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Introduce Edu CRM in your Institution

There are more and more educational institutions increasing yearly and the need for attracting, engaging and communicating with students is also high. Now the question is, how to manage and streamline the admission process as well as maintain good relationships with the students? 

The simple strategy that can be implemented in your institute is the use of an Educational CRM. 

What is an Edu CRM? 

Education CRM systems are automated software applications meant to manage and streamline communications with current students, employees, alumni and donors – every member in your family(institute). CRM for Education Industry helps the institute to maintain good relationships with the students; attract and manage corresponding qualified leads more appropriately; improve the conversion rates and  reduce the lost opportunity rate. 

The Education CRM software contains information such as student’s name, gender, contact details, educational background, email, social media and every relevant information in a single platform. You can also track every aspect of the student’s life cycle in the institution. 

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Why use Education CRM software for your institute? 

  • Maximises Conversion Rates
  • Improves Admissions and Enrolment details
  • Improves Student Relationship with Institute
  • Stores documents received and reminder about pending documents
  • Tracks leads sources
  • Tracks the courses, with most number of queries
  • Maintains Course/University details with fee structure
  • Provides real-time MIS reports and Analytical data, anywhere. 

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How does Education CRM help in converting more students enquires to admissions? 

The education CRM system helps you to understand who your potential customers are and how you need to nurture the relationship with the customers i.e, the students as well as their parents. The CRM software for educational counsellors helps to put in practical approaches in order to gain more admissions for their institute every year. 

Steps to convert student enquiries to admissions 

  1. Capture leads 
  2. Reduce response time 
  3. Send admission alerts or reminders 
  4. Make email and SMS campaigns 
  5. Automate admission process 
  6. Follow-up 
  7. Make use of multi-channel marketing 

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How does CRM for the Education industry help in maintaining good relationships with students? 

The Education CRM software will help your institution to maintain good relationships with your students throughout. It provides a platform for the institution to centralize their communication and maintain student engagement efficiently. 

Benefits of Education CRM software to maintain good relationships with students 

  • The CRM for educational institutions stores entire student information on a single platform and makes it accessible for users across various departments. 
  • The education CRM helps to send information to parents about their children i.e, the students. 
  • The education CRM measures student performance. 
  • Send alerts or reminders for payment of fees on time to avoid discrepancies and manual errors. 

How does the Education CRM system help to manage Teachers/lecturers?  

The CRM for the education industry helps to streamline the tasks assigned to teachers or lecturers. It eliminates the paper process and helps to increase the teacher/lecturer certification and other processes. It also provides real-time reports to assess and manage teacher performance. 

How to manage marketing programs for your institute with Education CRM?

There are plenty of marketing programs to increase school marketing presence and boost your institute’s online image. Introducing marketing programs for the institute can attract prospective parents and students, manage stronger communication with the parent-teacher-student and foster a positive relationship with the students or target leads ultimately.  

Benefits of using Education CRM for Marketing programs

  • Education CRM provides email lead nurturing campaigns. 
  • It allows you to develop personalized email campaigns. 
  • Student requests or inquiries can be replied through email. 
  • Send follow up emails to students and parents automatically.
  • Send online admission forms, brochures or arrange for a free demo on the courses available, fees structure, activities, exams etc. 
  • The Education CRM software can be integrated with social media to gain additional insights. 
  • It also allows you to keep track of the social media conversations that are pertinent to your institute. 

Measure Your Institution’s Progress With CRM : 

One of the great strengths of CRM software is in how it collects and organizes large quantities of useful data in a manner that is easily accessible. As a result, the CRM reports generated will make a helpful addition to your education institution recruitment measurement tools. For instance, SalesBabu’s configurable CRM comes with a readymade supporting suite which is designed especially for schools, including the following reports: 

  • Speed to Lead– A measure of how early your staff members are following up with new leads once they enter the system.
  • Meetings Outcome– A summary of all the meetings that your staff has held with leads.
  • Leads with no Scheduled Follow-up– A fast view of any leads for whom no follow-up activities such as calls, meetings, emails, have been scheduled, sorted by lead owner.
  • Leads by Stage– All leads segregated by admissions stage showing the percentage and number of each and every student.
  • Leads by Source– All leads assigned to their original source for example organic website traffic, paid advertising campaigns, online sources, etc. showing the percentage and number of each.
  • Lead Status– Leads subdivided by their status whether Hot, Warm, Cold, Not Interested, or Not Applicable.
  • Lead Conversion– Details how many of your leads have been successfully contacted, held a meeting, made an application, or enrolled with your institution over a given period of time.
  • Calls Outcome-All calls made by the particular outcome. 
  • Admissions Activities Summary– A summary of all follow-up actions taken by your admissions staff whether the calls held, meetings, emails sent, etc.

Overall features and functionalities of Education CRM for your institute 

Enquiry Management

Education CRM software is one single platform where all the incoming enquiries can be saved that turn out to be masters for the same.

  • Helps in getting & tracking all the relevant details of the student
  • It can be assigned to any user, without any problem.
  • Helps in managing contacts of the student

Tracking of Student’s Enrolment & Admission

Education CRM software maintain centralized processed data which helps the educational hubs to manage the complete data of prospective students & helps in managing the record for Enrolled & admitted students

  • Detailed students data enquired & admitted.
  • Store and manage complete details of student’s batch & roll no.
  • Structured records can be used for future references.

Follow-up Management

The CRM software for educational consultants can set up reminders for following every enquiry, so that they can talk to the prospect accordingly. Auto notifications help them to follow the prospects without missing any chances to speak to them.

  • It maintains the complete chain of communication with the prospective client.
  • It keeps track of all the remarks & discussion with the students at one place.
  • It helps effectively in getting any lead to its final closure.

Improved Enrolment Process

With the use of the education CRM system all the counsellors & educational set-up will be able to keep a track of communication between admission enquiries received and improve enrolment process for students and staff.

  • Educational Set-up can easily evaluate the worth of lead sources.
  • They can make plans & strategies to make their marketing process more smoothen
  • They can calculate their marketing budget & track ROI on these activities

MIS Analytics Reports

Educational set-up can track down all the general reports consisting complete admissions, dropouts & overall performance.

  • With the help of MIS, Educational Set-up can easily get all the reports related to students, admission etc.
  • They can easily track down the performance of organization level.
  • They can easily get the reports of Target V/S achievement of all counsellors. 

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Wrap up 

Today, Cloud CRM software has come widely in practice by many educational sectors. Having witnessed the change, education sectors are targeting to build stronger relationships with students. The CRM system enables secure access of essential information of students and empowers them to manage and control their information. 
The Cloud CRM software will boost up the marketing and campaigns that attracts the targeted segment as well as help in raising funds. If you wish to know more about the right CRM software, visit our website and request for a free demo.