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Marketing Techniques and Social CRM Tools That Can Help Drive Results

Marketing Techniques and Social CRM Tools That Can Help Drive Results

CRM has been adaptive tool till now by many small and medium sized organizations, however relatively small groups of companies known for integrating social media into their CRM strategy….I doubt! A small number because many businesses still silo social media in their marketing or e-commerce department to push out promotional messages, track brand insights, and augment the online experience with new features.

According to the recent studies, it has been observed that very large number of  customers responds on social media or blog, since they preferred to be heard publically. In such cases companies has be smart enough to respond each and every comment online to make the stars available for their business. As published by, the survey concluded that a whopping 66% of respondents are under-leveraging social media even though it can provide a wealth of valuable insights into customer preferences.

Every association can benefit from adding new social marketing techniques that can assist with everything from driving revenue to brand awareness. Social technologies not only incorporate a powerful collection of tools for Social CRM, they are also comparatively inexpensive. Many companies has tremendous results from using social media marketing methods through social CMR tools, including these three:

Member Intelligence – It is next to impossible to find out each and every mention online, manually. Investing time to find out manual ways to find and respond these mentions are worthless, time consuming process. Many businesses are now automating this process by connecting their CRM system to service that find every new customer online and do the harvesting automatically.

eWord of Mouth Marketing- The most power full medium of marketing has been “Word of Mouth” driven by human behavior. We believe our friends or a trusted expert tells us, what we rarely believe on advertising. An eWord of Mouth strategy involves identifying centers of influence e.g. bloggers, facebook, tiwtterrers etc. in the market where we communicate and provide them with content they would want to deliver on to their audience. Since, these are social networking website, where we all socially present and communicate, people believe on the content and act upon.

Viral Video –  A viral video is what someone from our network has seen, liked and shared, which display on our networking website wall. Most people enjoy have the occasional viral video sent to them. The amazing thing is that many of these videos gets thousands of likes, that cost Zero to producer and distribution is free and completely scalable. You just need to work closely making a right content of video with perfect formulas to be followed on social media and you will get a large audience and a high pass around velocity FREE.

Don’t overlook these three social marketing techniques. When delivered and monitored through the use of social CRM tools, they can provide a huge return on investment for the savvy marketing team.

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