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Introduce Travel CRM to Your Travel Business

In today’s cutthroat competition Customer Relationship Management is essential and a need of the hour for travel businesses. Since companies need software to develop their business, using a CRM is the right move. But you need to know how to use a CRM in the right way before you start expecting benefits from it. So, you need to understand how you can use your CRM in the best possible way. 

We people travel from one place to another, during our holidays & travel Industry caters to tourism activities, for the sake of business, that take people out of their home environments to other locations. The Travel Industry facilitates and enhances our travel experiences in the form of hospitality and transportation services like cars, railways, airplanes etc. Majority of the economy of many countries is dependent on the travel & tourism business, so the Travel Industry is a significant sector for revenue generation.

The travel houses help their customers to organize travels by air, rail, road & water. They seek activities that satisfy the rejuvenating & recreational needs of their customers. They organize travel tours in many countries, states, provinces, or districts. These travel houses have access to destinations and activities with acceptable infrastructures in the form of good accommodations, facilities, and transportation systems.

Efficiently & effectively, you serve your customers, more they have faith in you & your services. Hence, travel houses have started adopting the Travel CRM, which helps them to not only effective entertaining of customs enquiries, but easy tracking of any information about the customers and the booking of the customers.

Online Travel CRM is being used by the Travel Houses because it increases the sales and all the customers enquiries are properly followed.

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Why your travel agency needs a CRM

As a travel agency, you must offer more than just a happy holiday. You want to curate magical experiences at tropical locations for each of your travelers and eventually keep them coming back for much more. But this desire comes with challenges that must be tackled before you can fulfill it. 

While it is a fast-growing industry, travel is very seasonal. So, capitalizing on the trend and keeping travelers excited all year round is vital to stay ahead of the cut-throat competition. And then there are numerous other challenges like the rise of travel aggregators and the changing expectations of travelers, specifically the well-informed millennials. Against this backdrop, you should build a reliable online presence to keep your business from decreasing. To overcome these challenges, you must stay on top of your customers’ minds by

  • Appealing with them in meaningful interactions
  • Offering tailor-made travel packages 
  • Providing jaw-dropping discounts
  • Introducing loyalty programs.  

In order to achieve the above, you should know your customers and also know them better than your competition. Adopting the right tools and technology, like a good travel agency CRM, will help you attract leads into your system and obtain intricate details about them. An ideal CRM for travel agents will not only help you make a sale but also build good relationships that would bring travelers back to you.

Features of Travel-CRM:

Customer’s Database

It allows tracking all available information regarding a customer, travel itinerary, pre-sales and post-sales communication. By the help of travel CRM, travel agents will be able to cater customers more effectively.

Multi-Branch Access

Since, the CRM is based on Multiple User based models & moreover it is online, it can be logged in by many different users, anytime & anywhere. If in case any travel set up has multiple branches, then, it will be very fruitful for them & it also helps in internal coordination.

Maintain Customer Relations

CRM, has this convenience to store each & every details of an individual customer at one single platform, even carry the details of personal events of customers like, birthdays, anniversaries etc. It helps you to maintain cordial relationship with the customers

Follow-Up Management

CRM helps to make reminders and follow ups for any particular customer, which makes the whole process more active & never break the cycle of continuous follow up of a customer.

MIS & Reports

By the help of CRM, Travel set-up can track down all the reports related to customers, bookings done/cancellation, payments collection & moreover, the overall performance of complete setup.

Give your Travel Business an Online Presence with SalesBabu Travel CRM

Having good connectivity with your customer is one of the most basic requirements for any business to stand firm in the market and to grow further. Customer relationship management software is exactly what a tour business needs to establish and maintain connectivity with their leads along with the supplier chain. With SalesBabu Travel CRM your tour business can grow immensely as it will not just make your employees enhance productivity and efficiency in fact it will also allow you to manage every operational activity from sales to digital marketing effectively.

Some of the most important aspects of travel agency CRM software that can help your tour business grow in the market-

#Improved connectivity with your leads

In a neck to neck competitive market today, most of the sales experts will agree that your sales highly depend on the level of connectivity you have with your customer base be it loyal customers or referral they all need instant customer support for their queries. 

Travel agency software India can help you in so many ways to ensure you have good connectivity with your leads for improved conversion such as – Instant follow-ups, excellent customer support at all times, and automation of reminder emails or sending new packages to leads.

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#Cut down the operational cost

Travel CRM software has many different modules and features that can support tour and travel businesses lower their operational cost, be it the remote working facility to boost productivity due to efficient time management and well-articulated data that is available in real-time. Your backend office management along with the front line will be easy going due to centrally controlled where you can control and manage everything from one virtual space. Ensuring all work is going as per required checking on different packages, quotations and even maintaining connectivity with your supply chain will be conveniently done using the best CRM for travel agencies.

#More lead generation with improved conversion rates

CRM for Travel Industry has the ability to collect various sets of data from capturing your leads directly from the website to analyze their preference that can help you create packages that are highly demanded in the tourism world. With travel agency CRM software you can have instant connectivity with the supplier chain and at the same time with your lead, and this instant communication can help your business immensely in growth and expansion of their business.

#Enhanced productivity

It is a well-known fact by now that online travel CRM’s are highly helpful in enhancing and increasing the productivity of employees which in turn result in getting more work done, improved sales and better operational management. Travel agency CRM software facilitates the control over every little thing from your website to social media handles and parallelly, you can customize the travel package isn’t that absolutely amazing one virtual space where you can manage everything efficiently.

Best CRM for the Travel Industry are the finest tools from tour businesses that are looking forward to growth and expansion and even basic management can be facilitated and made highly convenient to handle. We at SalesBabu CRM, travel with our team of experts and fully customizable tour operator software are always willing to assist you in your journey towards growth and expansion of your business.