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CRM for Channel Sales Maintaining Relations with Partner

CRM for Channel Sales Maintaining Relations with Partner

Now a days, due to the evolution of market & expanded territories, most of the organizations have adopted to sell their products & services indirectly i.e. by some outsourced channels, that can be distributors, wholesalers & retailers or agents. It saves their lot of capital & also increase their reach into the market. Unlike the Direct Sales, a particular product or service is being sold at multiple levels i.e. Organization to Channel & Channel to end consumers. But, due to multiple levels of selling points & large territories, it is again a complicated task to manage complete process of sales in this model. Here, CRM for Channel Sales can be helpful.

In Channel Sales, the organization is unaware about its end-users, they know only their partners, who are selling their products & services on their behalf. Here the organization need to take care of the coordination between them & their managers & than with the channel partners. That makes this process more complicated. In CRM for Channel Sales, an organization can get complete watch of the sales process at all levels, that helps them to minimize the error of mis-communication within system.

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Barriers in Channel Sales Management

  • How to manage relations with channel partners @ micro level?
  • How to Improve Supply Chain functionality @ distributor level?
  • How to manage various Secondary tiers of your channel sales business?
  • How to make cordial relation with Dealers & Distributors and wholesalers?
  • Is it possible to Track & Improve dealers & retailers sales?
  • How to boost partner sales tier lucratively?
  • Is it possible to set Visibility Parameter on channel sales tree?
  • How to maintain distributor inventory levels?
  • How to improve transparency in between OEM and its associate channel partners?

Benefits & Features of CRM in Channel Partner Sales

SalesBabu CRM is one of the best channel sales management software which can organise and track every phase of sales life cycle and create and integrated solution for better management of its sales process and maintain long term relationship with its end customers and distributors.

Some of the features of Salesbabu CRM sales management process

Single platform for sales channel 

SalesBabu CRM enables organizations to manage & synchronize entire chain of Partner Sales Channels on one platform. It also allows companies to take real time visibility and accuracy on Channel partner sales transactions, using a single cloud based repository which keeps a track of every sales transaction happening within and outside the organisation.

Get 360° Vision on Channel Partner Sales

CRM for Channel Sales can organize & synchronize entire sales work force on single screen where you can take entire look of complete sales process and daily Sales tasks within few clicks from anywhere at any time. Dashboard features enable individual users and managers to track their daily work items through a single screen and set reminders and alerts to track every incoming sales activity and follow up in an organised manner.

Mobile sales apps features improve flexibility to the sale process by providing on the go features for sales and marketing team which helps individuals to track their work item, quotation creation, sales order generation,live location sharing and more. These features facilitates sales management with just a few clicks at any time and anywhere. These features provides a perfect work life balance and help the sales team to stay connected with clients at all times.

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Streamlining of Sales Force

Since we all know and discuss earlier, Channel Partner sales process is much more complex, where it is so difficult to streamline & synchronize entire sales force on a single screen. But yes by the help of CRM we can do this in a few seconds and can synchronize entire sales task in couple of seconds. Integrated databases of complete set of sales information helps in streamlining the process by creating various activities, followup reminders and tracking system to organize the whole sales lifecycle for the firm.

Fill the Communication Gap in between OEM (Company) and Channel Partners

CRM for Channel Sales enable companies to take real time reporting, enable you to fill the Communication Gap between Sole Company and Its Partners, which remove the burden of the organization for any expected or unexpected communication gap between all the Channel trees. SalesBabu CRM facilitates MIS features, which can be used as a Business Intelligence Tool for future references.

With different tracking reports, sales managers and company leads can build a bridge of communication gap between the channel partner by understanding the sales process in a detailed manner and point out the pain areas of the process and work towards more systematic solutions of sales process limitations. With well defined reports and analysis of data, communication between the stakeholders is made more convenient and holistic in nature which creates a productive sales channel management.

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Inventory Management

SalesBabu CRM helps to Manage Inventory flow in such a lucrative manner, which helps you to provide prior intimation on available stock for that particular item in Inventory @ your partner warehouse level. Organised system of inventory handling like centralised tracking of raw materials, vendors, distributors, delivery challan, GRNs and more help in keeping track of every delivery incoming and outgoing from the warehouses.

Inventory management also help in maintaining appropriate amount of stock in your warehouse by different methods of demand forecasting to circulate income cash flow in the company. In many cases, companies fail to forecast their product requirements and end up in over stock situation which can restrict the liquid cash of the organisation and cause huge losses due to wastage and thefts. With an organised system of analysis and demand forecasting, Channel sales management is made easy and more productive.

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In Channel Sales, the OEM Company directly not deal with end users and not aware about its end-users interest level, OEM companies know only their channel partners, who are selling their products & services on their behalf. CRM for Channel Sales can help organizations to get 360 degree watch of complete sales process at micro level & enable them to increase their sales bucket.

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