If your business indicates following trends, it’s time for you to switch to CRM Software

Any type of change in organisation either in tools or process is a challenging decision. If the change requires financial investments then it becomes more difficult.

CRM Software makes huge impact in an organisation. It affects sales, marketing, service workflow, etc.

If your business indicates following trends, it’s time for you to switch to CRM Software:

  1. Decrease Efficiency/Productivity: Sometimes manual processes like excel sheet and paper work are laborious and approval takes lot of time. There are smarter ways to do things. By implementing CRM software you can automate the whole process. Just by entering it once in the system you can use the data for various purposes. By implementing CRM Software you can improve the efficiency and productivity of your organisation.
  2. Miss-Communication between Departments: While working manually sometimes the file lost between departments, or the document sent from one department didn’t reach to other departments. In this process sometimes the information of important clients may get delay ant the business can suffer loss due to delay in process. A CRM Software bridges this gap between departments and brings transparency into business.
  3. Accessibility to Information/Database: Generally sales don’t take clients by themselves they feel it’s not their job. So in this case sometimes the important clients get lost.CRM Software gives centralised database and gives data to everyone regarding customer. This gives full details to sales persons related to their clients.
  4. Poor Data analysis: Sometimes you don’t know the back history of clients and its behaviour. CRM give you complete track of all the sales activity of the clients with the history. So sales persons can approach to the client in better ways
  5. Low Customer Satisfaction: You are not aware the problems faced by customers. Customers with open complaints are with low satisfaction rates. With the help of CRM you can take targeted approach to customer experience management.
  6. Missed Sales Opportunity:if you are working manually. Once a customer is lost you lost all the records regarding him i.e. why we lost sales, what are the customer’s expectation, etc. By implementing CRM you can keep track of each and every lost customer also. Like what are all the reason why the customer is lost. Not only had this you can keep track of all had the communication held with that client.
  7. Rapid Business Growth:CRM can benefit every small business, especially when they are ready to grow. Sometimes it’s difficult to choose right CRM software for the organisation. Salesbabu CRM starts with you with two users (sales Persons) and grows up to N number of user as per your growth.

As you weigh the pros and cons of adopting CRM software, it’s important to consider the potential dangers of manual sales and marketing workflows. Working with a CRM puts you in a position to streamline interactions between departments, improve and customize your clients’ experience, and realize an increase in productivity and revenue.