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10 Reasons To Use Online Field Service Management Software

In today’s competitive market, a company realizes that using paper to manage the activities of field service technicians is no longer enough to ensure you can provide increasingly demanding customers with responsive, efficient, and effective service.

In an organization, a business manager spends a lot of time thinking about new strategies and how to implement them for optimizing the process and enhancing the overall business growth. 

How can you increase turnover by reducing costs? How can you make your existing happy and retain them and differentiate them from the cut-throat competition? And finally, how can you keep up with the digital transformation underway in your industry?

At first glance, all of these issues are crucial and it will cost you at least a few sleepless nights. But, there is a way to enhance both activities of the technicians in the field and the profitability of your company. It’s called field service management software or after-sales service software, and it can help you solve a lot of your problems.

Here are 10 great reasons to start using field service management software.

1- Superior customer satisfaction

Optimize the entire lifecycle of service activities with well designed best field service management software from the time the customer makes the request through to the final invoice. When the after-sales service software includes automated capabilities, it can significantly minimize customer wait times by assigning service tasks to technicians who are available and have the right skill set for the assigned job and by forecasting spare parts requirements.

With this type of good solution, you can put your service technicians in the best possible position to successfully resolve the issue on their first visit to improve your first-time-fix rate and make your customer happy. In a study published by the American firm, Aberdeen, customer satisfaction increases by more than 20% when the issue is solved on the first visit of the service technician. Online field service management software is an indispensable tool to achieve this goal.

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2- Increased turnover

In a business, there is an intangible rule that says it’s easier to keep existing customers than to win new ones. Improving the level of customer satisfaction immediately strengthens the loyalty of the customer. As a result, happy and satisfied customers are more likely to spread the word, and good word of mouth leads to new customers. It’s a virtuous circle.

You can centralize all of your customer details and ensure that it’s always available anytime, anywhere to technicians with cloud-based field service management software.  Technicians have a better understanding of customers’ data and their equipment, they can respond more effectively and efficiently to each customer issue.

Field service technicians can even help to increase business by offering customers additional services. If the customer expresses interest in a particular service, the technician can immediately send the information back to the sales team so they can quickly make a proposal/quotation and share it with the customer.

3- Greater efficiency, lower costs

As we mentioned, field service management software lets you set up the scheduling of jobs and provide each customer with the best service technician.

How does it work? Well, let’s use SalesBabu after-sales service software as an example. With this software, you can assign the right job to the right technician at the right time. To do this, it considers:

  • Technician location
  • Technician skills set
  • The parts and tools with the service technician

Making optimal use of human resources is a strategic advantage in a service-focused world. And online CRM software for the service industry or field service management software is an indispensable tool to ensure service is provided with maximum efficiency and lower costs with happier customers.

4- Helpful modern technologies

For a few years now we have been hearing that businesses are undergoing digital transformation. At some point, it becomes important that every business, including those in the service industry, accepts and joins this digital revolution or risks endangering their future. In fact, continuing to work on paper when the other industry is moving to digitization, in the medium term, the best way to go out of business.

Service companies, by deploying field service management software, equip themselves to compete and to deal with customers who are demanding increasingly high quality of service.

CRM for the service industry also provides access to the technologies that are revolutionizing the way business is done:

  • Assigning and scheduling jobs to technician
  • Augmented reality for solving problem on-site
  • The IoT (Internet of Things) and predictive analysis to anticipate breakdowns
  • Virtual reality to trained & skilled technicians

In the industry providing field service, these modern technologies are no longer science fiction. The future has arrived and deployed in the service industry.

5- Satisfied Technicians

The field service industry is subjected to generational shifts in today’s highly competitive market. More frequently young professionals are getting in the service sector, on the contrary the experienced veterans are becoming increasingly insufficient. Such transitions also grant transition in how the job is recognised and the prompt adaptation of technology and tools. In the extremely competitive job market, electing and sustaining technicians with the optimum skill set has become a formidable situation.

Most of the service technicians in the current era are digital natives, accustomed to utilizing mobile applications and smartphones in their personal lives, and they hope for the same convenience and productivity at work. Present-generation technicians no longer get satisfaction in working with sizable paperwork, adhering to rigid commitments, or losing time due to poorly strategized travel routes.

During the digital age, technicians in service companies mostly lead the charge in suggesting the introduction of field service management software. They do so because it:

  • Streamlines their work processes.
  • Minimizes the margin of mistakes in their tasks.
  • Controls administrative burdens.
  • Improves overall productivity.
  • Encourages and armed them for success.

6- Enhanced Cash Flow

Leveraging online after-sales service management software grants substantial development to cash flow. By appointing pre-filled and rule-based forms, you can collect more dependable details from field operations. The capability to gather optimum field details and seamlessly transmit electronic forms straight away to your billing system with a single click particularly accelerates the invoicing process.

Formerly, companies that spent most  of the weeks assembling invoices for customers can now send invoices promptly upon service completion. This prompt invoicing process converts into rapid payments. Ultimately, this transition towards online field service management software not only assists cash flow but also assures that your financial operations remain fluid and productive.

7- Detailed activity monitoring

Best field service management software provides attractive dashboards that enable you to monitor the progress of key performance indicators (KPI). With a global and detailed view of the activities of field technicians, you can make smart decisions at the right times. And you are in a better situation to meet contractual commitments for guaranteed service times, repair times, and first-time fix rates.

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8- Superior technician safety

Field engineers or technicians are often required to work in complex, and even risky environments that require special precautions. With high-quality field service management software that includes a mobile app, service engineers can review a checklist of safety rules, equipment requirements, and security measures before they start a job so they can successfully complete their tasks without taking undue risks.

9- More secure data

In addition to service engineers’ physical security during their job, data security is also equally important. Service companies and their technicians often have sensitive information about customers.

Consider a company that specializes in installing electronic security systems in banks. It’s crucial that customer data and floor plans showing system locations do not fall into the mischievous hands. You can use secure servers with field service management software, and other means to protect digital data. This can not be done with paper, and it puts both the service company and its customers at high risk for data leaks.

In few industries, providers of field service must meet and follow security standards that prohibit the use of paper. To succeed in these markets, it’s very important and necessary to follow digital processes and be able to offer certified levels of security.

10- Higher quality of service

Finally, deploying after-sales service management application or field service management software helps service providing companies to improve the quality of service they offer to their customers. In a cut-throat competitive economic environment, this is an essential and important capability.

Teams ranging from schedulers to service engineers can collect and share deeper insight into each customer. With the field service management software, you can see the history of every service call completed at customer sites so you can see statistical trends, metrics, and other data that helps you know and understand what aspects contribute to the success or failure of a particular type of service. Ultimately, you can serve you a customer with better service and keep them satisfied.