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Win Customers By Treating Them Like Partners

Win Customers By Treating Them Like Partners

“Sharing and caring” is the best way to have a successful relationship. 

  – A Client Relationship!

The relationship with your customers can be an awesome one, if you consider them to be your partners. This article is about explaining how to develop “healthy client relationship” between software firms and their clients. The aim of software firms is to develop sustainable and user friendly software which will help in growing their clients business and hence software firms will grow with them. Your success is directly proportional to your clients’ success. A software firm can be big or small this relationship remains same everywhere.

Smart entrepreneurs have understood this liaison well. However, there are people who know this Customer relationship but are still doubtful of the potential that this mantra holds in itself! This potential plays a dual role; if the mantra is applied positively it will multiply your growth figures and if not, you will be facing a downfall curve of your profit graphs sooner or later.

So how will you win your customers? By making them your partners in time!

Involve them: 

Involve them in your major achievements, changes, new expansions, mergers or milestones that you have achieved, new product launch. Make them feel as your part, they will feel good about it.

Respond to them: You may not have time today but this is always a great way to drop in a message saying that you have their request as priority. And you will get back to them ASAP.

Nurturing & developing a bond: 

Developing that reputation and bond with your customers takes time. You may need to have several client meetings before you actually develop a best solution as desired by the client. Spending time will help knowing your client better. Better understanding gives better results and develops that faith and unbeatable trust. You hit the jackpot if you can develop that level of trust in the initial stages.

Have patience: 

There will be times when you will have to re-work several times for client satisfaction.  Sometimes you feel like “let it go” but then will you let it go. I recommend no, please have that patience in you, it will definitely pay. Remember most people quit when they are so close to their success.

After product delivery: 

Make sure that you keep track of customers’ requests, grievances if at all they have once you have given a product to them. Many a times you have given them a product and they are facing issues with your product the final feedback will never be positive about you.

Casual Hello: 

Sometimes a general hello may solve a lot of problems of yours. Make sure to call them casually.

You are a valued partner: 

Tell your clients that they are a valued client to you. Make them aware that there are many things which your firm will do to nurture the customer relationship. Sometimes this happens that you are putting in a lot of effort but the client is not aware, so here it becomes vital to speak your thoughts to the clients. They will feel good about it.

Organizational Policy: 

This should be an organizational protocol, not only of one person or top management. Everyone should feel “Customers are our partners”. When they feel it will definitely reflects in their actions.

Miracles have happened once you have considered your customers as your partners. You will earn trust and loyal and genuine customer relationship with your clients. Make your clients aware that you are considering them as your partners’ and what will your firm do to maintain this healthy customer relationship.

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The online CRM software is one such business which is used to manage the organisation’s relationship with its existing customers. The features and functionalities provided in the CRM software helps to create a bridge of communication with the customers. Let us know more about the benefits of CRM with regard to customer relationship. 

1. 360 degree customer view 

With the help of 360 degree customer view you can get the overall customer information at your fingertips. It contains details about – 

  • Name 
  • Address 
  • Contact number 
  • Previous purchase ‘
  • Interests and needs 
  • Current issue 
  • Campaign 
  • Recent orders etc 

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2. Follow-up 

Once you are successful in contacting your lead, the next level of the sales stage is to follow-up. It is one of the basic steps taken towards converting a lead into a sale. The follow-up feature provides functionalities like call module, SMS module and email etc. No matter how updated you get with the technologies these basic follow-up strategies will never go out of fashion or trend. 

3. Reminders and alerts 

The CRM Software comes with automated reminders and alerts which becomes helpful for the sales reps to manage follow-up and inquires. It also provides reminders on your customer’s birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion. Thus, these wishes helps in creating a good relationship with the customers. 

4. Keeps you updated 

With the cloud based CRM software you can keep yourself updated anytime and anywhere. Thus, it becomes easy to be in contact with your customers and also reply to their inquiries ASAP. 

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It may be in the past, present or future making right customers as partners becomes very important. Your customer is the best critique as well as a promoter because your business success is not just limited to profit. Whereas, it is beyond profit such as customer satisfaction, brand recognition and customer relationship etc in the long run. Are you still thinking about which is the best CRM software which is basically a cloud based CRM software? Then don’t waste time and feel free to request a free Demo at SalesBabu CRM. You can visit our website to know more. 

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