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Salesbabu Contact Manager Software

SalesBabu Contact Manager Software simplifies the storage and retrieval of contact information, such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Get a comprehensive understanding of your customers by acknowledging the activity history, key contacts, customer interactions, and internal account discussions.

Single Page Management:

Improve productivity and increase deal closures with single-page contact management. Collect a 360-degree profile of a prospect by viewing complete relevant information on a single page, including contact information, interactions history, and lead scores. The interface regulates seamless contact profiling, and the Contact Management Software enables you to maintain a centralized address book with a comprehensive analysis of related tasks, notes, interactions, and emails.

Multiple Contacts per Enquiry:

Understanding that opportunities develop through several stages, SalesBabu Contact Management Software accommodates the requirement to engage with different individuals during the business process. Save multiple contacts for every enquiry at several stages, ensuring the availability of the right contacts when closing deals.

Events and Tasks Management:

Import contacts seamlessly from a .CSV file or another CRM with Contact Management Software. Promptly add tasks and events that are phone calls, submission deadlines, and meetings. Synchronize them along with your calendars for easy reference and reminders.

Contact Management is an integral element of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, meticulously designed to maintain and manage daily transaction records with customers.

SalesBabu Online CRM Solution cautiously records and tracks every activity of a sales team member. It effectively manages all information related to leads, measures abandonment and close rates, and coaches your sales team members towards a focused approach to achieve sales targets. The solution enables the registration of date-wise sales, region-specific sales details, and product-specific sales information, ensuring no opportunity is missed.