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15 Benefits of Using an Efficient Distributor Management System

15 Benefits of Using an Efficient Distributor Management System

Distribution management system (DMS) appears quite a simple term that means simply  managing your company’s distributors by collecting payments, supplying products,  and handling returns. But there is much more than these basic activities have given the operational complexities and technological developments in modern days. It is becoming crucial for companies to have an efficient distributor management system to leverage their supply chain resources.

The key benefits of an efficient system for distributor management are-

1. Promoting long-term relations 

The modernized and technologically advanced distribution management system solution is much more useful in creating a win-win situation for the entire parties involved in the supply chain. Moreover, it not only helps in achieving mutual growth but also helps in developing a long-term relationship between them. 

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2. Correct inventory management

Regardless of the size of your company, inventory management will be a headache if not having a proper system in place. But thanks to the technologically advanced distributor management systems that include this essential and significant feature as part of the package.

When this system is amalgamated with your supply chain, there shall be no out-of-stock or access inventory. Even if your company has a large number of goods, distributors, and retailers covering a huge and large market, there shall be quite a low number of errors.

3. Easy management of distributor claims

Businesses have to deal with various and numerous claims including claims for defective goods, returns from clients, rewards, etc. What if all of these requirements are fulfilled by a complete and single distribution management system? A company using an all-inclusive DMS brings the benefits of easy claims management and can strengthen relationships with distributors.

Distributor Management System and its Work

4. Correct order management

Needless to say that a smart and advanced distribution management system(DMS) amalgamates many automated stages and communication. This lessens human intervention and any manual errors. Thus, companies with large networks managing hundreds and more than that orders daily gain the benefit of correct order management.

Moreover, these benefit offers advantages to all involved parties, i.e.  dealers, manufacturers, and retailers. They do not have to worry about issues like late or early order placement, lost sales, late delivery and many more.  

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5. Quick contract documentation and approval

When the entire process and stages are online and information is stored in a database, the approval and contracting process becomes quite quick and easy. It can save time for both manufacturers and retailers so that they may  give more attention to sales and promotional activities. Also, there shall be much lesser paperwork since most of the documentation will be done in a digital format.

6. A single communication platform for all parties

When a business implements a smart work and system for product distribution, it will gain a major advantage in terms of streamlined communication. Right from any ordering and any delivery returns management, reporting, and payments to promotions, pricing, and everything is covered. This  means, all the parties involved in the sales process and supply process shall communicate flawlessly on a single platform.

7. Well-aligned pricing and promotions

This is quite a big challenge for many companies. But there are some distribution management systems that have this significant feature craftily integrated. If your company wants to align promotions and pricing well with your supply network, your company has got to implement efficient software like this.

Moreover, a technologically advanced distributor management system software  allows manufacturers to collect performance information on distributors, product lines, and markets at regular intervals. Firms can create customized promotions, and pricing, and can offer based on these reports.  

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8. Trouble-free delivery and returns management

Product delivery may be the most important step in the supply chain process and stages. Therefore, regular coordination between the sales team, distributors, warehouse,  and retailers is inevitable. A distributor management system software is designed to meet all these requirements and contains sophisticated features that can foster scheduled executions of delivery and return requests.

9. Well-organized payment collection

When your company has everything managed well with a business suit, its overall effect shall be evident in terms of profit margin. So, this is one of the key benefits of an efficient distributor management system software as part of a complete business software solution. A DMS can make invoice generation, due alerts, payment collection, and reminders easy and can be organized. So the business does not have to worry about it and may focus on other important work.

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10. Better achievements and targets 

The major challenge for sales departments and distributors is to increase revenue every financial year. But a company may aid its efforts with efficient distribution and supply chain management system software. This is because they can get a clear picture of the sales departments’ performance and will set realistic yet challenging targets.

Distributor Management System

11. Effective reporting

Like any company’s software solution, an efficient distributor management system software comes with a user-friendly dashboard. This will helps users, i.e. sales department,  warehouse, distributors, and payment collection department to have a view and download essential reports and make decisions easily. They can even view and check daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

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12. Optimum utilization of resources

One of the best things about a powerful distribution management system software is that it can lead to the optimum utilization of resources. It is an undeniable fact that efficient and technologically advanced order management returns process, delivery, and payment collection system backed by powerful reporting feature play a vital role in achieving sales targets and having desirable growth. 

13. Figure Out Problems In Your Company

As the sales increases, the management software and accounting software for the business authorizes the companies to make sure if there are new financial issues that companies should avoid. There are times when accurate reporting by these software company representatives can determine whether a transaction is incorrect or should be stopped or maintained by a company’s malicious conduct. Therefore, the company will face a few problems in the coming future.

Such software allows companies to trace all transactions through counter checks and check for any inconvenience that could lead to huge issues.

14. Efficient Workflow

For customer satisfaction an Advanced Distribution Management System supports companies that serve customers more effectively. If you do not order in advance, the order will be settled and delivered. It leads to businesses looking more essential and capable than the customer, leading to more demand in the industry.

Hence, companies utilizing the software can manage all processes more essentially and quickly as everything is automated. Since everything is displayed in a simple-to-understand, converted to a vendor that is unfamiliar with the system, the wait time report is deceased.

15. Improved Time Management

For better business development, with easy inventory monitoring and operation, companies can manage a lot of time. It can allow companies to manage more time on tasks such as improving customer service or to enhance advertising campaigns. Hence, business management software is a time-saving medium, not a cost-effective medium.

In such a scenario a company can maintain their time more essentially and reduce wastage of time on automated inventory and accounting workflow. Also helping to save valuable time that companies can utilize in other important aspects of the company, such as sales and marketing.

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Technologically advanced distributor management system software is important for any business producing fast-moving goods regardless of their size. Also, the benefits outweigh the cost of a DMS and its implementation.

If your company is looking for a complete system software solution like this, look no further. We, SalesBabu DMS, have created an evolutionary solution that offers numerous advantages including those discussed above. 

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