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How can a Good DMS System Boost your Distribution Network

How can a Good DMS System Boost your Distribution Network

The efficiency of the companies’ distribution network can make or break your company. On one hand, an obsolete technique to control your network of suppliers can make slow the company down and lead to losses. On the next side, a  Distribution Management System (DMS) can give the company a modern technological edge and put your company miles ahead of its competition.

With the correct  Distribution Management Software, you can smooth-running all your company’s distribution workflows across various parameters, it can even boost the efficiency of your supply chain, it can even solve the problem of overstocking or understocking shortage, and gives your company access to information from your own network of distributors in real-time.

All these benefits can help your company to reach its actual potential. 

So, if your company belongs to a  small, medium, or large enterprise, their is no problem, your company can manage multiple-location sales and distribution networks, then Distribution Management System has the power to give your business a positive direction.

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A Distribution Management System helps your company in a very significant way.

The Distribution Management System provides your company unrestricted access to all crucial information in real-time. DMS  allows your company to keep the track of orders and invoices and provides you an essential data related to stocks.

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It provides you the information that which products are selling, and which product is not selling, this software can even help your company in identifying your top hot customers, your top distributors, and even salesperson. 

With Outreach DMS, your company can get all operational reports which are right on your phone and laptop, and give access to this authentic, and error-free information at any time, and from any place. The information provided by the Distribution Management Software (DMS) helps you to plan and strategize things in a  better way.

The Operational Report Dashboard with in-built data analytics gives your company all details such as the analysis of demand/supply, and the statements of in-stock and out-stock and helps you with to take decision-making very quickly. This way, your company can accelerate companies success and calculate better forecasts for companies expansion. 

A Distribution Management System (DMS) takes your operational efficiency to a higher level with customized-made, industry-specific solutions. 

The DMS software can be configured mainly for CPG, FMCG, and Telecom industries. No matter which industry you operate in, Distribution Management System can control purchase orders and purchase returns, streamline order processing and invoicing, enable seamless management of damage claims and sales returns, and finally, digitize collections and claim settlements.

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All these benefits can take your management to a whole new next level and boost your production. That’s not all, it even empowers your distributors to control their inventory like a professional by providing them with data such as batch details and stock levels at all different warehouses. 

This gives control in the hands of the distributors and it even helps your company to make informed decisions regarding the stocks.  

What do you mean by  Distributor Management System (DMS)?

A distributor Management System (DMS) helps the company to manage its supply chain and distribution network in a very calculative way and in a positive direction  – from streamlining inventory to providing complete visibility of secondary sales data.

Why is DMS Important?

Lets illustrate one simple example why DMS is important? Assume there is an FMCG brand that faced losses due to inadequate distribution management. Imagine if this company used effective DMS then he had managed their inventory and stock shortage, ensuring they always have minimum stock to meet customer demand.

Having a DMS is not just a luxury, it is essential for any business, especially Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), pharmaceuticals, and retail to efficiently manage its distribution channels, optimize supply chain management, and reduce the risk of out of stock. Using a DMS, companies can streamline their operations, starting from the initial storage processes and extending all the way to the final delivery to end consumers.

DMS has a strategic advantage, helping businesses stay ahead of their competitors by improving efficiency and reliability. In summary, a well-designed DMS is an important component of any company aiming to sustain a successful distribution network and meet the needs of its customers in a timely and efficient manner.

How can a Good DMS System Boost your Distribution Network:

1. Optimum utilization of resources: 

The most remarkable benefit of having a  distributor management system (DMS) is that it can optimize the use of existing resources. 

In addition, Distributor Management System is a time-efficient solution, it can also help in a quick and effortless flow of work. 

Therefore, it is quite fair that DMS is been acknowledged to do efficient and seamless order management, delivery, return process, and payment collection system helped by powerful reporting features plays a vital role in achieving the oriented goal and planned growth.

2. Improved targets & effective reporting: 

By executing an efficient distribution and supply chain management system, a company can clearly understand the sales department’s performance and set all realistic yet challenging goals to increase profit margin.

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3. Accurate inventory management:  

With a Distributor Management System , your company can have access to real-time information, and the company can say goodbye to ‘out-of-stock’ scenarios and all inventory challenges.

4. Well-ordered payment collection: 

Undeniably, a smooth-running dealer Distributor Management System will definitly benefit a business that will lead to profitable revenue generation. A Distributor Management System creates all due alerts, all invoice generation, all  payment collection, and all simple and coordinated reminders.

5. Effective order management: 

It helps in streamlining and makes simplify order management on the buy-side and the sell-side, it even provides real-time ordering data all across the supply chain. 

6. Single communication platform for all parties involved:

 For streamlined communication, all the persons and parties involved in the sales and the supply teams can coordinate without any hiccups on a single  platform.

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7. Promotions and pricing: 

With real-time data at hand, the company can better manage and control  promotions and set up customized  promotions and pricing. Apart from  this, they can even set attainable targets to encourage better results from dealers and sales departments.

8. Seamless delivery and returns management:

Delivery is one of  the most vital stages of the supply chain process as there must be constant and regular communication between the distributors, warehouse personality, retailers, and the sales department. Hence, an efficient Distribution Management System is very much needed.

9. Provides real-time visibility of secondary sales data: 

A Distributor Management System supports the company to obtain information on all distribution channels in real-time that can be transformed  into actionable insights to handle all the stock-out scenarios and can do better plan promotions, and drive sales growth.

10. Well-ordered payment collection: 

Undeniably, a streamlined dealer Distributor Management System (DMS) will certainly benefit a company  that will lead to profit-making revenue generation. A Distributor Management System creates all due alerts, all invoice generation, all payment collection, and simple and coordinated reminders.

11. Effortless management of distributor claims: 

By implementing an all-inclusive Distribution Management System, the company can manage claims a hassle-free and even enhance the connection with all distributors.

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Benefits of a distribution management system software(DMS)

DMS or the distribution management system is very beneficial for each and every business organization or company as discussed above. Below are some top most benefits of Distribution Management Software that will support your company to run well:- 

  • Sales Analytics and Trends
  • Improved business time management
  • Improved Revenue
  • Efficiency
  • Stock Movement
  • Better Procurement Planning
  • Stock-Out Scenarios
  • Order Management
  • Price Circulation and Control
  • Scheme Management
  • Improved Targets
  • Optimum usage of resources
  • Cost-effective 
  • Accuracy
  • Easy and improved monitoring

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Hence, a Distributor Management System (DMS) plays a very important role in managing the all the supply chain, inventory, and everything providing real-time access to data, and enabling company to stay ahead of the competition.

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