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Cloud CRM Software For Your Growing Business

Cloud CRM Software For Your Growing Business

What is Cloud Computing?

The delivery of the computing services is called cloud computing which includes databases, storage,  software, networking, intelligence, analytics and servers – over the internet or you can say ‘the cloud’ to offer flexible resources and faster innovation. The company only needs to pay for cloud servicing.

What is Cloud CRM?

What is Cloud CRM?

Cloud CRM is a kind of software that runs using cloud technology. This is not a program or application which your company needs to download in order to run on your computer rather employees are added as users in the cloud CRM with their own personal account access via organisational subscription.

What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

Customer relationship management or cloud CRM software or online CRM is all are synonyms of each other. From the word  Customer Relationship Management itself we can understand the meaning of it, this word means – maintaining the relationship with the customer. 

So to manage the relationship with the customer it is important for the company to understand the interest of the customer and to understand the interest of the customer it is important for the company to organize the customers’ data effectively.

Customer Relationship Management

Traditionally or previously before the usage of cloud-based CRM, the companies maintain the data of the customer in an Excel sheet like writing the contact number,  email id, address, first name last name, etc. and maintaining it on its own large harddisk which was maintained by a large number of employs of the company which is also very cost bearing.

Companies always want to solve the existing customers’ problems and make them hassle-free. To do so the company must maintain the data of each customer with each of their concerned department.

To run the business the company needs to maintain the data of potential customers with related departments. In any organization, they want to retain old customers and want to attract new customers or potential. 

Then the company must ensure that the customer must be happy with its product and services of the company. Therefore it is essential for the company to maintain its large customers’ data flawlessly and make fewer mistakes in doing anything.

Any organization does not want any customer of the company to get a bad experience from them So to maintain the large customer data the company uses one specific software called customer relationship management software this software converts everything from manual to automatic and ensures less burden to the company itself.

By using CRM the company can maintain the relationship with existing and potential customers for example giving offers on a regular basis to potential customers to attract them and giving renewal subscription offer to all the customers who already used the services. 

Then taking feedback from customers by means of email or SMS is also part of CRM that was customer relationship management software.  This cloud-based CRM can store data in remote network systems as well. Even the company can upgrade or downgrade the system according to its needs.

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Difference between On-Premise CRM and Cloud-based CRM.

On-Premise CRMCloud-Based CRM
1.The data Company can be stored in the local onsite server. 1.The data of the company will be stored in the remote network system.
2. Internet is not required while accessing data.2. Internet is required while accessing data.
3. The installation is prolonged.3. The installation is quick.
4. Hard is expensive in nature and maintenance of that hardware is also very difficult.4. Minimal hardware is required
5. The company needs to purchase licensing fees for implementing the system5. Cloud-based CRM works on the subscription model.

Which is the best CRM software in India?

Not only in India there is a competition going on in all sectors of the business but in every corner of the world, thera is a rat race going on in the business. So to maintain the business there is a need for software called CRM which is already mentioned above work then why do we need CRM as an integral part of the process? 

So today we will discuss the top 10 CRM software which is present in India and are used by all the big and small scale Businessman and industries to maintain customer relationship management.

All the below-mentioned software which is available in India almost have the same basic features but are quite different from one another in terms of price and three-four unique features of it. So go through the website of the CRM software mentioned below. 

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The best software in India is-

  1. Salesforce
  2. Microsoft CRM
  3. Oracle CRM
  4. SAP CRM
  5. SalesBabu CRM
  6. Zoho CRM
  7. Hubspot CRM

Why does your growing business need Cloud CRM software?

  1. Cost Effective – 

Using an online CRM system will help the company in various ways by cutting the cost of the company. It would be very cost-bearing for the company while use the traditional method of keeping the records of a large number of customers in traditional or on-premise CRM.

  1. Remote Access – 

Adopting this system the company can easily access the system from anywhere in the world. The user only needs internet connectivity, login credentials, and a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone to access the data.

  1. Easy installation –

Fixing the CRM with the company’s system is very easy. The company does not need to be required to install any hardware on the server with it. The company just needs only an internet connection to access it. 

  1. Secure –

Security is very high in cloud-based CRM compared with your old on-premise CRM or you can say the old traditional method of keeping the data of the customer of the company.

  1. Customer’s Retention –

By using CRM the company can maintain the relationship with the existing and potential customers, for example, by giving offers on a regular basis to potential customers to attract them and giving renewal subscriptions to all existing customers if they already use the services before.

  1. Customer’s Feedback –

taking feedback from customers means of email or SMS is the part of CRM that was customer relationship management software.  

  1. Encourages Collaboration

In the entire sales cycle a centralized database managed by a cloud based CRM software, personnels from various departments all have access to the same customer information.

A cloud based CRMs authorizes everyone on your sales team to witness the same details and share information securely. Moreover, each team member can have their own login id’s, so various representatives can go through the same file at the same time, which promotes open interaction and collaboration.

Along with encouraging a better interaction among marketing and sales, but it also supports you to strike your customer service up a notch. With the facility of sharing current details with all team members, it eases to provide prospects and clients with some more streamlined service and build better customer relationships.

  1. Backup of Data

Becomes inaccessible to hackers by saving your data from getting attacked, choose cloud CRMs  which come with a built-in safety net for your complete information.

Generally, without a cloud-based facility, backing up your complete information needs various kinds of resources and storage space leading to rapidly strike your expense.

Hence, cloud based CRMs provide a rapid and uncomplicated way to restore your valuable customer information in the situation of a system crash or power cutoff. Therefore, cloud computing is the one way to go if you require a reliable and safe backup of your database.

A facility of such heightened security of a cloud CRM secures your information and your business.

  1. Easy Integration

In order to reach a more holistic view of the data, try integrating the correct cloud CRM into your existing operations. Easy integration is a great option as it is better not to invest in software that doesn’t correlate with the tools and services your team depends upon to do their job well.

Ensure to choose a platform that’s entirely compatible with the services your sales teams already use such as your email client.

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To grow a business it is always advisable to update yourself regularly and updating yourself will always help you to compete with the competitor. CRM is the customer relationship management software that helps the company schedule work, track the field employees working hours, invoice customers, email marketing, sales call, email integration, etc. CRM is the one-stop solution for small-scale and large-scale companies.

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