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How to Create Winning Sales Proposal

Sales proposals plays a major role in closing sales. A well written and well presented sales proposal can create major impression of your business which leads to winning or losing the leads. 

Every customer has different needs and preferences based on their business, thus it becomes very important to customize every sales proposal email with regard to the demands of the customer. Winning and losing leads are a part of the business process, but put your 100% to create the best impression with your sales proposal emails. 

Here are tips for you to create a winning sales proposal 

1. Understand your customer’s needs and requirements 

The first step towards quote creation is understanding your customer’s needs and requirements. Understanding your customer’s problems and creating sales proposals accordingly around solving their problems can help them figure out how your product or service will help them overcome their problems. 

You should also keep your competitors in mind and focus on how best you can be to fulfill their needs and requirements. How to keep an eye on your competitors? Tips on How to Research your Competition

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2. Customize your template 

Templates are the best way to ensure consistency and save time. Customized templates creates a good impression on your customers and makes them feel valued. Using a Quotation Software can help you customize templates and even prepare templates from scratch. Here are certain benefits of using a Quotation Software – 

  • Choose your own Sales Quoting template
  • Add Internal/External Notes at SKU level or Quote Level
  • Hide Total Amount & Total Quantity. in a Quote
  • Add product collaterals as attachments to sales quote
  • Adds sales tax, discounts, freight etc automatically through VARStreet rules/connections
  • Create a custom bundle on the fly while quoting
  • Request your own Custom template (Add On)
  • Add print with Due date and Consolidated price

3. Keep it simple and structured yet impressive 

The longer the proposal, the less likely your leads will read the proposal completely. Do not give deep explanations or make it a fancy proposal, instead keep it short and brief. 

So, what to add in the sales proposal? 

  • Start the content with an outline summary before explaining. 
  • Provide benefits, facts and statistics to support the statements. 
  • Nail the opportunity statement 
  • Give at least three pricing options to your customer – expensive to low budget solution. 
  • Check your grammar and spellings. 

How short should the sales proposal be? 

Every business requirement is different from the other. Ideally, the proposal should not exceed more than two – three pages. If the business requirement exceeds more than three pages, you can exceed the pages upto 8 pages if necessary. 

4. Use visuals 

Make the sales proposal more interactive with multimedia i.e, use demo videos or images, visual comparisons etc. Visuals can communicate better than a long paragraph of words. Keep in mind that the visual representatives should look professional and on brand. 

5. Include digital signature 

Digital signature is a feature where the prospect can sign the document electrically. Including digital signature allows your prospects to carry out the conversion process without any administrative hassles. 

6. Provide instant closing of deal 

When the proposals are presented professionally, you are creating an impression on your prospects. Using a Proposal software allows you to generate highly attractive proposals and helps your sales reps to convince your customers that the solution you are providing them can best suit their needs and requirements. Thus, your clients can immediately sign the proposal and make the further payments from a secure and encrypted web link that you have sent the prospect or say client. 

7.Arrange Prices from High to Low

When communicating a proposal, specifically one including enterprise-level expenses, there’s a probability that even your cheapest-priced offering may originally surprise your prospect. To alleviate any potential sticker shock, make sure to present your price scaling from the highest to the lowest. Communicating with your highest price proposals option and progressively going downward helps to shield from triggering an immediate unfavorable reaction. On the contrary, if you initiate with a cheap price and work your way up, your potential prospect might become more defensive. Such a simple yet productive psychological planning significantly contributes to promoting positive responses to your proposal.

8. Provide Multiple Options

Traditional proposals most frequently deliver a single solution, potentially limiting your earning potential. To optimize your resultants, grant three solutions at different price levels. Proposing a range of options, involving a higher-tier option, settling you strategically. Moreover, presenting multiple choices within one proposal minimizes the likelihood of your prospective customer shopping around with competitors. Such an approach demonstrates you as your own competition, making a mutually beneficial situation. When presented with several options, leads tend to feel more consistent with their final decision, having had enough detail and context for catching up with a well-informed choice. Mostly, a simple comparison of solutions at multiple tiers results in closing deals at an installment price.

What can help you make better Sales Quotations? 

Using a Proposal software or say a Sales Quotation Software empowers you to prepare an effective, professional quote for your customers’ consideration, complete with rich content and full technical specifications. It’s simple to add cross-sell and up-sell suggestions to maximize your potential sell-through. Also you have much more information to prepare a Sales Quote that has higher chances of winning, since it brings real-time inventory and price information from multiple distributors in a centralized location. All this is through web-based Sales Quoting software which means, getting the product information and creating a sales quote which is just a few clicks away, plus your customers will be able to view and approve the quote online. 

SalesBabu Quotation maker is a feature rich Proposal software that helps you to create quotations in minutes and send email quotes in seconds.  

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Benefits of using a Sales Quotation Software 

1. Streamline your quotation process 

With a proposal software you can create or generate attractive and visually engaging proposals in order to grab the attention of your customers. You can create full-fledged quotes with quotation number, customer name and product or service related details with personalized notes with the help of a Sales Quotation software. Thus, without much time or effort the Sales proposal email can be sent to your clients with a single click. 

2. Reduced quotation time 

The Proposal software provides a quick and easy way to create proposals. You need not have to spend hours together preparing a proposal. The proposal software drastically reduces the time as well as effort spent on creating proposals. Thus, your prospects would be surprised about how fast you are submitting proposals to them. And most importantly, your prospects need not have to wait for the proposal. 

3. Catalogue your services and products 

Add new services and products by entering the product name, rate per unit along with a unique ID. Directly fetch product specific details from this catalogue and use them to generate quotations with CRM quotation software.

4. Easy online sales quotation creation 

You just need to customize a template from the proposal software within minutes and you are all ready to send the proposals to your prospects. You can also create your own template from scratch. With the help of the Proposal software you can send instant proposals to your prospects on their demand.

5. Save time with automation 

The Proposal software provides a quick and easy way to create proposals. You need not have to spend hours together preparing a proposal. The proposal software drastically reduces the time as well as effort spent on creating proposals. Thus, your prospects would be surprised about how fast you are submitting proposals to them. And most importantly, your prospects need not have to wait for the proposal. 

Use SalesBabu Sales Quotation maker to win more sales 

If you are still juggling with MS Word or Google Docs to create your Sales Proposal, you are surely way behind the present trend. Use of Automated tools has drastically improved each and every business process, right from the generation of leads. 

Can your business survive without a Proposal Software? Click here to know why and how a Proposal software can help your business to win more leads. 

The SalesBabu Sales Quotation maker tool comes with advanced features to generate quotes order. Your sales reps need not have to spend a lot of time in drafting proposals, getting approvals and preparing reports. Want to know more about our Sales Quotation Management software? Check out our blog – Online Sales Quoting & Proposal Software

Features provided in SalesBabu Quotation Software 

  1. Creation and management of Sales quotes 
  2. Quotes customizations 
  3. Productive search filters 
  4. Online viewing of Sales Quotes 
  5. Online confirmation of Sales Quotes 
  6. GST Tax configuration
  7. Quotation follow-up  
  8. Mobile Sales Quotation Management app  

You can also request for a free demo at SalesBabu CRM Solutions where our CRM expert will take you through the working of the Quotation maker. SalesBabu CRM Solution also provides on-demand CRM Software system that helps businesses to manage good customer relationship as well streamline the entire business process. Visit our website to know more


Writing sales proposals to win business is surely a skill. Once you start developing the skill of presenting the right sales proposal to the right clients, you’ll get better at it. The Sales Proposal Software is like an icing on the cake as it helps you to present a professional impression on your clients.