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7 Common Misconceptions About Legacy CRMs

7 Common Misconceptions About Legacy CRMs

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)  software is commonly used in organizations to track the information of customers. When you deploy the right online CRM solution for your business it enables you to analyze the right leads and streamline your entire sales process. The CRM system we deploy for the pharmacy industry is far different from the CRM system we deploy for the electrical industry. Before you buy CRM software for your organization or industry, you should analyze and understand which CRM system suits your organization or industry needs. 

Legacy CRM is built for sales leaders and not for salespeople. This legacy CRM system is also referred to as an early generation browser-based system (in-house client-server model). A legacy CRM system uses older technology and cannot be integrated with applications built with new technology. As technology advances, companies find it difficult with the issues caused by an existing legacy CRM system.

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The reason behind the company continue using the legacy system is varied:

  • Investment: Legacy CRM involves high initial cost and high maintenance and security cost. Upgrading to a newer system requires an upfront cost.
  • Fear: Making change is always has a threat of losing data, this results in resistance to change. Adopting a new system with all the existing data will be time-consuming and a risk to the business.
  • Difficulty: The legacy CRM system may be built with older technology and with little documentation. It is difficult to find the personnel with the skill of that particular technology. Simply planning to migrate from legacy CRM and the scope of requirements for the new system will be  very large.

In some cases, companies in a variety of industries want to do more with their business. They don’t want their legacy CRM system to hold them back, but they’re not interested in replacing the legacy system, which in most cases does a great job of doing what it was designed to do. They just want to use that data in the cloud to enhance their business agility.

It is better to switch to emerging platforms-cloud computing (cloud-based CRM software) CRM rather than using the legacy CRM which is more expensive (piling up expenses with negligible ROI), complex software, and difficult to track your customers. Cloud-based CRM software is affordable, easy installation, customizable, easy integration, and with myriads of benefits. 

Misconceptions About Legacy CRM System

  1. Integrate Legacy CRM 

In case, they might need to integrate the project’s data from a PC-based server that will meet all of those needs. But it is a massive process, involves replacing the whole legacy CRM system with integration. It is very expensive, risky, and time-consuming. It will hold up any projects that need such integration and slow down project progress.

But with a cloud-based CRM software, it is easy to implement quickly and can be integrated easily with other applications as well. It is less expensive compared to modifying legacy CRM systems.

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  1. Legacy CRM To Grow Your Business

As legacy CRM system is designed based on the need of the organization and it will highly improve the performance of the sales and hence the growth of the business. But with a newer generation, the business also has to grow according to the current need. It is necessary to adopt new technologies. Building and maintaining a legacy system need a separate IT team. Modifying the legacy CRM require IT personnel with skill in which the legacy CRM was developed. It is highly risk-oriented and expensive.

Online CRM solutions enable you to grow your business with current cloud computing technology. Its major benefit of accessing CRM anywhere around the clock helps the company to operate remotely which is the most important aspect for the current need. This online CRM solutions enhanced the growth of the business even under this pandemic situation. It allowed the businesses to keep functioning without any interruption even under COVID-19 situation.

  1. Deploying Legacy CRM With High-Cost Will Deliver High Returns

Deploying legacy CRM involves high costs but it has a lot of limitations in installing, maintaining, accessibility, integration, security, collaboration, and more. With these limitations expecting high returns is also limited. 

In this competitive world, we should act proactively otherwise we will lose our opportunity to win business. You should keep track of your customers and competitors in a 360-degree view with online CRM applications to win your customers faster and engage them.

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  1. Legacy CRM Are Easy To Implement

Legacy CRM involves the IT team to implement the software and keep it running. Even salespeople must know code if they stuck in between. With legacy CRM, salespeople have to do a lot of data entry works. This involves a lot of work for salespeople and has reduced time to concentrate on important tasks. This creates stress to salespeople and leads to reduced efficiency in achieving their sales.

Online CRM application automatically stores the data in the cloud. You don’t have to hire any IT professionals to implement the software and no data entry work. You just get access from the cloud CRM provider like salesBabu CRM and start using it instantly. In today’s situation, there is great demand for cloud-based CRM which has comparatively more benefits than legacy CRM that is required for this generation.

Implementing legacy CRM will take at least 6 months and you have to hold up your project until that time period but an online CRM solutions can be implemented within 1 month as per your need. An online CRM solutions allows you to customize the user interface and easy to integrate with other application which is needed for your business.

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  1. Legacy CRM Is Easy To Learn

As legacy CRM is developed by the IT professional in particular for that project or company this will help them to learn the product easily. But for the salespeople, it will take a lot of time to know the complex CRM product and get connected to CRM. This in turn reduces the adoption rates and efficient operation of CRM.

Online CRM application with easy accessibility, and it is mobile-friendly as well. It enables salespeople to use CRM like Facebook, Twitter. This feature of the online CRM application creates curiosity for the salespeople to explore and learn more about CRM. Understanding the CRM more helps salespeople to adopt CRM more. This increases their sales activities and enables them to achieve the target.

  1. Legacy CRM Provides Great Customer Support

Legacy CRM can provide customer support only during office hours because of its limitations. But in the case of an online CRM application, it is possible to provide 24/7 technical assistance. The history of queries and solutions of customers are automatically stored in the cloud helps the customer support people to respond quickly to the customer queries which enhances customer satisfaction. 

  1. Legacy CRM Can Enhance Productivity

Generally, salespeople do lots of research in identifying the right leads for their business and conversion. Salespeople should dedicate so much time to sell and increase their win rates under the pressure of their competitors. In legacy CRM the salespeople have to manually add the leads, call details, create email copies and send emails to prospects. These data entry jobs will diminish productivity.

Online CRM solutions reduces all these data entry jobs by automatically recording the interactions and details of prospects in the cloud. Automatic email campaign series to the prospects. This saves a lot of time for salespeople and enables them to concentrate on achieving the target and increase the productivity.


Legacy CRM is an early generation CRM but now in this competitive world, you should prefer an intuitive CRM system that suits this generation of customers. Select the best CRM that suits your business needs. SalesBabu CRM provides you an online CRM application with enhanced benefits. Switch to cloud-based CRM and use your CRM at your fingertips, increase productivity, manage and organize your sales from wherever you are. Feel free to request a demo.

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