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Why does your business need a Distribution Management System?

A distribution management system platform is seemingly confusing at the first glance and at the start. The distribution management system is used to stimulate, maintain, and manage the complete stock flow and its operations and processes which can be achieved throughout your business retailer and distributor network and business. 

A distributor management system is very important in every business because of its potential features and in case you are a business distributor or a wholesaler your business profit margins and success rates are essentially and genuinely completely dependent on the business and the turnover of your collective business products and goods.

To put it in simple words, the more products you sell, the better it will be for your business and organization or company.

You will also be handling a business repository of many perishables at the same time. This will simply mean that you will not be able to afford to manage and store more than optimum and required stocks at any point in time in your business deals. 

Moreover, the excess stocks of your business may turn into a huge burden that might demand a lot to be distributed and maintained within their shelf-life so you must be able to manage and maintain it really well.

Currently, you will have to strike a perfect balance between the situation of demand and distribution management. To achieve this, you will need to have a proper comprehensive and best distribution system that will understand the diverse aspects of your business marketplace which is very important. 

When handling all these incoming and outgoing products and goods through a single and common platform, you will be able to learn to expand and increase your product and good sales.

Before you understand the operations and processes of a distribution management software platform, let us examine the main and critical challenges which are very important and must be faced in the distribution management operation or process. 

This will help you gain a very important and comprehensive business system that will be conceived to maintain and tackle these business issues with the help of distribution and management system operations and processes.

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Primary challenges faced by the distributors

By understanding the current situation, these are the main and important challenges that are usually faced by the distributor within an organization. With a proper understanding of the most important point of the current issue of these main challenges, you will be able to become adapted to negotiate these various chief problems that usually occur.

#Too Many Retailers to Cover

Even with a little rise of the multiple retailers and business options, the various number of business retailers will continue to rise steadily every now and then. This will also mean that you will have more feasible and important opportunities to sell your business goods and products.

#Streamlining the Business Supply Chain

In many industries and business organizations, you might have observed that they would be facing large-scale business problems and fluctuation and various changes in the volume and range of the orders that they usually take and distribute. 

A business supply chain distribution management system software CRM will let you understand, maintain, manage, and incorporate these various fluctuations as soon as possible, which will enable you to easily and in a simpler format to manage your business orders and deals.

Supply chain streamlining

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#Product or Good Overcrowding

In the current days, many industry verticals are overcrowded in a positive manner. A good or product from a business is not only going to compete with similar goods and products but also all the goods and products that will offer a similar purpose and utility.

To explain it in simple words, it actually means that if you are trying to sell a packet of chips then you might have to consider the manufacturers of biscuits as your direct competitor only then things will work out well in the current competitive world. It is required for you to achieve and accomplish the shelf space with optimal views to acquire the minimum requirements of your goods or product turnover and bulk.

#Managing the Statistic of the Available Products or Goods

Most of the distributors will suffer from a problem which is a disconnection between the available business inventory list and its retail demands and requirements. This will be able to alternately lead to loss of orders or orders that might be taken for the list of unavailable stocks according to available business inventory.

This information management that is absent will also have an effect of delay and late arrival over your entire business sales pipeline and important business operations and procedures. Hence, the best use of the distribution ERP and dealer distribution management software along with the distribution management system software of your business will help you solve this issue and run your business smoothly. 

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#Maintaining Prompt Order Taking

In case you are a distributor of any business organization, especially in the current competitive product and good space, the major difference between a successful one and a failure may come down to business retailers’ interest level and demand for your brand and product. 

You might also need to present a simple and easily accessible product catalogue for every customer and prospect so that things become easier for them. 

In the experience of certain situations, you are basically putting effort and trying to sell business products that are mostly similar to your product and goods. Use the best distribution and management system to achieve profits and run your business well.

#Creating an Ordering Cycle

If you are able to learn anything and everything from this particular blog, it is all about the major significance of establishing an order cycle for your business that might actually bring in certain repeated and periodic business orders and deals. 

It will also practically ensure a regular business turnover for your brand, goods, and products without any action and the best prospecting. Hence, make proper use of the dealer distribution management system along with the distributor system to make sure that your business runs well with profits and good orders and deals.

#Dependency on the Reports

Mostly all companies depend on reports. Growth of a company largely depend on the accuracy and speed of the reports. So, data available to company members is very crucial for making right business decisions. However, the existing manual procedure wastes time and decreases productivity. While large data is collected from many points and influenced by many factors, it lacks the ability to measure and deliver valuable business insight. It is beneficial to have DMS which can generate number of customisable reports on real time. It provides reports like products, product stock, region sales at their fingertips, that helps them to make relevant decisions to grow their businesses.

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Negotiating these Challenges with a Distribution Channel

In many business organizations or industries, there is a facility of a smart distribution platform that will accelerate and streamline the complete business flow of products and goods. 

This will help you maintain and manage a healthy and balanced level of goods and products across the complete distributor management system network.

This business process or operation will let you create and maintain a well-organized and planned stock business flow that will help you build a solid relationship between a distributor and a retailer. 

The distribution management software operation and the process will also help you in avoiding wasting precious and important resources within your distribution and management system platform.

Distribution Channel Negotiating the Challenges

Taking Orders and Handling Stocks

The gap between taking orders and stocking capacity will easily turn out to be very expensive. The distribution management system software CRM will consolidate and bring down your complete business order network and hierarchy to a single and common dashboard.

In the beginning, the distribution manager will update the available business stocks on a common and single dashboard. Later on, field business sales of distribution ERP and dealer distribution management software CRM representatives will be able to update orders at each point and part. 

Further, every distribution manager will be able to approve each business order to create a prospect and customer deal or order. This important protocol of taking orders will avoid false or fake orders or business deals and stock mismanagement.

Managing Customer Visits

Even though there are numerous alternatives, the business and retail network distribution management system is still being dictated by many individual store visits. 

This will require you to maintain and manage a proper timeline for maintaining visitation with each and every individual retail store and business. 

The daily schemes and planning management system will establish a clear and transparent hierarchy for your daily customer and prospect visits. This will allow you to determine an optimal frequency beforehand for visiting each and every store. 

This will also help you systematically and with a plan to derive a connected management system to manage and maintain your daily business and store visits.

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Establishing Wholesale and Retail Touchpoint 

When you are trying to create a business supply chain, you must establish a good and well-organized process and operation sales pipeline. A distribution and management system will let you connect and collaborate within a single and common platform. 

This will involve creating a strong connection between the business retailers and wholesalers. This will allow you to organize and manage a proper business flow of goods and products between various touchpoints.


The system of distributor, retailer, and consumer relationship has been tested perfectly and it is derived through the ages. The current ongoing product and good overflow and the retail level saturation will make the role of a business distributor incrementally very important. 

The distribution management system software platform will let you manage your daily business duties and simulate your stock flow through a single and strong CRM interface such as our SalesBabu platform.