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SalesBabu CRM Software For Manufacturing Industry

SalesBabu CRM Software For Manufacturing Industry

Streamline Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production & Finance Manufacturing has undergone a transformation in this century with the advent of new technologies and core competencies moving on to new markets. There is unprecedented demand from emerging markets and collaborative supply models are beginning to evolve. At the same time, the environmental concerns also need to be […] more

CRM Software For Service Industry

CRM for Service Industry

In today’s cutthroat competitive business service and support departments are at the forefront of a company’s success. Customer success depends on combining and coordinating customer service reps with the rest of the company. Generating valuable customer data is integral to the customer support process.  With unique and dedicated service and support features of the customer […] more

Cloud-Based Call Center Software Solutions

Call Center CRM- A Key to their Success

When you run a high-quality call center, your target is to provide the best customer support. To increase and maintain great customer satisfaction levels, robust and powerful customer service is very important. A powerful cloud-based call center management system solution makes all the difference in today’s competitive business world. SalesBabu Call center CRM software provides […] more

Online AMC Management Software for UPS/Inverters Business

Service CRM Software in UPS/Inverters Business

Globally the company’s needs uninterrupted power supply and inverters and UPS industries are providing the solution and it is growing enormously. The inverters and UPS market in India, which has experienced a huge growth in recent years, demand and supply is also managed but the after sales service is the concern. Inverter and UPS maintenance […] more

Best policies for repeat orders :

Best policies for repeat orders 1

When you treat your customers right, they will not just come back to you …but they will get two more customers for you.  Repeat orders are purely proportional to customer satisfaction, attainment of loyal customers and customer retention. All these are the main priorities of the goal list in an organisation. Gaining customer satisfaction and […] more

Customer Service Before and After CRM Implementation | SalesBabu CRM

Strengthen Your Customer Service

Customers are lifelines for every business. In terms of revenue and to gain market reliability it is required to treat, serve and care your customers with delight. Customer service is a provision of service before and after sales. Customer satisfaction is a key for any customer service operation. Let’s see how we can add more […] more

Single Click To View Sales Activities :

Single Click To View Sales Activities

For every business, the one thing which is more challenging than finding potential leads, is converting them in a successful sales. A business looking forward to make it big in the market with a good conversion ratio, sales tracking and management is one of the most important steps to forward with. The ability to track […] more