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CRM Software For Higher Education | SalesBabu CRM

Like other business industries, the education industry also focused on acquiring new students and retaining business by providing higher education opportunities to those who are already pursuing their courses. It is as similar as developing a new customer chain and retaining the existing for acquiring new business opportunities; hence we need CRM to manage the quantity of data required to sort according to sales need.

Globalization of the Education Industry has increased the competition for the higher education wing. From student acquisition campaigns  to registration  the process needs to be easy, simple, user friendly and information need to be quickly accessible. Specific industry data management requirements can be fully filled by only EduCRM designed and offered by SalesBabu. To manage & synchronize student enquiries on single platform, and generate all the reports related to student in the CRM, SalesBabu EduCRM Solution provide you freedom of paperless office, you can generate online registration forms, capture soft data, process selection, automatic reminders, manage course payment schedules, quick correspondence by email, sms etc. Easy to use interface not only enhance admin capabilities, also provide students to have timely recommendations for higher Studies and facilitate the process for being touched with the corresponding administrative team of any educational institute using SalesBabu EduCRM.

Difficulties in Higher Education Industry

  • How to track all student Enquiries properly?
  • How to collect Fees & Payments?
  • How to manage Courses Information?
  • How to handle Student course Counseling?
  • Is it possible to handle Centralize Student Information Databases?
  • How to handle admissions and course interest?
  • Is it possible to handle Students & Guardians Complaints?
  • Is it possible to increase student interest in your course?
  • Is it possible to run marketing campaigns on segregate student pools?
  • How to Manage Internal Staff (Faculty members & staff members)
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CRM benefits in higher education industry

  • Enable to handle student Enquiries on one platform
  • Provide centric database and reduce IT infrastructure cost
  • Enable Educational hubs & institutional to approach the decision maker authority
  • Enable to handle lucrative Counseling management
  • Help institutions to do Follow-Ups on students inquiries
  • Enable to get reminders related to fees & Pending payment
  • Get real time Student Database and MIS for future reference
  • Maintain alumni database Separately

Higher Education Industry & CRM

CRM in the higher education industry is always an important component which tends to track entire student enquiries properly and help them to synchronize entire information @ each level lucratively. CRM applications store all information at one platform and can use this information for future communication. CRM automatically creates a detailed database related to students, their parents and about inquired courses, qualification matrix, eligibility criteria.

CRM Silent Features in Education Industry

Streamline Pre-Sales Work Force

CRM allows Institutions to manage entire student enquiries on the software like details of courses applied by student, their parent’s details, and all the mandate details which required filling an application form like their email ids, qualification certificate details. Even reminders for next follow ups and action can be preset and defined.

Manage Enrollment Process

CRM helps institutions to manage their student enrollment process on a single platform, where they can put automatic fee reminders, scholarship fees concessions and can synchronize all the enrollment processes within a few clicks on the computer system.

Lucrative Student & Management MIS

CRM enables institutes to take all operational and functional reports, not only related to students, management reports can be generated and retrieved through Higher Education CRM.

Hence, in higher education institutions & universities are going to change their internal & external process, in which manner they are serving the students previously. But nowadays institutions must focus on student satisfaction & industry competition, which is the reason Educational CRM becomes the oxygen of most of the educational Hubs.

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Higher education institutions are experiencing vital changes in the way they operate and interact with their customers – students, their parents, alumni, employers, and staff members. Customers in higher education are demanding more attention and instant service and so proactive universities are turning to technology – Online CRM software for educational institutions to cater to this demand in an effective way.

How CRM plays a crucial role in the education industry

CRM is also serving businesses by offering the best services. 

  1. Better interactions –  It gives you a central view of every interaction, engagement with your students, staff, and trustees. The client’s trust is based upon your services of the product, how these are very much realistic. The more you offer the better services the deeper the relation of the client. For this, you should know about your client’s history. So, CRM has all the records of your clients who are attached to the company profile. Not only the current clients but it will also alert potential clients.
  2. Manage leads as well as the customer’s relation – This not only will manage the leads but also manages the relation of clients even the lead ends. It will allow you to manage your lead, student collaboration, and recruitments on the unified dashboard.
  3. Cost-saving – Well, startup of the customer relationship management is a little expensive but over time and with the features it outweighs the costs. With the help of this, many of the tasks are completed, the staff is satisfied, and work is scheduled in proper management.
  4. Time-saving – Most of the activities are done with the support of CRM. Therefore, it is a time-saving way to run a business. CRM will solve all the problems of staff or students, manage the leads, and build the relation with customers.

What CRM systems do?

The key objective of Customer Relationship Management systems is to automate and manage communications with current and prospective customers – students, employees, alumni, donors; everyone in your institution’s community. Information of the customer, such as the name of the lead, their gender, contact number, educational background, email id, marketing materials, social media and any other relevant information across different channels is compiled into a centralized database enabling quick and easier information access, allowing to personalize and customize messages and the channels used to deliver the message to the student in a timely manner. Each and every customer interaction is tracked by a cloud-based CRM system, all in one place.

CRM systems are extremely beneficial to higher education institutions. Few main benefits of using an education CRM system are described below.

Firstly, utilizing a CRM for the education industry to drive faster service. Speed up the response time by automating emails and other types of communication channels. Education CRM systems provide real-time data that may be useful in important decision making. And through a cloud-based education CRM system, you may track every aspect of a student’s life cycle. Another important advantage of an online education CRM system is workflow automation. This feature will make sure that you never forget to respond or follow up on an inquiry ever again. Tracking is yet another great feature that comes with most of the CRM systems. It helps institutions to track from which website a particular student used to find the institution. This enables a smarter marketing budget planning, allocating resources to the most effective marketing campaigns. While implementing a CRM system is quite costly and time-consuming, the return on investment (ROI) is clear as soon as enrollments start flowing in as students respond to outstanding service.

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