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Seven Simple things which can help in managing Tough Customer Sale

Seven Simple things which can help in managing Tough Customer Sale

Initially in first look, every new prospect or new lead seems encouraging and easy to bag if we have required product & services. Once sales process starts, different colours start flying uncontrolled. And with Tough client it becomes hard-hitting Battle.

Even If client wants specifically your Product and are not in hurry, deal can take many weeks even to move to next level. Client will try to puzzle you around, test your patience comparing with competition to extract the best from you.

Worst is when customer drags deal for weeks & interaction ends in “NO SALE”.

Seven Simple things which can help in managing Tough Customer Sale:-

  1. Don’t Show you have sense the Tough deal: Experienced client can read your mind the moment you sit. They will try to create panic by pressuring you to speed up and finish the sale meeting in short. But Remember, you have come because they require such service or product so stick to plan and present well with smile.
  2. Maintain & up hold your calmness: Client’s attitude is never in your hands but you can control your attitude and response. Even if they are tough you smile and cooperating words can keep conversation “ON”.
  3. Match the wavelength: If required remaining in limits match the tone of prospect & see them backing down response. If it works you match their attitude you may get attention & respect too.
  4. Let them Say: They want you to listen to them. Ask them to open up and tell you what they want? Understand their Commitments towards business, problems and their utmost requirement.
  5. Check their Commitment: Make sure they put it right now. This is Most Important to know how Strong they are willing to bring solution in action.
  6. Prepare to Crush the Competition: Even if they like your product or service they will push waffle comparison with competitors. You should be prepared to put forward all correct information to kill competition.
  7. Remember! Good thing never come cheap: With game plan, now put proposal and stick to it firmly but not be rigid. Good thing never come cheap.

Focus on Satisfying Clients, it will reward into successful sales closure & up lift confidence.

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