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Five Innovative Helpdesk Software Features That You Need in 2021

An online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or a cloud-based helpdesk platform helps businesses manage customer support operations smartly and easily. An online helpdesk is a central point of contact for customers seeking assistance from businesses. A smart helpdesk software helps in streamlining customer support operations by automating multiple processes.

With the growing competition in business today, it’s important for companies to choose a support (helpdesk) software that has the right set of features and capabilities. SalesBabu online CRM solutions offer businesses with a helpdesk ticketing system that has all the tools required for your business to build strong customer relationships and deliver lasting customer service experiences.

Here are some of the important features that an online customer support software must offer:

Ticketing automation: 

One of the most important aspects of customer service is Ticketing. Efficient helpdesk ticketing software can automate the ticketing process, enabling businesses to save time and money. Online helpdesk software can route tickets to agents automatically based on any chosen criteria (language, agent availability, etc). Tickets that are unresolved can also be escalated to higher management after a certain period of time. Smart ticketing solutions in helpdesk software can also resolve simple tickets automatically without involving an agent working on it.

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Omni-channel support:

In the current digital landscape, clients have a cluster of options to associate with businesses, involving popularized social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, including the traditional channels that are chat and email. Such a trend is consistently on the rise. Praise such occurrences to the omnipresent omni-channel support attributes. All thanks to such helpful agents that can professionally address customer issues across all such channels without the requirements to swap among the different applications. With implementation of an integrated platform of such omni-channel support, businesses can distinctly minimize their turnaround time.

Live chat: 

Live chat is an imperative attribute delivered by most helpdesk software providers today. It encourages support agents to interact in real-time conversations with several clients simultaneously while catching and recording all customer-related details. The bulk of live chat tools consolidated into support software are mobile-friendly, providing clients an effortless means to approach businesses. Furthermore, the introduction of preformatted texts and acknowledgement in live chat can save essential time for businesses. In some scenarios, live chat can even autonomously communicate with potential clients and close deals without the need to directly support agent involvement.

Knowledge management system: 

A cloud-based ticketing software possesses a centralized database, armed with a client support agent with an essential tool to rapidly respond to common issues and resolve issues effectively. During a scenario, SalesBabu’s helpdesk software can provide internal purposes as well. Clients can conveniently use the “register complaint” feature to log their problems, which are later captivated in our complaint dashboard for effective tracking. Field agents occupied with potential leads can also access the necessary brochures through our mobile CRM applications, making sure of having perfect access to necessary information.

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A feature rich efficient cloud-based helpdesk software makes way for smooth team collaborations and interactions and provides quality output. For instance, a support executive might need information access to a customer’s payment history and other valuable records. Being able to collaborate with another team within the organization can help support agents resolve tickets faster and make customers satisfied with the service quality.

Conclusion – 

If you have more than one person working in your customer service department, then you’ve definitely heard of the “helpdesk software” system. If you’re wondering whether a customer support helpdesk ticketing system could add any more value to your customer support operations then you’ve reached the right place. Take a look at these extensive features to understand all about helpdesk ticketing systems. Reach out to us for a FREE demo.

These are some of the important features an online helpdesk must offer! Contact SalesBabu CRM and discuss your CRM requirements with our solution experts.