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What Is Field Service Management Software?

What Is Field Service Management Software?

Field Service Management (FSM) refers to the management of organizing and optimizing operations that are performed outside the office or in the field. These field services include customer support, sales, consultations, dispatching service technicians, repair and maintenance, and regular inspections. 

Earlier it was a manual process that involves paperwork, phone calls, field service technicians, office personnel, and customers. Field Sevice management software solution is the complete solution to perform field services effectively.

Global pandemics have introduced remote working in the corporate sector. Companies have realized more profits even under pandemics by operating remotely with the field management software. 

Automating the day-to-day business operations like field tasks, scheduling projects, managing product inventory, and communicating with field workers. Field service management software enables companies to manage these field tasks effectively in a simple and optimized way and increase profits.

Importance of Field Service Management

Field service management allows field employees to do their job effectively and efficiently. Field service software tools provide the required resources and effective communication with the in-house workers, field workers, and customers.

Main Components of Field Service Management

There are several components in field service management,

  • Contract Management – enables the management of the service level agreements and ensures that providers meet the agreements These agreements specify the type of service provided and the standards of service.
  • Dispatch Management – to manage the works assigned to the field technician.
  • Customer Self-service Components – enables customers to track status, and schedule payments, as well as to communicate with customer support.
  • Inventory Management tracks the available inventory and fast-moving inventory and plans for the stock’s consistency.
  • Work Order Management – to manage the assigned work to the employees and track the job status updates and their completion.
  • Employee Training – this helps the field service team to update the skills that they need to do their jobs and stay up to date on the product and service.
  • Job Scheduling – this helps employees to know their timelines for the work order completion, employee schedules, and service appointments.

Field Service Management Software

Field service management software is cloud-based software where all the data is stored in a single platform that can be utilized by technicians, dispatchers, and managers. Field service management software is the best tool to provide an end-to-end experience to your customers.

FSM software allows you to manage your field business efficiently by organizing and tracking the status of the job,  automating repetitive tasks, and reducing errors. It helps field employees to update the performed task in real-time. Technicians in the field can quickly access the required resources or knowledge with the FSM software app to complete their tasks effectively.

For an instance, if the technician runs into an issue and needs support while servicing a machine. The technician can get instant support with the Field Service Management app to solve the issue without leaving the site.

FSM applications also play a crucial part in improving customer satisfaction. These applications provide information regarding the schedule of orders, service requests, the progress of the work, and payment. When the customers are informed about the process it increases customer satisfaction and retains relationships for the long term.

As the customer demand changes, it becomes a great challenge for the service-based business. These changing demands can be easily handled with the best field management software in a single database.

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Benefits of Field Service Management Software

Field service management is a challenging task to manage manually. Field service software solution enables field managers to do their task effectively like managing the workforce, equipment,  and resources out in the field and maximizing workforce productivity.

Let’s see some of the benefits of FSM software and how it helps in improving your field business effectively.

1. Increased Productivity

Field workers spend a lot of time outside the office. The field workers need to update their work only after they come to the office. The field service solution allows field workers to update the progress of the work in real-time. Even though the field technicians have the right skills and training, they may need enough resources for the work through mobile. 

FSM software allows them to find the right resources in the field quickly and complete the task quickly. It makes field workers save time and increase work productivity with the dedicated FSM software.

The Field Service Management tool enables you to track field technicians in the field in real-time. This software eliminates the need for technicians to visit the office premises to collect data from the customer before going to the field. The field technician can reach the spot quickly and start their work as all the data is updated in real-time.

FSM mobile software’s geolocation and GPS feature allow the field worker to find the right way to reach their fieldwork location. This saves a lot of time and helps technicians to complete the projects within the deadlines.

With efficient FSM software work orders are received directly on the field technician’s mobile phones. They can also update the status of the work orders and can effectively communicate with the management team and customers regarding the progress or completion of work orders.

2. Streamline Information Flow

FSM software streamlines the work process of field technicians for effective management. Field service businesses look forward to improving their customer service. The Field Service Management app enables you to improve customer service by streamlining and sharing the information across different departments and keeping your customers notified about their job status.

Customers can make a request for the service by making a phone call or message. Field technicians working nearby can be notified of your request immediately. This helps field technicians to make the right consultations and perform the task as per management instructions.

As everything is done on the digital platform, customers get notifications on the technician’s arrival time and work progress.

3. Reduced Cost

The main objective of the business is to increase profits with better ROI. Business with the integration of cloud-based FSM software saves a lot of money and time with maximum field service productivity to increase profits.

The field service management app predicts the right products to deliver in the field. FSM app with GPS features helps to find the right path to the customer’s location. FSM software also enables you to assign the right work order to the right field technician on the basis of expertise, and location. 

In this way field service is managed effectively saving a lot of time, reducing production costs, and customer satisfaction. Cloud-based FSM software enhances your field service business to the next level by optimizing productivity and customer experience.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience

When you are tracking your fieldwork manually. There is a possibility of errors and field technician spends more time finding the fieldwork location, and service information to start the work. 

Customers also do not have any information regarding the progress if you forget to notify them manually. This results in a lot of service complaints from the customers. A positive customer experience is crucial for the growth of the business. 

Especially in the peak seasons, it is much more difficult to track the progress of your team with their projects. FSM software enables you to organize the fieldwork process, allow field technicians to start work quicker, and update the progress of the work in real-time. 

Customers are also notified of the progress and get informed about the field technician working on the project. This enhances customer experience which helps you to retain the customers for a long time.

5. Accuracy in Data Collection and Recording

Field technicians need to record a lot of data in the field manually in paper documents. This may result in mistakes and it can cost your business. With FSM software your field service team can record the data and store it in real-time. This reduces manual errors, service proof, and log hours.

FSM software also enables you to track the inventory up to date. Inventory is automatically updated when the field technicians take the item from the stock or when new stocks are acquired. Proper inventory management can helps make effective plans for the supplies or equipment required for the future.

FSM tool benefits more for the field technicians more to manage their tasks effectively and relieves most of their burden. This helps technicians to focus on and complete the projects and enhance the productivity of the field service team.


In all best Field Service Management software is the complete solution for the field technicians, management, and customer who acquire field service. It involves scheduling work, tracking the field employees working hours, dispatching tasks, and invoicing customers.

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