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CRM Adoption: 6 Ways To Help Your Sales Team Use The Online CRM Effectively

Adopting change is a bit difficult but once adapted and gain experience it will be usual practice. Whenever we adopt new technology there will be some resistance to people to adopt the change it’s human nature. Initially, a salesperson who used to manage their sales in spreadsheets, docs, email programs to store customer data, etc. will find it difficult to adapt to CRM solution. CRM application has more benefits when compared to scattered spreadsheets. It is necessary to train the salespeople to use cloud-based CRM applications effectively. Practice makes work perfect. Make a clear understanding of CRM platform to salespersons is important to use effectively and enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based CRM system. Here we discuss the key ways to make your sales team adopt an online CRM and use it effectively.

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  1. Make Sales Team Understand The Value Of Online CRM Software

Making a clear understanding of an online CRM software (or cloud-based CRM software) applications for the salespeople helps them break their fear and resistance to adopt CRM. Salespersons who use the CRM should know how it benefits sales,

  • Helps them analyze their prospects and focus on the right lead
  • An online CRM system helps them to build prospects trust and earns customers loyalty
  • Helps to optimize their work with accuracy
  • Enables to organize themselves and manage their customer effectively
  • Easy accessibility with mobile CRM 
  • Tracking customer details anywhere and at anytime 
  • Helps in remote selling
  • Enables salespersons to identify and concentrate on the important task with reduced data-entry work
  • Helps them to promote their products

Here are few benefits of CRM listed below

Keeps Data Organized

Online CRM software enables you to keep organized with your customer data, lead sources, and opportunities in a centralized database in the cloud so, that you can access the data from anywhere around the clock. Organized data helps you to know customers and provide the best service. It also streamlines the sales process in the sales pipeline which enables you to analyze and understand the customer in each stage of the sales process to enhance your sales.


The main feature of an online CRM system is automation. Cloud-based CRM application automatically saves customers’ data. It automatically saves the customer interaction with the salesperson. It helps the organization to track the daily activities of the salespersons and their follow-up. It also automates many tasks such as completing and sending reports, sending an invoice, sending an email. It largely helps you to save time and focus on the crucial activities to generate your profits.

Multiple Accessibility

Cloud-based CRM application enables you to access your customer data like email, contact, schedule meetings with calendar, phone call details, etc. from any place and at any time. Since the data is stored in the centralized database various departments of your organization can share the customer data. Easy accessibility enables you not only to enhance your sale but also to help you provide excellent customer service. This allows your organization to grow its sales with customer satisfaction. 

Mobile CRM in which you can access the customer data in your mobile itself. Mobile CRM helps you to carry your business anywhere in the way you are. This helps you to carry out business from anywhere which in turn increases your productivity in sales.

Enhanced  Customer Service

In these modern days, customers want their problems to be resolved quickly. As an online CRM system, store the history of interactions with the company that includes the problems and solutions to common issues. This will enable the customer support team to respond quickly with the right solution and provide excellent service to the customer quickly. This allows the company to earn customer’s loyalty.

Customization and integration

An online CRM system enables your salespeople to customize with their needs that includes integration, function changes, user interface, and navigation methods. Online CRM software allows you to integrate your business in the social media sphere which in turn increases your sales by identifying the right leads with the interest in your products. This also enables you to understand the current demands and keep an eye on competitors.


Multiple numbers of contacts can be easily managed and overwhelming. Such as the way you understand which customers want to view your email related to your latest feature of the product. A CRM software will segment the contact numbers automatically depending on your criteria, enabling it to effortlessly figure out the ones you require to connect at any given time. One can classify the contacts by destination, gender, age, buyer stage and many more.

Hence, automation actually enables the marketer to possess a rather more significant understanding of the customer and possess rather more important communication when they do connect due to such a reason. The needful part to deduce regarding automation is that we don’t want to type a general email to our customers. Rather, we are required to send emails displaying customers’ preferences, interests and values by classifying them into groups utilizing the information stored within the CRM.

  1. Extensive Training

By organizing extensive training sessions for the sales team related to CRM helps them understand how to use CRM effectively. Schedule regular demos with quick product videos on CRM functionalities to help them to understand how efficient CRM is. The sales manager can conduct regular meetings to make salespersons understand the importance of CRM adoption in their sales.       

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  1. Identify Challenges Salespeople Faces In CRM Adoptions 

Sales Manager can provide regular trainings and meeting that helps the salesperson to clear their doubts in using Online CRM system. Monitor their usage of online CRM and identify the challenges they face and train them accordingly. This helps salespeople to use CRM effectively to increase sales professionally and systematically. 

Even then if then salesperson finds it difficult to switch to CRM, help them understand feature by feature comparison chart with spreadsheets and CRM. This helps them understand how an online CRM performs similar tasks better in comparison with spreadsheets and older CRM. When salespeople overcome their challenges they’ll feel comfortable to using an online CRM system effectively and proves higher sales efficiency

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  1. Encourage Your Sales Team Use CRM

Encourage your sale team by rewarding for using the CRM. Identify the salesperson who struggles to use CRM and provide them one to one training. When a salesperson uses CRM effectively and increases sales it provides healthy competition within the team. 

Encourage the salespeople by providing cash incentives who achieve the sales target using CRM. Encourage them by providing perks like leaving early for the day, taking an extra day off, or taking your team for lunch if the  sales team uses CRM effectively and completes their target quicker.

  1. Customize CRM To Your Existing Business Process 

The sales managers must ensure that their team uses CRM comfortably. You can’t expect that CRM will automatically fit your entire sales process. Choose the best CRM software that suits your business needs. When adopting CRM it is necessary to look at entire sales process and rebuild it with new CRM.

A lot of online CRM system has customization capabilities that allow changing the user interface, function changes, navigation methods, etc. Your sales process is not complete with the application such as social media, email, etc. Best CRM software also enables you to integrate those applications and improves your sales process. 

  1. Make CRM Mandatory

Salespeople who refuse to learn new technologies and resist adopting CRM and make excuses for not being adopted. In such cases, we can’t help them with that mindset. Don’t excuse salespeople with that mindset. Wipeout all the old methods followed in the company make CRM mandatory.

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Embed your organization with the best CRM software that rebuilds your entire sales process with CRM. Increase your CRM adoption rates by providing regular training to the salesperson and monitor how effectively salespersons are using the CRM. Make CRM usage mandatory and encourage salespersons for using CRM. Customize your online CRM software in accordance with your needs. Grow your sales and excellent customer support with higher CRM adoption rates. SalesBabu CRM provides you with the best CRM software with all the benefits such as easy installation, accessibility, automation, integration, collaboration, and more. Embed your organization with the best online CRM system and reduce salespeople’s effort with high CRM adoption rates. Feel free to request a demo.