also improve their work productivity and efficiency. Motivation for sales team plays a very important role in boosting the work productivity and efficiency of your reps. Unfortunately, your sales reps are flooded by several external factors which affects motivation in sales management at workplace. Your motivation can help them improve themself for a much better themselves every other time. You might have seen that many organisations miss on the motivational part.

Let us discuss on the sales motivation tips to improve employee productivity at workplace.

1. Set goals

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop until you reach there”Bo Jackson.

Setting up goals becomes very important in the organisation. Think big and see to that you get along there. If you don’t have goals to be accomplished you will keep thinking that, though you have been working hard all the time you are missing out things. So prioritize your goals and start working for them.

2. Build trust amongst your team members

“For trust to be effective, it needs to be reciprocated”.   

It becomes very important to create trust amongst your members. Until and unless they do not trust you, they will never believe that you have good intentions for them. Be straightforward and try to gain the trust from them. To build trust initially all you need to do is help them with the work. Do not make them feel that they are not capable of doing work or don’t scold them. Just make them understand their mistakes and help them to correct those. Once you are successful in gaining their trust they will tend to listen as well as value your words.

3. Provide recognition to your team members

Tell me who doesnt likes to be recognized at workplace? The way you dream of your brand being recognized, your employees too want to be recognized for their performance. When you start recognizing them for their work and also praise them for their achievement, that itself creates a form of motivation for sales team.

4. Provide ample training

Training becomes an important aspect which ensures productivity. Once your employees are trained well they will not struggle on the works being assigned to them. Training is also considered to be a way through which your employee’s skills and ability is enhanced.

5. Effective Communication

“Communication is the key to success is true in romance as well as business”.

Two way communication plays a vital role in building an effective relationship. Or else your business will fail on reasons of miscommunications. Communication is a reason that your work goes on with productivity. Effective communication which is also called as Open Communication prevents the communication barriers among the employees. May it be verbal communication or nonverbal communication, how an individual delivers the form of communication is very important.

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6. Performance appraisals
Performance appraisals :

Performance appraisals is also termed as performance review, performance evaluation or employee appraisal. Employees crave for feedback on how well they have performed the work or how they can improve themselves. It also gives them a outlook over what is expected from them so that they can work accordingly. Thus, performance appraisal becomes a reason for motivation.  

7. Help them balance their work life

Be sensible and concerned about your employees. Let your employees know that you understand their problems and allow them to also balance their personal life like family issues or health issues etc from the regular work schedule. Thus, when understanding your employees situation he/she also tends to get back into work as soon as possible without any distractions and it can become a motivation for sales person.

8. Be responsive

Be responsive to your team members. Attend their phone calls or msgs. And if they come up to you, have the gratitude to listen to them first. Do not make them feel that they are being ignored. Once they observe that you are being responsive, it creates a feeling of connectivity and you can work efficiently with your team members. Thus, your humanity can be a reason of motivation in sales management.

9. Let them be creative

There are two forms of creativity at workplace. One is creative thinking and the other is creative problem solving. They may be easy to spell but once it comes to implementation, it gets hard. All are not creative thinkers, but if you find that your employee is a creative thinker then let them be creative. Thinking with uniqueness can be very beneficial to you as well because they will come up with unique ideas and solutions which may be you never thought of.  Thus, letting them being creative is a kind of motivation in sales management.  

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10. Equip your team with the right set of tools

It becomes your responsibility to provide facilities which makes your employee’s work easier and faster. From sales reps to marketing reps, your employees requires a software which will make their work easier through technology. We have become so advanced with technologies that these technologies are playing an important role in every individual’s life. Get a CRM Software which will be a motivation in  sales management as well as marketing management to work smarty with the help of the CRM tools. SalesBabu Online CRM which is basically a cloud based CRM provides the best CRM Software with its added functionalities to enhance your management activities smartly.

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Your employees are the pillars of your organisation who work hard in order to fulfill the organisational goals. It is very necessary to provide a good training, work experience and satisfaction to work at your place etc for your employees. Online CRM that is basically a cloud CRM software not only makes your work easier but also provides your employees the facility to complete their assigned work much easily. When they are happy and satisfied with the management of the organisation, they will surely show interest to work more better and will also contribute in achieving the organisational goals.

Benefits of CRM in workplace to work smartly

Grow Your Business :
  • The CRM system which is basically a cloud based CRM provides centralized database.
  • As the Online CRM is a cloud based CRM which provides Cloud computing, through which the user can access the hosted services through the internet from a dedicated cloud vendor who stores all your database.
  • The CRM system can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.
  • You need not to maintain manual records for obtaining the records at the end of all. The CRM application will get it done for you.  
  • Enhancement in sales management which includes sales pipeline management, sales team performance, sales tracking and sales forecasting etc.
  • Enhancement in marketing management through emails, social media and certain website actions.
  • You can get a report of the performance calculation at the end of all.
  • Maximum up-selling and cross-selling.
  • Decreases manual errors.
  • Access to the sales CRM App which can be installed on a smartphone and can be accessed from any corner of the world.
  • Mainly, helps in creating customer relationship and maintaining them in the long run.
  • Lastly increases the brand image and enhances profitability.

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You need not have to get tensed on how you are going to motivate your employees in order to work efficiently and effectively. These motivational tips may look too simple but when it comes to implementation you may have to give it some time. These are simple ways by which you can keep your assets safely with you. You need not have to spend lakhs of rupees on improving your employee’s productivity. Put in some time and efforts. And also see to that your employees are satisfied with their work.

You must also remember that all do not get motivated with the same sales motivation tips. It depends on their way of thinking as well as attitude. Some may get motivated through mere speech but some may not get motivated even if you try to inculcate most of the general tips. You can also try out asking your employees on how they get motivated by sliding these kind of questions in conversations.