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Are You Going To Give Your First Sales Demo???

The first opportunity at the first job is exceptionally exciting and a blend of feelings like anxiousness with bountiful confidence and zeal to prove oneself. Sales opportunity brings a lot of challenges and responsibilities of amplifying the success ratio of the organization with a focused approach to understand customer requirements and tailor your product to the customer needs. Are you going to give your first sales presentation to the client? Congrats….  And give your best so that you don’t miss the opportunity. While giving your best in your first opportunity, there are certain recommendations that can give you an added advantage. Let’s discuss them here ….

Develop A Thorough Understanding Of The Product 

This is the first and foremost step towards a successful sales closure. You need to give complete attention to all products in your bucket. You should know the features, the process flow,  the added advantages of using the product and so on. Your knowledge should be sound enough so the later you could convince the customer

Understand Customer Requirements With Due Intelligence 

 If you are not understanding client’s requirement, there is no point in providing a suitable product to the customer which can satisfy his needs . So give time and patience to understand your client’s requirements.

Confirm the demo 

The sales demo is planned in advance and it is important to confirm the demo in prior. Make sure that the prospect is willing to join you for the demo on the planned date and time. Incase, there is some emergency or postponing of the demo get it checked in advance. If there are add ons to the demo get it confirmed and follow up with confirmation email a few hours prior to the demo.  

Give Adequate Solutions To Clients Queries

If your knowledge is through and you have well understood the clients requirements beforehand,  you can easily give a correct solution to all the client’s queries. Client satisfaction is based upon the solutions offered by the sales person  while having product demo.

Prepare Your Own Solution Bank

Many a times, you might get stuck in some of the queries asked by the customer. You might have to take your senior help. Such typical questions periodically are faced by freshers. It’s a good approach to prepare your solution bank to all the difficult queries so that you have your knowledge bank ready for future reference. This approach can save a lot of time and can  improve your productivity

Be Confident 

Self -Confidence can help you get the best first impression and is the ultimate essential ingredient for success. Be confident while giving presentation to the client and keep your points without any hitch. This improves your success chances 10 times greater. 

Never interrupt your prospect when he/she is talking

When your prospect is asking you any question, you might have already understood what he/she may ask. But, never interrupt him/her. If you jump into answering the question you may land onto answering what he/she never thought. Let the prospect finish his/her part of questions and queries. Once your prospect is done, answer the questions calmly and clearly. 

Answer the prospect’s questions by flipping it around on them 

Once you read the point, you might be wondering what does this mean? How can I throw questions at them? I may lose them if I do so, etc etc… you may be having multiple questions. 

You should make use of your intelligence and smartness in this situation. Do not just show-off what you sell. Make use of tricks to let your prospects why your product is the best and how it can suit their organisation. 

You might be thinking, what tricks? How and why? Ok, let me give you an example. A CRM expert is giving a demo about their software to a prospect. When your prospect is asking you about the working of the features to handle sales activities, do not just jump into telling a long benefit list of the features that your CRM software provides. Ask them what they are expecting from the sales software. Once they are done with their part of the explanation, tell how your automated features in the CRM Software can help them achieve their goals. If you want a CRM software for your business, then don’t waste time and feel free to request a Free Demo at SalesBabu CRM. You can also access CRM app from your smartphones. You can visit our website to know more about its emerging features

Thus, these questions act like tricks in order to show why and how you are the best. It also makes your prospects gain trust in you due to your intelligence and confidence. 

Some Rules for effective demo engagement : 

An effective demo is much like art as a science. Mastering the technical qualifications is just one part, but you need to convey the competency and also the passion. Make your customers feel great about you, your products, and also your services.

  • Speak their language – While qualifying the leads you would have noticed that they use certain words and phrases, use the same words and phrases later. Look at the previous email exchanges and look for the terminology that they have used. Make an effort to speak much in their language. If you use some of the acronyms which they do not understand, they usually would not ask what that means. It’s just like the school days: nobody likes to be that person who asks stupid questions. 
  • When should you interrupt a prospect during a demo – A prospect is asking you a long-winded question and when it is halfway you already know what the question is. You eagerly jump into and answer his question which he is not completely formulated. Never interrupt a prospect who is asking questions for you. In some of the worst cases, you would have made a wrong assumption and answered the question which he didn’t ask you, which he will isolate him twice because you have cut him off for once and once you have demonstrated that you misunderstood him.

    It is much better if you avoid putting in all these tough situations. If you have answered the questions also nobody would know that, so it is better to let the prospects complete the sentence. 
  • Managing the time – The most important thing to keep your demo effective is managing the time. An experienced demo pro will complete the demo in an agreed timeframe. But an inexperienced demo person will take lots of time till the prospects cut them off and they apologize for going overtime. 

    Start your demos on time. If you’re going to start the demo late because your prospect is late, confirm that they should bring the full amount of the time to the table that they have promised for you.

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Be playful in unexpected scenarios

There may come a situation where there is a sudden error message during the demo. And you are unable to proceed further due to these internal mistakes. Its true that you do not have your part of fault in it but you need to proceed anyhow. 

Do not fumble or mumble at this moment and do not try to cover it up by giving reasons like – “This is the first time something like this ever happened”. No, these covering up sentences can be the main reason to throw you off the game within a second. 

Be enthusiastic and confident. Walk them through your support team experience and be playful to explicitly spell out the value of your product. Incase you are unable to convert a prospect into a sale, do not worry. Every prospect cannot be a sale and you need to handle rejections and failure as challenges. 

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Ultimately, while closing the deal make sure that you sell them when they are ready to buy. If you are successful enough to impress them at the first go, it is the right time you ask them out to proceed to the next level.